Day 140 – The Last Day of Decadance

Setting an alarm at 8am works. I’m up on time, and though it takes me a few minutes to really come to terms with things,  I do feel good, alive, and ready to go. 

I make green tea then sit down to read for an hour. At the minute, I’m reading through Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body for the second time, and spend the morning reading all the instructions about the slow-carb diet that I tried before and worked, and that will work again in helping me to finally cut some weight and keep it off.

Because I am getting fully on board with this diet tomorrow (it works out so that I can do six days on, cheat day next Saturday, and back to normal), I have already decided that today is the last pre-diet, eat-anything day, so I head to the shop across the road and buy sachet coffee and a loaf of bread, which I use to make six pieces of french toast.

I only learned how to make that recently, and it is delicious.

After that, I sit down, play my game for about 30 minutes, then create a TDL, do my gratitude list, send a proposal for a job, and finish transferring notes from my phone to get this journal updated.

All of that takes me all morning, and it is 11.18AM by the time I am finally settled.

I am ok with that though because at least it wasn’t just idly wasting time on social media like I did yesterday.


I take my anti-depressant, then get ready for the day ahead.

After that, I get distracted listening to Counting Crows – my favourite band in the whole world.

I also talk to Sam for a while, then it’s time to head out.



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