Day 85

After drifting off to sleep sometime around or after 2.30AM, I woke up at 7.03AM feeling groggy and out of sorts. 

It took me a while to gather my bearings, after which I simply made tea and sat down to go over a few news websites whilst I wake up. 

I’m not having breakfast this morning because I’ll be leaving for my parents and will eat something there, even if it isn’t the kind of healthy food I normally like.

I’m sad to wake up to news of a hung parliament , that can’t be good news for anyone, but it is out of my hands, and indeed, was never in them in the first place.

I have to let that go, and simply move on.


I’m going to do laundry when I’m there, so I need to pack that, as well as packing my laptop, and also my cycling stuff in case I cycle straight to my core stability class from my parents, which I’m likely to do.

So, whilst still getting through my first cup of tea, I get that stuff ready.


I head down to my parents, and mum is still in, so I talk to her whilst making tea and getting my laundry put in.

I setup my laptop but realise I left my mouse and power supply at home so I have to rush back to get them, get back here, set up, and it is 8.39AM before I can do anything positive or useful.

I must remember today to adjust myself to what is, rather than trying to adjust what is to myself. It is just easier and less stressful that way.


I just want to get these posts finished and done today so that I can cross them off my list. Fortunately, there aren’t that many left to do.

After what seems like the longest time, I finally get that done, and now I can rest easy and get on with other projects.


The client I’m writing these sports and gambling articles for keeps sending me more titles to write than I can keep up with, so that’s a weekend project in the bag to get as many of those done as possible.

For now, I’m just going to try and focus on

Despite a few distractions, I get that done in just under two hours.

I’m feeling very tired and sleepy today, and though I don’t regret staying up all night to watch the election results, I don’t think for a minute that it was the smartest move I ever made.


The handlebars on my bike are broken, so whilst I’m here, I get that fixed. It is actually easier to do than I thought it might be, which I’m grateful for.


I’ve done all the social media stuff for my Home Computer Lessons business, but I also want to get a full Twitter schedule done of my own writing and blog posts, to promote myself as a writer, draw attention to my work, and hopefully add value to the lives of my readers.

I won’t get this finished today, but it will be a good start for me whilst I finish this last cup of tea before wrapping up and heading home.

I get a surprising amount done, though I am sad that my headset randomly stopped working again whilst I was half-way through this task.

With my tea finished, and with the guy not coming back to finish the blinds until Monday morning, I decide that now is a good time to wrap up, take most of my junk home, then come back and put in a few miles on the bike before my Core Stability Class.

After that, I am most definitely coming home to take a nap.


I take mum and dad’s dog with me just because I feel like being nice and letting him get some exercise. After that, we head back home, and I spend far too long getting ready to cycle out to the hospital for my appointment.


I set off through Pennington Flash and up the canal, first going in the opposite direction just to clock some miles.

After a dire morning it turns out to be a beautiful day, and I’m glad to be outside enjoying the fresh air.



That was just a whisker shy of an hour and I covered 7.61 miles. I know I could have done that quicker if I hadn’t stopped on several occasions to check the time or stopped at Asda to buy water.

The class is tough going but I find I really enjoy it, and I’m so glad I’m there. I think what we’re doing is basically pilates, and I’ve been thinking about maybe trying to find somewhere that does it so that I can keep that up after this six week block of classes ends.

After that, I take myself for a ride through the woods around Lilford Park and then finally home, the long way of course, down the canal.

That gives me a total of 13.81, which is actually just just shy of my overall total for the week.

I drop my bike and my bag at home, then head back to my parents to pick up my laundry.

4.34PM – HOME

I pour my first pint glass o water for the day, take some painkillers, and collapse on the bed, just lying there. Everything hurts, and I feel a little broken, but I also feel really good for it.

Physically I feel battered and broken, but I’ll bounce back from this. Mentally I feel good, invigorated, and better than I have felt for a long while.

I give myself some time to relax and to update this journal, but I’m also hungry, so I can’t wait to get some food in me and crash, even if just for a little while.


I make veggie curry and sweet potato (as usual),eat it whilst watching some TV and fall asleep in the process.

I could very easily just stay there and sleep all night, but that won’t do me any favours at all in the long run, so I decide that, if I am going to stay home and miss the 12 Step meeting tonight (because I’m basically tired and battered and don’t like that meeting anyway), then I might as well use the two hours that I would usually be there doing something productive.

Based on what I started this morning, I think I can make a lot of good progress on scheduling social media content for my own writing, so I’m going to get that done now.


This psychedelic and stoner rock playlist will be my soundtrack for this work:

I do two hours of that and feel like I make good progress. Most of the rest of June is finished, and I’ve made some headway in August and September, but I’ll have to get more work done to fill up July and the rest of August.

I can do that later in the week though. For now I can just feel myself needing to rest, even if only to give myself a fighting chance of doing something positive with my day tomorrow.

So I’m going to make some porridge and crash.


I do just that, and almost immediately find myself dozing off the minute I lie down. It is 10.44PM when I finally crash out and go to sleep properly


The bad parts of today are that I didn’t get enough sleep and we still have a Conservative government, yet despite that, I actually really enjoyed my day. The exercising, though it killed me, was invigorating in a way that I haven’t felt for a while.

I’ve remembered how easy work can be, and I’ve made some big progress on goals. I’ve enjoyed this week, and look forward to starting a new one tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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