Day 111

After a rough start trying to get to sleep last night, I put on some sleep hypnosis thing. I don’t think it worked to the fullest, but I certainly slept better and was out of bed at 7.46AM feeling good about things. 

I tell myself that today is not going to be a day riddled with negative thinking and that I can choose my own thoughts. Today, I choose to make them big, positive ones.

I make tea, an omelette, and a hot water bottle for my back, then light some sandalwood incense and put this video on whilst I start reading a new book – The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.


I feel even better after that, and despite the typical early morning distractions on Twitter (I successfully avoid Facebook for today), I am excited about starting my day.

I make a second cup of tea and a To-Do list, then I get started.


I write a genuine gratitude journal entry today, expressing how thankful I am for everything from the clothes on my back to my relationships with my family. I realise – and appreciate- how good I have it today. I am thankful for the abundance that fills every part of my life and feel very full, very happy, very thankful, and very blessed today.

I then do this meditation, all about gratitude, and feel even better.


I focus mostly on Tai Chi, but I also finish with some knee-rolls and bridges, then take a shower and get dressed. I feel refreshed, energised, and happy.

I am more than ready to tackle what I want to tackle today, which is getting my flat ready for the property inspection that should be taking place this afternoon.


I quickly get that done, and also borrow the handheld vacuum cleaner again because I think it’s going to work this time.

Then I head back, ready to spend no more than three hours cleaning. Here goes.


I spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon getting the flat looking sparkling. I start getting really tired, but I know I can’t take a nap until the flat inspection guy has been, so it’s up to me to keep moving until then.

1.50PM – WORK

I got an email this morning asking me to write a quick bio for one of my clients, so I make that my priority this afternoon.

That takes me only 20 minutes from start to finish.


I get started on a lengthier post, and whilst I’m doing that, the flat inspection guy comes. That takes all of five minutes and crosses other weekly, monthly, and quarterly goal off my list.

Plan now is to eat porridge and take a nap before Tai Chi.

4.42PM – NAP

I have a light doze but don’t fall asleep properly. I’m up at 5.30PM to an email to say that my invoice has been paid, which is a relief.

I then make tea and relax for a while catching up on social media, before sitting down to do some more work on my blog post before Tai Chi.


I get a bit, but not much more done, mainly because I end up doing research about some of the things I’m writing about. I’m not worried about this.

For now, I clock off so that I can have a shave and get ready for my Tai Chi class.


I have a quick wash and a shave, then get myself together and head down to Tai Chi. Paying for the class for the month is another weekly and monthly goal taken care of.

I struggle to learn new moves today, but I still really enjoyed the class. I am thankful for my Tai Chi instructor and fellow students for giving me this one hour of complete enjoyment every week.

I pick up something unhealthy for dinner, which I promise myself will be the last time that I do so.

I get back, settle in, and decide on one more task before eating and calling it a day.


Yes I know, I’ve been doing this forever, but I’m legitimately almost finished, and decide to give myself one hour to see how far I can get.

As I’m doing that, I get an email to say that a subscription service I used to sign up to are offering me a free membership until mid-September. Between that and getting my invoice paid earlier, today has been a sweet day.

I don’t get all the posts finished that I wanted to, but I did make a very good go of it and get pretty close.

I am happy with my progress.


I make my unhealthy dinner then sit down to eat it whilst getting a bit of work done on my hobby blog.

By 10.30PM I’m getting sleepy, and by 11PM, I’m ready to turn in and call it a night. It is however, another hour before I am actually able to fall asleep.


A wonderful day all round. There was nothing remarkable about it, but on the other hand, everything was remarkable about it. I had a very good day with lots of good things happening. This is what happens when I give myself the chance to change my thinking and am minful about the kind of thoughts I am having today.

I am very happy, and can not wait for more of this wonderful life tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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