Day 88

After rolling over to sleep at 12.26AM last night, I woke up feeling quite positive and awake at 6.07AM, and then finally got myself up and motivated at 6.12AM.

As per usual, I make tea, omelette, and a hot water bottle, then I light some incense and sit down to eat breakfast and read a book whilst listening to this:


I’m really starting to get into the book I’m reading (The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters) but I know that I’ve got other stuff to do, so I get up and move to the bedroom for 20 minutes’ exercise.

I start with a short kettle bell workout, just doing two exercises with three reps each on both arm, then I do leg stretches, leg lifts, knee rolls and brushes before finishing with some basic Qigong stretches.

I drink my first pint glass of water of the day whilst doing this.

After that, I brush teeth, shower, shave, and get dressed, then I grab a bag of laundry and head for my parents


The guy from Friday is coming to finish my parents’ blinds this morning so I’m supposed to be there to let him

I get here and Mum is still around before going to work so I talk to her, make tea and put my washing on.

After that, I spend some time just updating this journal.


I was about to set up and do some work, but the guy came to finish fitting the blinds, and he was only here for about five minutes, so I just doodled on my phone and then had to wait around whilst he sorted out payment with my Dad over the phone.

After that, I set a timer on my phone to remind me to go and pick my laundry up, then off I went.


I head back, make tea, and get settled. I hadn’t made a TDL for the day. Then it’s time to get to work.

9.49AM – WORK

My work today includes writing two articles and pitching a bunch of ideas for blog posts for the Scottish hotel I write for. I will get these things done if nothing else today.

I get started on the first article which I think is going to be easy to finish, but I don’t get very far because the alarm goes off to tell me it’s time to go pick up my washing.


Straightforward and simple, I go down, pick my stuff up, head straight back and make more tea. I need to be drinking water today.


I finish the one article and get half of another written up, but I must admit I’m struggling to focus and get into the groove with these articles today.

I’m not going to quit though. I only have about 300 words left to write, and I can do this, but first I’m going to stop myself from getting hungry by making lunch.


I make a big bowl of steaming mixed veg (green beans, diced carrots, cauliflower, broccoli), with a few strips of chicken and get my second pint glass of water of the day, then I sit down to start work again.


That was a chore, but I finally get that second article wrapped up and both delivered by 1.07PM. That gives me another weekly goal completed.

After that, I have to get right onto the next thing, which is pitching article ideas for the Scottish hotel.

That was actually pretty easy, though I’ve got a feeling some of the ideas I sent over were less than perfect and they may ask me for more. That’s OK, because I was planning to spend some time tomorrow writing more ideas down anyway.


I need to go into town to pick up some herbs and spices for my veggie curry and also a few other things, as well as stopping off at the doctors to reorder my anti-depressants, so I figure this is the perfect time to also clock up some extra miles.


That turned into an adventure in itself. First I cycled up to the doctors to get a repeat prescription for my anti-depressants, but was told that instead I have to book a doctor’s appointment and the first one is next Tuesday, so that’s something.

Then I hit the canal and went down to Dover Lock before turning around and cycling into Leigh. There, I did some shopping and bought the following:

  • Deodorant
  • Father’s Day card
  • Spinach
  • Honey
  • Shower gel
  • Ground cumin
  • Cinnamon
  • Washing up sponges.

The supermarket I was at didn’t have nutmeg, which is really what I needed, so I had to cycle back to the other supermarket by the doctors and get it from there.

I’ve decided that on Saturday’s cheat day, that’s definitely where I’m going.

Anyway, after that, I finally cycled back home, clocking up a total of 12.14 miles in the process, meaning I’ve already smashed my weekly and monthly cycling targets, and met my quarterly one.

4.16PM – HOME

I arrive home tired, sore, and a little hungry. I strip out of my sweat-drenched clothes, make a cup of tea, and sit down to chill out for a few minutes whilst updating this journal and listening to Spacegoat:

Hard to believe that I’ve been on the go since 6.07AM without a nap, but I’m not complaining.

My next plan is to eat, work on my hobby blog, and then probably indulge in a little gaming later this evening.


This is just as it was yesterday. I make as much of the stuff as I can with the ingredients left over, so that there’s enough to sustain me well into next week.

I also get some of the dishes washed whilst I’m at this.


I was going to work on my hobby blog whilst eating dinner, but my TV laptop is taking forever to install updates, so I’m just going to watch regular TV instead.

6.50PM – NAP

I was going to get straight to work on my hobby blog but after eating dinner I find myself falling asleep, so I give myself permission to nap for an hour, but end up only taking up 40 minutes of that time before I’m up and ready to roll.


I get the bulk of the copy all written up, so that all I have to do tomorrow is add an intro and conclusion, get some images and do SEO/Social media stuff. That will take me only an hour or two tomorrow.


I plan on starting work on the very next hobby blog post, but despite feeling sore and tired, I actually have a mind to be active and get up and do things, so I grab my third pint glass of water of the day and get on with some cleaning up for 30 minutes.

I put all my laundry away, put the dishes away, then wipe the kitchen counters and sweep the floors.


I’m hungry, so I make a bowl of porridge, then sit down to start working on a new hobby blog. An hour later, I’m feeling tired, so I turn in for sleep at 11.53PM.


Today I completed a weekly goal and smashed my cycling target, so it’s hard not to b happy with that.

My mind was a little noisy today, but I know that it will calm down again with regular meditation and medication. I am responsible for the state of my mind today. I am not responsible for what comes into it, but I am responsible for how I process it.

Today, I chose to push on despite not wanting to, and I can be proud of that and take it into another day.

Tomorrow is another day.


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