Day 122

I had a restless night’s sleep last night, which was my own fault for not sticking to the sleep hypnosis that always works. 

So I ended up waking up at 10.12AM and wasting time on social media on my phone.

Then I lit incense, made tea, and read some of my book whilst listening to this:


After that, I went through my normal routine: Wrote a gratitude list, did five minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of stretching/Tai chi, showered, shaved, and brushed teeth.

All of this took up all of my morning but hey, I figure it is a wonderful way to ease into the week.

12.05PM – WORK

My client got in touch asking me to pitch ideas for certain topics, so despite all the work I had to do yesterday, I did more today to get this job done.


I had a lot of notes on my phone from yesterday evening and this morning, so I moved them over to this journal so that I am now once again up-to-date.

I also updated my list of goals to cross of photographing Pennington Flash, and added yesterday’s work and mileage to my daily tracker chart.


I haven’t eaten today, which is obviously not good, so before I get to my main work task for today, I am going to make some food.

I do that whilst updating Instagram, then sit down to get on with work.

1.29PM – WORK

I have two work goals today – write a short, 250-word article for an old client who got in touch on Thursday, and pitch to one new client.

Here goes.

That article was tough because it was outside of my expertise, but I did my best with it and got it delivered. Then I pitched for another job, and called that a day.


I’ve decided on having a whole-home declutter. Think of it as minimalisation. The less stuff I own, the easier my house is to manage. The less stuff I own, the less I have to worry about.

2017-07-17 17.23.00

I start with my bedroom and get rid of a big pile of clothes. I am going to finish this job tomorrow and take everything to the second-hand store.


Sam calls, so it’s a good time to edit and tag some of my photographs. When Sam hangs up, I make dinner.


I make some food and sit down to write. I’m aware that I need to start getting out more and this is becoming a bad habit of mine. I’m almost at the point where I want to be with writing these posts, so I can start getting out more very soon.

Today, I just had to do what I had to do, and that is fine, but this stuff has to stop.


Sam is online so I head online to talk to her whilst scheduling some more tweets. I realise that I absolutely don’t have enough content to do a year’s worth of tweets, but I am working on that, and something good will come of this.

11.31 – HOBBY BLOG

Eventually, I find myself exhausted, so I head to lie down and finish wrapping up a hobby blog. I don’t get much done, but that’s OK, there is always tomorrow.


Today was good, peaceful, and calming, but also slow and sluggish. The good news though, is that I can feel myself coming to the end of whatever this weird obsession to over eat and fill my body with garbage is all about.

It’s about training my mind to do better, and just for today, I know I can do that. I will try it tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be my last day of feeling like shite.

Here’s to it.

Tomorrow is another day.


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