Day 95

After rolling over to go to sleep last night at 1.30AM, I slept solidly through the night and woke up at 8.27AM, fully ready to start my day. 

My normal routine follows; make up a hot water bottle for my back, a three-egg-and-spinach omelette with onion and chia seeds for protein and health, and a cup of tea.

I then play this morning music video and light some incense whilst reading my book:

After that, I make a second cup of tea, remind myself of my ten weekly goals, and put a daily To Do List together which incorporates tasks that will help me to achieve those goals with practical stuff that just has to get done, like helping out my family by taking mum and dad’s dog for a walk.


I write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am for lots of positive things today. For my positivity itself, for hope, abundance, motivation, dedication, discipline, determination, for opportunity and optimism, and everything else which will combine to make this a good day.

Just for today, I choose to have a good day.

I also choose to ignore Facebook unless it is for work purposes.

After that, I do the five minute abundance meditation, but admit that I’m going to want to change which meditation I do this week, because I am not able to settle whilst listening to this.


I have to take mum and dad’s dog for a walk later, so I’m going to count that as part of my exercises for today, but I also have to take care of my back, so I do that next, giving myself ten minutes to stretch and prepare.

I do some basic back stretches, some knee rolls and one rep of bridges, then I brush teeth, have a wash and a quick shave and get dressed.

After that, I pack a bag of dirty laundry and head down to my parents.


I get there, and my brother’s girlfriend is home and says the dog doesn’t need walking, so I just leave that, put my washing in, and head home, agreeing with myself that if I can get work done today to a standard that I’m happy with, I can go and play out on my bike later.

An alarm is set on my phone to remind me in two hours time to go and put my washing out to dry.

10.40AM – WORK

So far, I’ve got 14 articles to write this week. Now it’s my time to get them all done. Today I will be mostly planning and drafting before working on final drafts later in the week.

In one hour and forty, I get the bulk of two articles actually written, whilst also dealing with another client who -for reasons which seem dodgy to me- needs my help paying for some advertising.

I’m happy to do it though (he’s sending me the money and I just have to move it on), because at least it keeps me on that client’s good side and could lead to more work.

After that, I hit pause to go and pick up my laundry.


I go down, get that done, and play with the dog for a few minutes before heading back, realising that I am hungry.


Whilst my chicken and vegetables are cooking, I put the dishes on to soak and pour my first pint glass of water of the day (I know, shockingly bad), then I sit down to eat dinner whilst taking care of this payment favour for my other client.

With that done, it’s back to work with article planning.

I get the rest of the articles for one brand fully planned out, but I can feel myself dozing, so I decide to take a short nap.


That was only a short nap, but it was enough to clear the cobwebs, which is all I needed today.

I was up at 3.27PM, made tea, and wasted a couple of minutes on Twitter whilst I woke up properly.


I just have one more article that I want to get planned out today, and then I will consider myself on course for finishing all 14 articles that I have to write by Friday.

So, here goes.

I’m listening to Fuck The Sun by Stone From The Sky. I’m in love with it.

I get most of that article written save for the closing paragraphs, and actually feel really good about the progress I’ve made with work today.

I also drink my second pint glass of water of the day whilst doing this, and also forgot that I’d put the dishes on to soak and left the water to go cold, but not to worry.


I promised myself that if I did all the work I’d set myself to do today, I could go for a bike ride. I’ve done all the work I planned to do, so now I’m allowed to get ready and go out and play.


That was a good, long hard ride, stopping off every now and again to take photographs. I went up the canal towards Manchester instead of towards Wigan like I normally do, then came back and worked out a new route to get home which may be longer but avoids that terrible up hill battle from the fire station back home.

2017-06-19 17.09.24

I clock a total of 12.54 miles, which means I’m certain to complete my weekly cycling goal tomorrow just by riding to the doctors and back.


I get home tired and a little sore, but definitely sweating and feeling good. I get my sweet potato and veggie curry started because I am starving, then jump in the shower whilst it’s cooking.

I feel even better, and infinitely more refreshed, after the shower,

I get my third pint glass of water whilst I’m cooking dinner.


I sit down to eat dinner and work on a new post for my hobby blog. I get a bit done but find that I am exhausted and nodding off. I push myself to get up and get this journal updated, as well as updating my daily goal tracking spreadsheet.

I have to keep pushing on, despite wanting to fall asleep right here at my desk.

I have not forgotten that my goal for this week is a perfect 10/10, 50/50, so I have to push on, even if it’s only for a bit.


I actually get really into that, and end up finishing the whole thing and publishing it at 1,854 words.

Once it’s out there, I share it on social media and then that’s another weekly, monthly, and quarterly goal all wrapped up.

9.44PM – TIDY UP

My last task for today is to do 30 minutes of cleaning up before crashing.

I drink my fourth pint glass of water of the day whilst doing this.

I wash dishes, sweep the kitchen floors and clean up the counters. That takes me the biggest part of my half hour.


Exactly what it says. This is where my day ends.


Today was a very good day, in which I made a lot of progress, kept calm, and stayed the course – discipline – just keeping going until everything got done.

I am proud of myself today, and know that only good things are to follow.

I would have liked to have been more focussed today, and I still have a problem with social media. This is something that I am able to work on now that I have identified it as a problem.

I am looking forward to making more progress this week. and that starts with getting my mental health back on track by visiting the doctor tomorrow about my anti-depressants.

Tomorrow is another day.


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