Day 92

After going to bed after 1AM last night, I first woke up at 6AM, but that was fleeting, and I immediately fell back asleep up to 8AM.

From there, I made tea, omelette, and hot water bottle, then lit some incense, put on this morning music video and read my book for a while.

I feel like I’m flying blind this week, and it’s funny how quickly things can start to change for me when I get out of a routine that works for me. I am going to let myself off for today because I want to try and accomplish things, but I have to be sure that this is the last time that I don’t do my morning meditation and gratitude because it is starting to ruin my week.

Acknowledging that this morning and being grateful for how much more positive I feel today from yesterday is enough for me to start this day in the right way, even if I am a little distracted.


My dad’s father’s day gift is being delivered there today, because it’s easier to make sure I hear the doorbell there than it is in my first floor flat with a broken doorbell. So I’m going to camp out there for the morning and hopefully it arrives whilst I’m there.

I get dressed, brush teeth, and get what I need for the day. I also check Amazon, and the website’s tracker thing says my parcel is on its way, so that’s good enough reason for me to head down there now.

I get there, let the dog out, and go upstairs to weigh myself. I’m at 13 stone 11, 1/4, which is still heavier than I want to be, but a definite improvement.

After that, I make tea, and settle down to do it.

10.07 – Pacific ideas

I have to pitch some more article ideas based on some suggestions from my client, so I get that done quickly and then move on.


Mum comes when I’ve no more than written a title. So she is going to wait for the parcel and I will head home .

It is 10.57AM when I get there, and I make tea and get back to work

That takes me a couple of hours, but is straight forward and easy, and actually enjoyable. It gets me 1,385 words towards my total.

Whilst I’m doing that,my brother texts and asks to borrow my bike, so I guess I’m not using it this afternoon. I mean yes, I could say no I’m using it, but it’s nice to be nice and it’s not that big of a deal for me to catch the bus and bike it later.


I’m starving, so I get chicken and veg on the go before I have to get ready for my exercise class.


I quickly had a shower, then got dressed into comfy clothes ready to leave


I cycle down to my parents, then realise that I forgot to pick the bike lock up so that my brother can borrow my bike, so I head back to get that, then try again.

Mum says the parcel still hasn’t come, and my brother wants me to help redefine his band’s website. That’s another job for another time.

I bus up to the hospital and get there in plenty of time.

It’s a good class again, and hard work, but I actually really enjoy it, and actually find myself really looking forward to doing more of the exercises I’m learning in the coming week.

After class, I go to town, pay £6 to get tickets printed for the AA convention, buy eggs, shower gel, and plasters, and head home.

4.15PM – NAP

I get home, dump my stuff and crash on the sofa for a nap, but it doesn’t last long and I’m up and awake again by 4.52PM.

After that, I make tea and a bowl of porridge, then sit down to eat and update this journal.


As with yesterday, I have to cut up the AA convention tickets to get them ready in case I sell any at the meeting later. So I will do that now.

2017-06-16 17.48.36


I quickly do that, then go get ready for the meeting.


I go down to Mum and Dad’s to pick my bike up from my brother and give Dad his father’s Day present, but he’s in the shower, so I have to wait around for a bit.

Eventually, I get to go, and shoot off to do some cycling first. I realise I can actually get quite far in a short space of time, and really enjoy my ride today.

I enjoy that, and the meeting itself is good. I think there’s a bit of tension about the convention and Leigh Friday not being hugely involved, but that’s mostly my fault and I can hopefully smooth things over.

I cycle back, clocking up a total of 11.44 miles in the process.


I get in, and start planning to tidy up, but I get talking to my friends Grainne and Dawn, and get a bit distracted.

I get some tidying up done until midnight, but then I’m up for another two and half hours talking to Grainne, getting closer – it’s not going to be a romantic relationship this one, but I certainly would like her as a friend in my life.

It ends up being 2.47AM when I finally turn in and go to sleep.


I don’t regret staying up so late because I had fun getting to know Grainne better, and I’m glad that I got miles done and words written. I’m facing three weeks now until I have to have cash in my bank again, and I’m starting to feel that anxious, nervous feeling, but that will go away in time.

Everything always works out, and as long as I work hard over the next few weeks, this will work out too. It’s just a tough summer.

I am happy for the progress I made this week, and am looking forward to more from tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.



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