Day 121

I had a long, peaceful night’s sleep, and woke up feeling good around 8.50AM, but I didn’t really get up and out of bed until 9.27AM. 

Then I made tea and read my book whilst burning incense and listening to this:

After that, I made a spinach omelette and more tea, then sat down to make a To-Do list for today.


Next, I wrote 10 things I am grateful for, including a free day to do as I please, my parents, friends, and 12 step meetings.

Then I did this meditation.

I felt calm and uplifted at that, peaceful and ready to get on with my day.


I have flicked the switch into health mode, so I drink my first glass of water of the day and take my medication, then wash, brush teeth and shave, then get dressed and head down to my parents to pick up my laundry.

I make sure to thank my Mum for doing it for me (it’s always my goal to do it myself, but she beats me to it), then I head back and grab the third cup of tea of the morning.

After that, I sit down to get this journal started, transferring notes from my phone into my journal, then it’s time to get started.

11.46AM – WORK

Today, my plan is to simply finish coming up with article titles for all my clients for the next several months.

Here goes.

I get a good way through this, and get lots of ideas down, but then I start to get hungry, so I go back to healthy food, which today is chicken and vegetables.

I drink a second pint glass of water whilst I am working on this stuff.


I make my lunch and it is delicious. I sit down to eat it with a third glass of water whilst getting back to work.



I get two and a half months worth of article titles done, and make a mental note to start thinking of more as I’m doing research for whatever articles are chosen this month.

Quarter four’s article titles will be easy because we’ve got Christmas, Bonfire Night, Halloween, general winter and autumn stuff, and that usually provides enough inspiration.

I’m satisfied that I’ve done enough here, so I get to cross that off my weekly and monthly goals, but not quarterly, because my quarterly list involves doing them for the whole remainder of the year.

3.03PM – NAP

I’m a sleepy boy.

I slept comfortably for about an hour, then got up, feeling refreshed and ready to start again.


I finished all the main content for the post that I needed, and will, in a couple of weeks, have to get round to uploading all these posts to the blog itself. I bet I’ve got about a month’s worth of word count in these posts.


I shower, shave, and get on my bike to cycle to the meeting. I’m not doing the big, pre-meeting bike ride today because I’ll make up my mileage after the meeting.

The 12 step meeting itself was good, but sad, as we learned that one of our members had passed away. I’m blessed to have known Aravind, enjoyed his shares, and enjoyed his wisdom. He will be missed by many of us.

After the meeting, I cycled home to pick up my camera, then headed back out.


I’ve been meaning to do this all year,a nd finally got round to it today, it was just beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Exactly what i needed, and entirely perfect.


After that, I ended up riding around for miles looking for somewhere that was still open to buy food from, so I actually clocked a total of 12.06 miles. Lovely.

10.57PM – HOME

I got home, made food, and spent a couple of hours talking to Sam and starting a new post for my hobby blog. It was late, probably 2AM, when I finally got to sleep.


My diet went out of the window at the end of the night, but I feel more motivated today, and like there is a way that I can actually do this. I can make this work. I am not defeated, not yet.

Sad news about Aravind. My heart goes out to his family.

For me personally, a perfect day, ending with finally doing the one thing I’d been wanting to do for ages – photographing the sunset over at Pennington Flash.



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