Day 89

After going to sleep at 11.53PM last night, I had a relatively comfortable night’s sleep but didn’t feel like I wanted to get out of bed when I first woke up around 7AM, and I kept drifting off until 7.43AM, when I finally got up. 

I made tea, hot water bottle for my back pain, and a spinach and three egg omelette with onion and chia seeds.

Then, I lit some incense and sat down to read my book for a while. I had this beautiful morning music video playing in the background.

I also made my TDL for the day.


I wrote in my gratitude journal about how I’m grateful being where I am today, as it feels like were I wanted to be at the start of the year until my depression kicked in, but I also have some gratitude for my depression too, because it gave me:

  • Lessons learned
  • Things to write about / experiences to talk about and share
  • A deeper appreciation for the times when I am glad and happy, like now.

I then do the usual 5 minute abundance meditation.

After that, I sit to get this journal updated, but get distracted by some awesome playlists on Youtube of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam covering The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Finally, I realise that it is 10AM and I haven’t yet done anything hugely productive, so I get my first pint glass of water of the day and go to do my 20 minute of exercise.


I focussed on my Tai Chi today, doing a warm up and then two goes at the Beijing Ten Step before doing leg stretches and knee rolls, which took up all of my 20 minutes.

Then I shaved, brushed teeth, showered, and got dressed.

10.43AM – WORK

The client I finished working for yesterday wants me to edit a badly written piece that somebody else did, and I also have to pitch ideas for the other brands I work for on a monthly basis.

Here goes.

Editing that article took me 18 minutes, after which it was time to get on with article pitching. I drank my second pint glass of water whilst doing this work.

My soundtrack for this work is:

That didn’t take long either, though this week I do want to knuckle down and get all the article titles done for the whole of Q3 so that it’s one less thing for me to worry about later in the year.


Before I do anything else, I decide that I’m going to go for just a short walk to go and get some teabags.

Nice and simple, I head out, get what I need, and head back.


I am hungry now, so it is a good time to get my third pint glass of water and make some lunch.

2017-06-13 12.59.29

Lunch is of course, chicken strips with green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and diced carrots. I demolish that third pint glass of water and get a fourth to have with lunch.


Whilst I’m eating lunch, I research printing costs for the AA literature that I’ve got to design later this afternoon.

I also check email and get a little depressed when I see that people have sent me more stuff to do. I’m leaving that for now though, taking a nap, and focussing on what I was planning to focus on this afternoon – AA stuff.

1.12PM – NAP

I had a good hard snooze that was enough to shake the cobwebs, though weirdly I did wake up with my legs aching even more than they were this morning after yesterday’s cycle ride.


It’s time to tackle the social media proofreading job I’ve got lined up. Other tasks can wait until tomorrow.

Thankfully, that didn’t take long, and I’m free to work on other things.


Next task, make a nice and simple flyer for the 12 Step convention in town later this month that I’m doing the publicity, print, and digital for.

I actually waste an afternoon getting upset about these flyers not going right, when I realise that we’re probably going to want to print the itinerary on the flyers, and we don’t even have an itinerary yet. So doing this is pointless.

I text Julian to say maybe this will be better if we wait until after we’ve met and decided on what’s what, and in the meantime I’ll get some tickets printed off and see where we go from there. So yeah, that was time wasted today.


That took longer than I thought, but I’m glad I got it done. I published the review and added 3,664 words to my total. I also did all images, SEO, and social sharing. After this, I’m ready to grab dinner.

That is another weekly goal completed.


I make veggie curry and sweet potato, remembering to cut the potato in half this time rather than having a full one, then I sit down to immediately start work on the next hobby blog post.

I do this up until about 8.30PM, when it’s time for me start getting together for my weekly online DJ set.

8.32PM – DJ SET

This takes me most of my night, first in planning the set, actually doing it, and finally hanging out and just talking to people, having some fun. I had a little too much fun though, and didn’t log off until 2.05AM.

I am going to suffer for that in the morning.


Today was frustrating in parts, but that’s mainly because I let it get that way and wasn’t fully able to manage my chimp and think logically at all times.

That’s OK though, I don’t have to get things perfect all the time, and I did at least make some good progress today that I can build on tomorrow.

I am guaranteed to not have the greatest day tomorrow because of how late I stayed up, but I Made that decision and I’m OK with living with the consequences of it.

Tomorrow is another day.


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