Day 112

A long, slow start to the morning. I was up at 7.15AM and had just enough time to drink some tea and read my book before packing up all my stuff to come to my parents so that I could sit in for the day whilst a workman does something on their stairs. 

I get to mum and dad’s for a little after 8 AM, but then I have to turn around and head back because I forgot the power charger for my laptop.

I get back, and mum leaves for work at 8.30AM, after which I help myself to some breakfast and watch an episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, because I don’t have it at home but Mum and Dad have it on their TV catch-up thing.

After that, the guy turns up, so I let him in, then sit down to write a gratitude list, which is today a list of ten things that I am thankful for.

Because I didn’t get a great deal of sleep last night, I am exhausted this morning, and can not wait to get home later and take a nap, but for now I am here as long as I am needed, and I’ve got stuff to do, so here’s to it.

10.31AM – WORK

Today, I’ve got some social media posts to rewrite, and two pieces of copy to get through. If this takes me all day, then so be it, but I tell myself to aim to get them done quickly and efficiently, and then because I’m so tired today I can relax and watch TV for a while.


Luckily, there’s just enough ink in my parents’ printer to print off some tickets, so I get them printed, and then, as I’m sitting down to cut them up, my Dad gets home, so I get to pack my stuff up and head home myself.

Once there, I sit down to finish cutting up tickets, then put them in an envelope and get ready for a cycle ride into town to drop them off.


I do a quick, 6.67 mile back ride to and back from town to drop the tickets off, encountering a bunch of really aggressive swans en route.

2017-07-06 17.13.50

I get back at 5.33PM, and after a short rest to recover, I have a shower, get changed, and grab some tea, ready to finish another weekly goal:


My plan here is to finish what I started yesterday, split it into two posts, and call that my five for the week.

I didn’t actually expect that to take me all night, but it did get my goal finished, and added over 2,000 words to my total, so I am actually happy with it, especially because I’ve actually surpassed my weekly word target for the first time this year.

I am however, now starving, so it is time to make dinner.


I make dinner, then settle down to work on some hobby blog writing untilI start falling to sleep around 10.30PM.

It’s 11PM when I finally call it a day and head to bed.


I’m catching up with my journal and writing this a day late, but I remember that this was a beautiful and blessed day, with many more to come.



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