Day 105

I overslept again and only woke up at 9.30AM. I feel lousy, not so much in my head but just physically filled with a sense of lethargy that is not easy to shift. 

I blame my recent ill form to getting back on anti-depressant medication, so I know that it will pass, and I just have to be kind to myself until it does.

I skip reading the book this morning for reasons I can’t quite fathom now, and get to my desk to browse Twitter and Facebook, wrap up yesterday’s journal, and start this one.

Whilst my computer is loading, I also do my morning gratitude and write about how grateful I am for still being in the fight and not giving up yet.

Today and tomorrow are going to be ‘take it easy’ days  – but I still have one piece of work that I absolutely have to get done first, and I’m kind of dreading it because it’s a brand new client who seems like he’s going to be a pain.

I make tea, and do a couple of minutes of easy meditation before getting started.

10.31AM – WORK

Today’s job should be relatively straight forward: Write an ‘About Us’ page for a digital marketing company.

Problem is that it is a new client who has bombarded me with so much stuff that I don’t know where to start. I will start at the beginning and simply go through and make notes, and then try to make some sense of things.

That actually turns out to be easier than I thought, and I find once I get into the flow of it, it turns into what I believe is a pretty good piece of content. I’ve sent it on, and that’s another weekly goal done.

Now I just need to await feedback before continuing.


I’m getting stupidly sleepy, so I decide to take my anti-depressant and a cup of chamomile tea and work on finishing the social media stuff for my hobby blog before I take my nap.

I took a short, 20 minute nap around 2pm, and another one around 4Pm, but between those times, and for the rest of the day, I obsessively get to work on this social media stuff and finally nail it.

Even though that took up most of my week, the long term benefits will be worth it.


I celebrate by making food and sitting down to watch TV.


We get together and hang out for a few hours, and it’s fun, and I enjoy spending time in her company.

Eventually we part ways and I get to bed for 12.57AM.


My diet has spiralled rapidly out of control, and I finished today feeling fat and terrible. I can fix this, and I will fix this. I’m having a down week to adjust to being back on medication and everything is going to be fine.

In the meantime, I finished a job that will save me a lot of time going forward for the rest of the year, and which is going to benefit me with my goals for my hobby blog in the long run.

I am finishing today with mixed feelings, but tomorrow is another day, and I’ll take it from there.



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