Day 109

I think it was around midnight when I went to sleep last night, but when my alarm went off at six I felt OK. I nodded off again, but was back up and out of bed by 6.39AM, ready to start my day. 

Getting back to the routine that has been working for me, I made tea, an omelette, and a hot water bottle for my back pain, then I lit incense and sat down to read my book whilst listening to this:

After that, I give myself one quick check of social media and promise myself that I will try not to check it again until after all my tasks have been completed for today.

Then I sit down to make a To-Do List for the day, grab tea, and get things started.


I write in my journal about how today is a brand new fresh start for me, and how I’m grateful that I can have as many fresh starts as I need, and I need one, and I have one. I’m excited about this fresh start. My whole life is going to change from today.

I also do the usual 5 minute abundance meditation to get started:


Because I haven’t done any exercise for a week, I start light today, with a long, slow, warm-up and some basic Tai Chi exercises. Then I have a thorough shower and get dressed, after which I feel refreshed and clean and new.

Today is a new start, so that’s exactly how I like to feel.


I decide that if I do this now, then it is one less thing on my mind, and I can focus on getting stuff done without the nagging reminder in the back of my head that my laundry needs picking up.

I get there and back just before it starts to rain. Phew.

9.40AM – WORK

I’ve got three work tasks that I need to complete today, and I’m allowing myself until 2PM to get them all done. These tasks are:

  • Revise the copy that I sent to my new client the other day
  • Chase my other client about paying an invoice
  • Search for -and pitch to- new clients, at least one.

I start with the redraft first, because I imagine that is going to be the longest, and most time consuming task.

That actually turned out to be pretty easy, so I move onto the next task – politely reminding my client to pay me some money.

That didn’t take long either, and now all I need to do is start pitching for some new work, so here goes with that.

I do three pitches to three jobs, and one is declined almost instantly, which is OK – it helps me to weed out the ones that aren’t a good fit.

I may do more of these pitches later.

For now though, it’s on to the next task of my day.


I got sent a letter and a form last week asking me to renew my tax credits, so I decided that I will get this done this morning.

Knowing me, I’ve probably just screwed myself out of some money, but that’s OK. At least I’ve done the best I can.

That’s one weekly, monthly, and quarterly goal completed already.


I’ve weirdly already done all the important stuff for today, so here’s where I can start working on my writing goals.

I make a good start, but I’ve been sleepy for a while, so I decide to take a nap before I finish up.

12.56PM – NAP

My first attempt at a nap got interrupted after ten minutes by the house phone going off, so I lay back down and ended up drifting off for a solid nap that made me feel much better.

I wake at 3.35PM feeling much better, and even in the mood for going out on my bike later.


First though, I’ve got a blog post to finish.

I get that done and add it to my Twitter schedule. I also update my daily goal tracking spreadsheet to note that I wrote 1,161 words today.


Well this should be interesting. I haven’t been on my bike in a week, so I plan to break myself back into it easily, cycle into town to buy porridge and clock off five or six miles in the process, then home.

I can build this back up through the week. As long as I achieve my 24.98 mile target by Friday, I will be happy.


I clock up a total of 9.46 miles and pick up two bags of porridge from the supermarket. In cycling, I remember how much I enjoy this, and the moment I get back, even though I’m a little stiff and sore, I start looking forward to my next ride, no matter how short that may be.



I get home, swap messages with Sam, and then go across the street to buy milk. After that, it’s time to take a shower, make food, and then work on my hobby blog.

I do that, then make food, before sitting down to finish writing content for my hobby blog.


This takes up a couple of hours of my night but is actually really enjoyable. I get the bulk of the content done, and now it just needs an intro and conclusion, plus the obligatory pics, SEO, and social sharing.


I commit to doing at least half an hour of housework, which is basically washing the dishes, putting away the laundry that I collected earlier, and straightening up my living room. I am not worried about the flat inspection on Wednesday.

After that’s done, I make chamomile tea, take ibuprofen for my back and get another hot water bottle, then settle in for the evening.


I actually start working on another hobby blog, but don’t get far before fatigue sets in and I turn out the lights to sleep for the evening.


I’m actually very happy with today and everything I got accomplished. I know that I don’t have anything to worry about, and that I can get up tomorrow morning with my head still screwed on my shoulders and have a productive and peaceful day. I am very much looking forward to it.

This week is all about achieving things, and so far I feel like I have made a good start.

I am laying down with a smile on my face and contentment in my heart. My new life has started off wonderfully today, and I can not wait for it to continue.


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