Day 126

Fatigue continues to be a problem for me, but I know that it is a problem I can overcome by taking care of myself. 

Any problems with my body today can be eliminated just be looking after myself.

It was a little after 9.30AM when I finally woke up. I made tea, lit incense, and read my book for a while, then took care of my gratitude list, and a daily To-Do List.

My music for this was:

After that, I spend some time getting last night’s journal finished, and worrying about my hand. It’s getting so bad now that it is actually getting hard to type.  will go and get it seen to next week.


I have something I need to print, so I have a wash, brush teeth, and get dressed, then head down to Mum and Dad’s to take care of that.

I get that taken care of quickly, spend a few minutes with the dog (who seems very lonely today), then head back, ready to start work)

11.47AM – WORK

Today, my plans are to:

  • Finish the article I started yesterday
  • Proof and send both articles
  • Cash a cheque at the post office
  • Pilates class
  • Do social media posts for client
  • Nap
  • Meeting
  • Pitch to a new client.

Here goes.

I got all of the article done and delivered, and most of the social media posts, but then I need to go take a shower and get ready to go out, so that’s my next thing,


Exactly what it says – I get ready, get my cycling gear together, and get everything I need ready to go out.


I cycle straight to my last pilates / core stability class and really enjoy it. I’m going to miss that class, but I’m hoping this is something I can keep up with in a few weeks once I get straight again.
Afterwards, I walk out talking to one of the girls who is in the class, and my heart flutters. I kick myself for not finding a way to ask for her number, but if that is meant to be, then it will be.

I head into town, deposit the cheque jen gave me yesterday at the post office, buy lunch, and head home.


I get the social media posts finished and sent, and that is work done for today.

4.39PM – CRASH

I eat lunch, watch some TV, then take a nap.

I wake up around 5.30PM and call Julian, who had called me earlier, then James called me to say he’d forgotten his keys for the meeting, so I got it together and rushed down there.


I’m exhausted when I arrive, having rushed, and a bit peeved to see the doors are already open, but oh well.

The meeting is quiet, but fine, and I enjoyed it but couldn’t wait to get home again.


After getting home,  I sit down, work on my hobby blog, and make dinner, then I’m done for the day.

It is around midnight when I stop writing, and then I watch TV for an hour, and go to sleep.


I am seriously considering calling time on this journal. For me, it has served its purpose. I’m ready to move on now and do something else, it is becoming a chore to update, and that’s never good.

Here’s what I will do.

I will go throughout Saturday without updating my journal. If it feels good and better than updating it, I will wrap this project up. If it doesn’t, I will come back to it.


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