Day 108

After going to sleep after 1AM last night, I originally woke up really early and well rested around 5AM, then dropped back off, and had a freaky dream that I was watching some people do Jackass stunts and getting them very wrong.

After that, I was up properly at 8.47AM, made tea, checked social media, and finished crossing notes from my phone into yesterday’s journal.

I’m excited today because I get to start planning goals for the next six months and breaking them down into actionable tasks that I can do just for this week.

Before I can do all that, however, I need to know where I stand with things, so my first task of the day is to do a review of this past week, the past month, and then the past three months (Q2).

This may take a while.


Despite really sliding this week, I actually had a good week, with 46/50 weekly tasks taking me to 7/10 weekly goals completed and a thousand words over my weekly word target.

Because I’m getting closer, I know that I can absolutely nail 10/10, 50/50 this week.

After doing that for the week, I then have to total up my scores for miles, money, and words in all weeks in June, look at my top achievements, and reflect on how I did in June, then the same for Quarter two, which is April, May, and June.

June was a poor month in which I only completed 12 of my 30 goals. I understand though that part of this was setting the wrong goals and giving myself goals for things that I knew I would never even start, let alone finish.

Here’s what I wrote for my monthly review:

Even though I had to really slow down in the last week of the month to avoid burn out, just invest in myself and do what I had to do to feel restored, that doesn’t take away from the fact that June was a pretty good month in which I really built the long-term foundations of things that are important to me.
The more I reflect on it though, the more I realise that I could be doing so much better, that there are certain things that I’m doing -spending too much time on Facebook, not looking for new clients and coasting on what I’ve got, giving in to junk food cravings- that are holding me back.
There is still some part of me that is resisting success, and I am becoming more and more aware of these things as time goes on.
If I am aware of them, that means I can start to do something about them, and doing something about them means I can start to be happier, healthier, wealthier than ever before.
June 2017 was not a wasted month – I did good things this month, things that I can build upon and use as stepping stones to greater things.
The real test though comes in Quarter Three, when I must really stop planning, and start actually crossing goals off my list.
Here goes.

Now that I’ve fed all my weekly reviews for the month into a monthly review, I feed them into a bigger quarterly review for Q2 – April, May, June.

I only achieved 16 out of the 30 goals I set for myself in Quarter 2. That is obviously poor. I am aiming for 30/30 by the end of September, but first I need to review my yearly goals to make sure they are still in align with what I want for my life.

Here is what I wrote for my quarterly review:

Quarter two was mostly a lot of hard work, a lot of recovery from my period of depression at the start of the year, and building up to where I wanted to be for the rest of the year. As such, it may not look like I have accomplished a great deal, but I know that 99% of the things I have done over the past three months have been building to bigger and better things. 

This quarter has also been good for me in learning how to let go of resistance -remember that because I survived my darkest period, I have nothing to fear. I have been learning to identify things that haven’t been working for me so that I can get rid of them, and replace them with things that have so that I will stand a greater chance of success for the year ahead. 

I only have six months to go now until the end of the year. 

After a review of my goals, Quarter 3 will continue to be about making progress before Quarter 4 is about wrapping up goals and planning for next year. 

This means that I have absolutely no time to waste. I must get started. I must learn from my mistakes, and make the next three months the best I have ever had. 

Here goes. 

My 2017 goal review reveals that the majority of things are still in align with what I want, though I do delete a few and replace them with others, and change a few targets (not my main writing, cycling and earnings goals, smaller ones that do not matter) and deadlines.

With that done, I can start planning for the next three months of my life.

I am very excited about this.


First I determine my targets for the quarter by taking away what I’ve already achieved from the overall goal and dividing by two, as there two quarters left, for example:

2017 TARGET WORD COUNT: 300,000.


= 105,741

300,000 – 105,741 = 194,259 / 2 (q3 and q4) = 97,129.5 (rounded to 97,130) = my Q3 target word count.

I set some pretty lofty goals this quarter, but make them more manageable by focussing them on things that I am actually passionate about right now – achieving targets, writing, cycling, growing my freelance businesses – rather than things that would be nice, but which I don’t have much interest in at the moment.

To make them even easier to achieve, I need to break down my quarterly goals into monthly goals, complete with deadlines for what needs to be achieved, and when.

Before I do though, I can feel myself needing a break, so I go and get freshened up and take my washing to my parents, mainly because Dad wants to talk me through some jobs to do.


I go down and put laundry in to be washed, but Dad isn’t home, so I talk to mum for a few minutes, then head home. I’ll go back later to talk to dad.

I get back and make toast for lunch, then get back to goal planning.


I get my monthly goals done and do them a little differently this month – actually adding deadlines to all of my 30 monthly goals to help me prioritise and focus on individual tasks that will build up to achieving larger goals. Combined with focussing the majority of my goals on writing, health, business, home, and travel, I’m curious to see what a difference this will make to achieving my goals this month.

Next, to make my goals even more manageable, I must break them down into 10 weekly tasks. This is easier now that I’ve given them deadlines, as I can go through and pick out the goals with a deadline for this Friday and make them the top of my list.

With that done – it took a little getting used to adding deadlines – I make chamomile tea and take my anti-depressant.

I’ll start working on breaking my 10 goals down into 50 tiny, manageable tasks, then fall asleep.

I get that done, and then create the chart that makes sure I do one small thing each day towards my major goals in health, wealth, passion, and practicality.

Because most of my weekend is gone, I create the chart to start from tomorrow.

2.47PM – NAP

I have a quick go on the PlayStation 2, then fall asleep.

I don’t get much of a lie down because there’s crashing and banging from next door that keeps me up, so I decide to simply get up and get on with things.


I get up and take care of a few simple little tasks to do with how I manage my goals, this includes:

  • Adding recent good deeds (building AA website and doing Bev’s pictures) to blog
  • Setting up a new daily goal tracking spreadsheet for July.
  • Adding quick links to monthly and quarterly goals to blog side page.

A few minutes are wasted on Twitter and talking to Sam, then it’s time for me to get back to my parents.


I get down there and basically get that all I’m needed for is sitting in for deliveries and a workman, and also to sweep the decking, which is easy enough.

I turn around, buy some soda -my last one, I promise- and then get back.


I’ve got five of these posts to get done by Thursday. I figure I can do two of them this evening, then since I’m having time off from 12 step meetings, I can spend the evening working on a new post for my hobby blog.

So, here goes.

That went pretty quickly and easily and gave me 1,017 words off my total.


I make my last unhealthy meal before I go full on kick ass and lose weight again mode, and sit down to eat it whilst working on new content for my hobby blog. I get really comfortable and really well settled into this, but I decide that I’m going to get up and work at keeping my flat relatively straight so that Wednesday’s flat inspection (the one that was rescheduled from last week) doesn’t pose me a huge challenge come Wednesday itself.

8.33PM – TIDY UP

I do the dishes and get the kitchen looking spotless, then put away my laundry. All of that takes me about 50 minutes, after which I sit down to get this journal updated and wrapped up so that I can go back to working on my hobby blog and eventually falling asleep.

I spend some time looking at videos that catch my attention on Youtube, then I wrap this up and go crack on.


I sit back down to and do a bit more until I’m ready to sleep, then I put some Youtube videos on and crash out for the day at xx


I feel like today was a good day, I feel motivated again and like I have a real, genuine shot at achieving success. Life is about learning, tweaking, growing, and over the past few weeks I have grown.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I can’t wait to get started.


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