Day 103

I fell asleep fairly quickly just after midnight last night, cancelled both of my alarms, thinking that I would have an extra ten minutes, and then finally woke up at 8.43AM. 

Getting back to my routine as quickly as possible, I made an omelette, tea, and hot water bottle, then lit some incense and sat down to read whilst listening to this morning music video:

After that, I sat down to write a daily TDL, quickly go through Twitter (the account for my hobby blog has been popular this week, a sign that something is paying off), and then get today’s journal started.


I write in my gratitude journal about how good it is to have nothing to worry about today, how I’m grateful for peace of mind, and how, because I have nothing to worry about, that gives me a freedom to simply go on and make this the best day possible.

That starts now, and it starts with a few minutes of relaxation courtesy of this meditation video:

I was a little distracted during that, but still feel calm afterwards.


I focus mostly on Tai Chi today but also do some knee rolls and bridges just to keep my back in good working order, then I brush teeth, shower, and get dressed.


I head down there mainly to put my kitchen rug on to dry. I set a reminder for one hour’s time to come back and pick it up, and in the meantime, head back to start tidying.


The flat inspection is anytime between 2pm – 5pm, so I guess that gives me just under three hours to get this place spotless. Here goes.

I get the kitchen immaculate, then at 12.18 head back to pick up my kitchen rug. Mum is there because she had a bad fall yesterday and injured her wrist and her chin. I tell her to call if she needs anything, then I head straight back to it.

I get the whole flat looking cleaner than it has in a good while in just a couple of hours but I find myself absolutely exhausted and just need to sit down.

I temporarily fuel myself on just chocolate biscuits and sugar because I don’t want to cook anything and make even more of a mess. That will come back to bite me in the ass, especially as I start to immediately crash hard and find myself desperate for a nap.

By the time I sit down to update this journal it’s approaching three o’ clock, so at least, at a maximum, I only have two more hours to wait before I can crash and lie down.

3.05PM – WORK

All I plan to do today is to proofread and edit articles so that I can send them off and consider that a job done.

Hopefully, I can get these finished before the letting agent comes so that I can just lie straight down when she leaves.

I get everything wrapped up in just over an hour, which gets me my second weekly goal completed.

There is, however, still another forty minutes for the letting agent to arrive and do a  flat inspection, so I decide to get on with something else whilst I’m waiting.


I get 45 minutes of this done only to discover that 5PM comes and goes with no sign of the letting agent This after literally tidying the flat all day long.

I’m not worried because the flat did need doing, but it is still a bit annoying that I needed a nap and didn’t take one.

I decide to make a chamomile tea and take my anti-depressant, then I’ll have a snooze before dinner and getting my set ready.

5.48PM – NAP

I’m fairly sure nobody is coming to inspect the flat now, so I might as well go take that nap I’ve wanted for hours.

I fell asleep quickly, and reached a point where I knew that it was either sink in and be out for the night or else get up and do what I had to do.

I chose the latter and was up at 7.16PM.


Because today has been weird and random enough, I decide that it’s porridge for dinner, so I make a bowl, and then settle down to plan my online DJ set for this evening.

That takes just under an hour, then it’s back to social media posting before I have to log on and do this set.


I make quite a bit of progress on this, and am actually convinced that I can get it all finished off by tomorrow, even though that might take some hard work, I can do it.

9.20PM – DJ SET

I do this every week, and it’s mostly fun and a quick way to earn a few pounds that I’m putting away towards Christmas.

I wrap things up, and I’m in bed by 12.48AM.


Whilst I’m disappointed that the flat inspection didn’t take place today, the idea that it might did give me the kick up the backside that I needed to go and finally get my home looking spotless again, so I’m glad for that.

Plus, going forward, it will keep me working to keep it tidy in case they do show up. I’m thinking that it might be next Tuesday and that I simply got the dates wrong, but that’s OK.

This might be the impetus I need to finally start making some changes about the way I manage my home, because whatever I’ve been doing clearly hasn’t been working.

I find today that i’m looking forward more and more to the weekend, when I get to do a full goal audit and plan ahead for the rest of 2017.

I’m taking things one step at a time though, and that means waking up tomorrow and trying again.

Tomorrow is another day.


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