Day 99

After crashing out at 12.15AM last night, I think it was probably another hour before I actually got some sleep. I slept hard too, right through my alarms, and didn’t wake up until 9.19AM.

A part of me panicked and wanted to skip my morning routine and dive straight into things, but I know that this never works well for me.

I make tea, an omelette, and a hot water bottle for my back pain, then I light incense, and sit down to read my book whilst morning music plays.

After that, I got my To Do List ready, and then spent over an hour getting Sam’s birthday present together for her.

All of this takes up most of my morning, and it is 11.30AM by the time I get round to doing anything useful. towards my own life.

Clearly this isn’t going to be the hugely productive day that I hoped it would be, but I have nobody to blame for this but myself, and the onus is now on me to make sure that I salvage something from the rest of the day ahead.


I write in my gratitude journal about how I’m grateful for all that I’ve been able to accomplish this week, and for the satisfaction that comes from knowing I did my absolute best.

I have to face facts that I’m not going to get a lot accomplished today, but I am OK with that, and can move forward accordingly, doing what I can and not worrying about the rest.

11.55AM – WORK

Clearly my plan to finish all five articles for the Scottish hotel today has gone out of the window, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make progress. Besides, the deadline for these is only on Sunday anyway, so let’s call that Monday and not worry because they only gave me the titles to write about a few days ago.

My soundtrack this morning is The Outernational Sound by Thievery Corporation – a group I love but never listen to often enough.

I focus on the only article for the Scottish hotel that I haven’t drafted yet, and spend a while researching what I need and putting a plan together, laying out the article so that later it will be easier for me to simply fill in the gaps.

After that, I realise just how much I still have to do outside of working on my computer, so I stop to take a shower and get ready.


I shower, shave, brush teeth, and get dressed into my workout clothes, then take my anti-depressant, get my bag packed with things I need, and leave the house.

1.23PM – LEAVE

First, I head down to my parents, borrow Dad’s tools to tighten up the handle bars on my bike, then take the dog for a walk.

I come back, weigh myself, and see that I am now at 13.11 1/2. This means that I won’t hit my weight target this month, but that everything is definitely going in the right direction.

After that, I get back on my bike and cycle to the hospital.

It is 2.03PM when I leave so I cycle the shortest route possible just to make sure I’m there on time.


For some reason, class feels harder today than usual, but I get through it and promise myself that there will be more practice later on in the week.

After that, I cycle back to my parents, print off some flyers for the 12 step convention, then get back home.


I get home absolutely starving, so I make veggie curry and sweet potato and sit down to watch some TV for a while. I feel burned out today, so it’s important to give myself that break.

2017-06-24 10.42.18


I don’t want to go today, but I do force myself. I also stop at the supermarket to buy a new bag of porridge, which is a sign that I’m eating way too much of the stuff.

The meeting is OK, but I’m relieved when we can pack up and go home.


I’m still very hungry, so I make a bowl of porridge and crash for a while. I’m almost tempted not to go to Sam’s birthday party, but that would be crappy of me, so I get up eventually and head there.


I hang out, listen to music, spend a lot of time talking to my friend Missy and of course, celebrating Sam’s birthday with her.

It’s gone 1.30PM when I start to head back, and gone 2AM when I get back to my sofa to sleep.


Today was what my body needed more than my goal list needed – a day where I didn’t work too hard, where I rested, and recharged, so that I can be ready for another blast of work.

I am not disappointed that I didn’t get a perfect 10/10, 50/50 this week becaue I know that I tried my absolute very best.

Hopefully now that I’ve got a bunch of stuff out of the way and given my body some time to recovery, I can start looking towards a perfect week next week.

That week starts tomorrow, and of course, tomorrow is another day.



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