Day 125

I did my full eight hour sleep hypnosis last night, but then allowed myself to sleep in a little longer. I’ve been awfully tired lately, but that’s been as a result of eating too much junk food and not taking proper care of myself.

I made good progress with it yesterday, with getting back to normal, but I still made a complete pigs ear of it towards the finish of the day, so I am determined that today is going to be the day that I get back on course.

I was up to day at 8.30AM, made tea, lit incense and sat down to read my book whilst listening to this:

After that, I make breakfast and a hot water bottle for my back, and do my usual gratitude list, after which I have a wash, brush teeth, and get dressed ready to start my day.


I’ve got quite a busy day ahead and work to finish, but everything I need to finish my social media posts for my personal Twitter is already open, plus it is the only weekly goal I have to accomplish today, so I might as well get this out of the way early.

Here goes.

I reach 12 noon with that and call it a day. I haven’t scheduled posts for every single day, but I only have a few days remaining in October and December, and these I can fill up by writing more content and scheduling it appropriately.

I consider that a goal done.

12. 02PM – WORK

I’ve got an email to send, two articles to write, and clients to search for. This is going to be a busy afternoon, but I’m confident I can get through it.

That was difficult. I just couldn’t get my head into the job today and I suffered for it as a result, but at least the work got done, and I’m pretty sure it got done to a reasonable standard.

2.35PM – NAP

I need this nap, and I admit I could have slept for a lot longer than I did today, but I’ve still got one more article write and things to be done around the house, so I’m not giving up just yet.


I waste a while looking at the news and catching up with social media, then I make tea and force myself to get through this next article, hoping that I get a second wind in the meantime.


Sam called at some point whilst I was working on that last article, and speaking to her convinced me that -with my head in a low place the last couple of days – going to a 12 step meeting and rebooting might be a good idea.

So I go and take a shower, freshen up and get ready for cycling to the meeting.


I knuckle down and finally get a good start on the second article that I’ve been struggling with, but then it’s time to go.


I cycled there, with my hand really hurting, enjoyed the meeting and felt much better for it, then cycled back, giving me a total of 5.62 miles.

2017-07-20 19.09.57


I make a good dinner of chicken, garlic bread, and green beans, and talk to Sam on the phone whilst cooking. Then I take some time to eat dinner and do a few minutes work for my hobby blog, then I call sam again, and that’s my night all the way through til half past midnight when I call time and go to sleep.


I’m glad I got my mood taken care of today, because that was scary, and I know that if I don’t look after my mood, my mental health takes a serious tumble.

Today, I pulled it back, and finished with an enjoyable day in which I was able to look back and realise how blessed I am, lots of money and good news came my way today, and I have no doubt that it will tomorrow, too.

Here goes.

Tomorrow is another day.


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