Day 107

This morning got off to a bad start when I ended up sleeping all the way through until 10.45AM. 

Despite sleeping in late, I am very excited as this is the weekend that I get to do a  complete audit on my goals and my life plans, break things down again and start a whole new quarter period (July – September) and a whole new month of building a better life for myself.

First I catch up on social media for my hobby blog – just checking comments and such – and also quickly pitch to a potential freelance client that catches my eye in an email.

Then I have to get ready because it’s my grandparents’ anniversary today and we’re going to pay them a visit.


I shower, shave, brush teeth, and get dressed, then settle down to see how much work I can get done before I’ve gotta go do this thing.

11.50 – WORK

Every Saturday my client sends me social media posts that he’s basically copied from other people – my job is to ‘revise’ (in other words, completely rewrite) them for their own social media stuff.

If I get this out of the way now, then when I get back home from my grandparents, I can have the rest of the weekend to work on goals.

I make a start, but obviously don’t get it finished before it’s time to leave.


I head down with my parents to visit Grandad and Grandma for their anniversary, my aunts, uncles and cousin are all there too.

I hang out, eat, and enjoy everybody’s company for a while before it’s time to head home.


That took way longer than I thought it might, but at least it is out of the way now and the weekend is back to being my own.


I can feel a nap coming on, but I’m talking to Sam on Skype. I decide that I’m going to shelve doing goal work until tomorrow when I’m a bit more awake and active and ready to do it.

Instead, I schedule a few social media posts to build up on Facebook, then get settled down ready to take a nap.

4.42PM – NAPS

I slept longer than I thought I would and just as hard. I’d love to say I feel better after my snooze, but I definitely don’t.

I’ve decided that this day is basically a write-off, and I will just look to getting to bedtime so that I can start over tomorrow.


We get together and go out dancing and talking, and it’s just fun, one of those things that we never actually got to do when we were officially a couple.

I get back home and get into bed for 12.51AM and play PlayStation for a few before wrapping up and going to sleep around 1.30AM.


From a goal perspective, today was a total write-off, especially as I didn’t get anywhere near close to doing what I wanted to do today.

That said, visiting my family and seeing my grandparents together on their 60th wedding anniversary is something special that I can treasure for a long time, and will do so.

These things are important, so I’m glad I did them, and now I have tomorrow as a full day to plan the rest of my life.


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