Day 97

It took a long time for me to wind down properly and sleep last night. I know it was after 2AM when I finally drifted off, then I was up again at 6AM for about 20 minutes before finally drifting off again and waking up at 8.52AM.

Although that’s late,I determine that I am going to stick to my routine, and so I make tea, omelette, and a hot water bottle for my back, then light incense, put on some morning music and read a book.

This time, the morning music is:

After that, I make a daily TDL, and log in to move some of the money I made from DJ’ing last night to another account.

I end up talking to my friend Rom for a few minutes, which I don’t mind. I never give my friends enough time, so it’s good to be able to, even at the start of what is going to be a busy day.


In my gratitude journal, I write a reminder that I still have three days to accomplish what I want to accomplish this week, and that is more time than I’m giving myself credit for.

This stuff can, and will, be done.

After that, I do this meditation:

Although I still feel distracted, I did feel that I got a wonderful sense of inner peace from that, and I’m now in a good mood and ready to start my day.

10.22PM – WORK

I’ve been back-and-forthing with a potential new client, so I need to try and seal the deal before I start work on anything else today.

That involves replying to his email and adding him to Skype.

That was enough just to get my second cup of tea of the day finished, and now I can go ahead and get my 20 minutes of daily exercise in.

Also, it is so hot in here that I am literally just sweating standing up.


I focussed mostly on kettlebells, and on a new exercise I’m developing where I hold the kettlebell with both hands, thrust it above my head, arms straight, squat down, lower the ‘bell between my legs, then lift it up to touch my chest, legs up, thrust up again.

It’s hard work, but it feels like it’s effective.

I also do some knee rolls, leg stretches, and bridges. Then I take my 20mg anti-depressant that I got yesterday, shower, shave, brush teeth, and get dressed ready to motivate.


My sister is going on a hen-do and wants me to do her the favour of photoshopping the groom’s head onto pictures of famous pop bands.

I do it just because it’s a good deed done and out of the way.

12.20PM – WORK

Today, I’m on a mission to draft and plan four more articles. Anything else beyond that is a bonus, and the on Thursday, I start wrapping up these plans and delivering.


I’m already feeling tired and drowsy, which is dumb, but I can at least make a start.


I’m still tired, like getting closer towards a nap, but I decide that, before I do, I’m going to take a short walk and see if it helps.

I head down to my parents, pick up their dog and take him for a brisk walk before heading back home, I’m hungry now, but at least some of the fatigue has lifted.


I make a bowl of chicken and vegetables, but by this time I’m starting to feel the fatigue creep back in.

I grab my first pint glass of water of the day and sit down to update this journal and eat.


Whilst eating lunch, I clock back on, and start planning articles for the Scottish hotel that I work for now that the client have finally sent their chosen article titles through.

I get the first article roughly planned out, but I have to admit that the fog in my head is too much for me think straight, so I need to go take a lie down just to clear the cobwebs.

2.26PM – NAP

That nap turned out to be a whole three hours long, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. If that’s what my body needed today, then that’s what it needed.

I could have slept for hours, and indeed, the only thing that startled me awake was thinking that I might have missed Tai Chi.

I get up, get a cup of tea to help bring me round, then I get right back to it.


I’ve still got three articles to plan, and I’m determined that I’m not going to bed tonight until they’re done.

I get another one and a bit articles planned and drafted, with another one and a bit to go, but I’m hungry and hot, so I decide to clock off, make a quick bowl of porridge (I refuse to have veggie curry before Tai Chi, it makes me fart!), grab a quick shower and then head to class.

Here goes.


I set some porridge on to cook, and then go take a quick shower, then sit down to eat, swap messages with Sam, and reading this article about losing belly fat.

After that, I get ready, and it’s time to go.


I head to Tai Chi class, and find that I’m a bit of a disaster because I’ve been tired all day and my head is a fog, but I can also feel that I’m learning, and actually feel good after coming away from the class.

8.10PM – HOME

I get home, get changed, make tea, and end up just wasting 25 minutes trying to get my brain into gear for working.

When my brain refuses, I decide to push on and work anyway.


Come on Chris, only one and a half articles to finish planning – not even writing – just planning. This is easy.

I finally get done an hour later, at 9.39PM, and actually feel positive about how much progress I’ve made. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, but I’m happy with this so far.


I’ve still got a tonne of photos that I’ve taken that I need to work on organising and filing away, so I do that for a bit whilst getting settled in for the evening, catching up with my friend Missy and letting the fog consume my head.


I’m hungry and all kinds of sleepy, so this is the part where I finally give up on the day, crash out and let sleep take over.


Today has been long, slow, physically and mentally exhausting day, but I can at least give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself for having the discipline to stick with it and make sure that everything on my TDL list today got done, regardless as to how long it took.

I am looking forward to some rest, and then to making an awful lot of progress tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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