Day 94

After heading to sleep at 12.45AM last night, I woke up first at six, then fell asleep again until 7.23AM, when I woke up feeling refreshed and seriously ready to go. 

Getting back into my routine quickly, I head to the kitchen to make tea, omelette and a hot water bottle.I particularly need the latter today because my back is absolutely killing me.

I light some incense, get a morning music playlist going on Youtube.

From there, I spend time reading my book, a little time talking to my friend Grainne, and then I get a TDL together for the day.


I write in my gratitude journal about how I’m grateful for a lot of things today, especially for the sunshine, warm weather, and the opportunity to go out and “play” in it on my bike later before hopefully seeing somebody I like at the 12 step meeting this evening.

After that, I lie down and do this meditation:


With that done, I get my first pint glass of water of the day, and head into the bedroom for 20 minutes of exercise.

I focus on kettle bell reps for my arms, but I also do leg stretches, knee rolls, and bridges.

Then I shave, brush teeth, and shower, before sitting down with my second pint glass of water today to make a quick flyer for the 12 step convention. This has to be black and white, but it will work.


I listen to The Beatles – Revolver album on my iPod whilst getting to work.


Here’s my plan.

Head to mum and dad’s. Check if they have black ink in their printer. If so, print the flyers I just made.

Check if they have any post-it notes. If so, grab those too, grab laundry, head home.

If neither of those two things,  bring laundry home then head into town.

Here goes.

There was ink, so I printed off as much as I could without feeling guilty about using other people’s ink, then I grabbed my laundry, and because they had no post-it notes, headed back. I was tempted to go home and buy the post-its another day, but when I got to the bus stop that I pass on my way home, a bus automatically turned up, so I got on it and went into town to get what I need.

I then had only 30 minutes to wait for a bus home, which I spent writing a new article for Medium on my phone.


I can’t believe all of that took two hours, but now I’m home, I can get on course. I’ve got a few things I need to take care of.

Posting Home Computer Lessons Happy Father’s Day graphic on Facebook, posting about my marbles, and reminding people that there is a meeting for the convention planning later tonight.

That was fun.


Now that I’ve got flyers done for later, I need to cut them up, so I put something on to watch whilst doing that.

That goes straight forward, but I do find myself nodding off, so I wind down for a bit and go to take a nap.


That was one of those peaceful, blow off the cobwebs kind of naps, and it worked perfectly.


Although I get distracted by Youtube music, I set off hoping that I can get my hobby blog post done and finished before I head out on my bike.

I get most of it done, but I’ve still got pictures and SEO and sharing to do. I can work on that later. For now, I’m looking forward to actually getting outside and getting some miles done.


I’m eager to get out, so I rush to get ready, but also realise that I’m starving, so I quickly steam some vegetables and sit down to fill up on these before I go out.

With that done, it’s time to roll.


I had a good, long bike ride today, down the canal and back up to the meeting, plus a mile or so home after the meeting. That gave me a total of 15.14 miles.

2017-06-18 18.08.42-1

The meeting was wonderful, even though I still haven’t found a way to say anything to the woman there I like. There’s time for that though, and that’s not what I go to meetings for. I will endeavor to remember this the next time that I go.

After the actual meeting, was have a long group meeting to plan the convention. I worry that some people are getting carried away with sky high ideas without first thinking about the basic logistics, but that isn’t for me to worry about either.

I get back at a little after 9.30PM, and after getting settled, make dinner.


I’m back to veggie curry and sweet potato. I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something I can substitute in place of the sweet potato.

I sit down and eat whilst my computer reboots, and whilst I’m updating this blog.


I’m determined to get this thing posted today, so here goes.

It takes me a while, but I get the whole thing done, including social and sharing, and SEO, for a total of 3,614 words. That’s my first weekly goal done, but it also a monthly, and a quarterly goal done, so that is good news for me.

I finish up at 11.27PM.

I was supposed to be hanging out with Sam last night, and then she couldn’t. So we said tonight, but there is still no sign of her, so I’m just hanging on now.

11.28PM – WORK

Yes, I know, but I haven’t done anything towards my business / financial goals today, so I have to put some effort into work, even if it is only setting a new article chart and getting set ready for work in the morning.

Here goes.

That takes all of ten minutes to do, but at least I can get to work tomorrow and actually just dive straight into things.

After that, I get my daily goal tracker spreadsheet updated, and face facts that tonight is another night of Sam being upset that we won’t be able to get together and try to build our relationship.

11.53PM – TIDY UP

I decide that I’m going to kill 30 minutes giving Sam a chance to get it together, otherwise I’m going to lie down.

I’m listening to King Weed – Smoking Land, and loving it. Proof you don’t have to be high to enjoy great music.


There’s still no word from Sam, so I’m prepared to cut my losses today – it was probably dumb of me to think that somehow things would be different if we tried to make a go of things again.

So, instead, I make some porridge and crash out for the evening.


15 miles done and over 3,000 words written, I will call that a successful day. It means less things to worry about throughout the rest of the week, and I can hit the ground running tomorrow with attacking work and making progress.

This week, I am 100% determined to achieve 10 out of 10 weekly goals and 50 out of 50 weekly task.

That means I’ll have a lot of work to do this week, but I can worry about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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