Day 104

After going to bed at 12.48AM, I slept long and hard and just couldn’t rouse myself for my alarms. I ended up oversleeping -again- and waking up at 9.47AM. 

That is way too late, but I decide that the best I can do now is simply make the best of it.

I make my omelette, tea, and hot water bottle, light some incense and then sit down to read my book whilst listening to this:


I have to remind myself this morning that reading first thing whilst eating breakfast is an experience to enjoy and be happy about, something to savour, not just something to tick off a list.

When I’m done with that, I make a second cup of tea and sit down to transfer notes from my phone to yesterday’s journal, then make a TDL for today.


Going through my emails, I find a job on one of the freelancing sites that I used to use which is writing for a music website. That is right up my street, so I jump in and send a pitch.


I write in my gratitude journal how grateful I am for my home, and reaffirm my commitment to keeping it looking this good so that it is actually an enjoyable place to live and spend time.

Then I settle down to do this meditation.

I feel relaxed and happy after that, and more than ready to get my day started.


I’m saving exercise this morning because I have Tai Chi later tonight.

I get a quick shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. Then it’s time to tackle the only work task I have to do today.

11.47PM – WORK

I have one press release to write, and an invoice to send. I reckon I can get this done before 1PM. Here’s to it.

I get that wrapped up in just over an hour, the invoice sent, and the job done. That’s another weekly goal crossed off my list.


This is the last day that I’m prepared to work on this, so I have to make it count.

Whilst I’m doing this, I also rediscover some old content that I have never posted on the blog, so I add that too, not all of it, just some of it, because it contributes towards my word count.

I get two additional posts published, for 1,150 words, and schedule them both. Then I take a short break to make lunch before carrying on.


I make a small bowl of delicious chicken with some green beans, then I check my email and get back on with things.


I make some more good progress, but just before 3pm, I start getting really sleepy, so I decide that’s a good cue to take my anti-depressant (they always make me tired) and drink chamomile tea before taking a nap.

3.26PM – NAP

I had a snooze that was just enough to blow away the cobwebs and make me feel better, then I get a cup of tea, and get back to it.


I add another archived post for a few more thousand words, and get a lot of stuff scheduled. I think I’ll have to do a few more hours of this when I get back from Tai Chi, but I’m still feeling confident that it is actually possible.


I have a shower, a shave, and then get dressed and head out.

Tai Chi is quiet today, only me and two others, so teacher goes through each move with us and helps us to touch up our moves and get rid of bad habits.

It’s fun.

On the way home, I buy junk food for dinner. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Considering it a momentary lapse and not worrying about it.


I’ve been doing this more or less all day but still haven’t finished. I don’t mind though, because I’m happy with the progress I made and know that it won’t take much longer to finish.

I do have to stop though, because I am simply falling asleep.


I make the unhealthy dinner I’ve been planning, and sit down to watch From Dusk Til Dawn, the original movie. It’s one of my all time favourites, and I’ve wanted to see it for a while for an upcoming blog.

I end up falling asleep sometime around 12.30PM.


My motivation for keeping on top of my diet has well and truly gone out of the window this week and I’m not sure why, but I will get it back on track. Even though I am working this week, I will look at this as a week when I take my foot off the breaks a little so that I can recoup, recover, and hit it hard going into quarter three next week.

Other than that, getting most of my hobby blog tweets scheduled, and finishing my month’s important work have all been beneficial.

I start work for anew client tomorrow and I am dreading it, but I will deal with that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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