Day 96

I ended up staying up a little too late last night, and only going to sleep after midnight, but I still forced myself up at 6.17AM. I have a doctor’s appointment at 8.10AM and I wanted to be sure that I still have enough time to go through my normal routine.

I get up, make my omelette, tea, and a hot water bottle for my back pain, then light incense, put the usual morning meditation music on, and sit down to read some of my book.

After that, I write my daily TDL, then sit down to start my day.


Today, I write about how grateful I am that everything is going my way, and everything is going well in my life. I am grateful that there are no worries or concerns that I can not deal with today, and that makes me happy.

After that, I do this calming meditation.

It is more effective than the abundance meditation I’ve been using for the last few days.


I quickly brush teeth, shave, have a quick wash and get dressed, then it’s time to haul ass and get down there.


This actually turns out to be a fun morning, I cycle around Pennington Flash and enjoy the early morning sunshine.

2017-06-20 07.54.11

I’ve actually completed my 30 mile target for the week before I even get to the doctors.

I have a bit of wait for the doctor, so I get started on writing a new blog post on my phone.

Then I see the doctor, and getting my anti-depressants again is no problem, but I do have 30 minutes before the pharmacy opens so that I can pick up my prescription.

I cycle into town and buy porridge, honey, and spinach, and then sit down in a cafe for a cup of coffee, where I write the bulk of the blog post that I started in the doctors.

After that, I pick up my prescription and head on home, clocking up a total of 6.53 miles.


I’m hot and sweaty when I get home, so I take a shower to freshen up, then grab a cup of tea and sit down to update this journal, my daily goal-tracking spreadsheet, and also my Instagram.


I’ve a feeling that I won’ last long this morning because I can feel every part of me already begging for a lie down and a recovery nap, but I’ve got plenty to do, so I want to at least get started.

My work objectives for today are:

  • Finish planning the four blog articles I’m writing for the London hotel
  • Chase my client about blog articles for the Scottish hotel
  • Respond to the potential new client who emailed me yesterday.

It turns out the Scottish hotel client has already been in touch asking me to propose article title ideas (again) so I guess that’s where I start today.

I make some good progress on one article in a short space of time, but I can feel myself dozing off – what I get for having a packed morning on only a few hours sleep- and I’m also hungry, so I stop to get some porridge (because that’s what I’m in the mood for today), and then I’ll take a nap.


I had to go to the shop to buy more milk, but after that’s done, I made porridge and sat back down where I am now.


I’m doing my online DJ set later tonight, so whilst I’m devouring porridge I work on getting my set together.

12.39PM – NAP

I very quickly sank deep into a long, hard sleep that I didn’t want to come out of, but alas, needs must.

I was up at 2.36PM, made tea, and got back to it.


I’ve got two and a bit articles to finish planning by six PM today, let’s see if I can get this done.

I also have to reply to that guy.

I get the bulk of an article done, leaving just the intro and CTA to do. Whilst I’m doing that, the client’s colleague sends me social media posts to proof and revise, so i do that next.

That doesn’t take me long. I decide that I’m soon going to go out again and get all my distractions taken care of in one day, but first I have to reply to that potential new client, so I do that next.

That’s done. If I bag this job, that’s a weight off my mind.


I’m distracted today by realising how much i need a haircut, and needing to pick my laundry up, so I decide that I am going to get dressed and go do both of those things next.

That took far too long.

I went down to my parents, played with the dog for a few minutes, then felt guilty and took him for a walk, basically up here to my flat whilst I dropped my clean laundry off, and then home again.

From there I walked back up home and went for a haircut with the lady barber in the shop below my flat.

I got my haircut and we had a good chat about this and that for a good while afterwards. It ends up being 6PM by the time I get back upstairs to my flat, and by that time I’m hungry, but also determined to finish prepping articles, so I decide to give myself 40 more minutes to do just that.


I get a good chunk of a third article written, and so I’m still feeling optimistic about getting everything wrapped up and done by Friday, but I have to admit that hunger is taking over, so it’s time for me to stop and make dinner.


I grab my usual sweet potato and veggie curry, and also get some dishes washed up whilst I’m at it. It infuriates me that my dishes are never truly “done” not even temporarily.

There is always something in there.


With dinner made, I sit down to work on my hobby blog and get a little bit done. I’m half tempted to not move from the sofa, but I’ve got things to do.

8.47PM – TIDY UP

I give myself 30 minutes to take the rubbish out, sweep and straighten the living room and put laundry away.


My once a week thing. I enjoy doing this, and even though it goes slowly, I’m glad I got to do it and blow off some steam for a while.

I’m up way too late though, and it is gone 1AM when I finally log off and go to sleep.


Today was the last day that I can use the excuse that I am building towards achieving things later in the week. From tomorrow, it will officially be mid-week, and I will have to start showing some results.

For today though, I feel like good progress was made, and I’m happy with where I’m up to for now.

There is much to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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