Day 84

After heading to sleep around 12.30AM last night, I finally fell asleep some time after 1AM and woke up just after 7AM. Then I accidentally drifted back off for an hour and got up properly at 7.57AM. 

From there, the usual morning routine began; make tea, omelette, and hot water bottle, then sit down to eat breakfast whilst scanning websites and looking over Twitter.

It is election day here in the UK day, when we hit the voting booths to determine the next Prime Minister.

Much of the talk online today is of that. I’ll go to vote later, but for now I finish eating breakfast whilst getting a TDL ready for today.

I also double check that my rent is paid, which it is. That clocks another weekly goal off my list.


I write in my gratitude journal that I am grateful, once again, for proof that the universe always looks out for me, and always delivers.

What I focus on, I get more of, and I must always remember that.

From there, I do my favourite abundance meditation:

I was distracted a lot this morning, but still felt much calmer for doing that meditation.

After that, I go and brush my teeth because I’m aware that it’s not good to leave it as long as I normally do in a morning.


I’ve still got one cup of tea to drink (my second) so I’m going to make a start on scheduling Facebook posts, and then I will go and do my back stretches, vote, and get an article written for my client. Here goes.

I use this psychedelic stoner rock playlist as today’s soundtrack:

In 43 minutes, I get most of what I want to get done for June, done. So now it’s time to go stretch my back out, shower, vote, and write an article.


Today I did leg stretches, leg-lifts, knee rolls and bridges, then a Tai Chi warm-up before practicing the Beijing Ten Step, and also going over how to transition into, and out of, White Crane Spreads its Wings.

I always feel better after even a few minutes of Tai Chi practice in a morning, and I emerge from that feeling invigorated.

I shave, brush my teeth again, shower, and get dressed.

Now it’s time to go cast my vote.

10.42AM – GO TO VOTE

Luckily, I live only two minutes away from the voting booth, so this doesn’t take long.

2017-06-08 10.50.32

I vote labour. I’ve always voted labour, but I didn’t -and never have- voted for them out of force of habit. I voted for them -and have always voted for them- because their policies and what they stand for are always most closely matched to mine.

After that, I get home, make tea, and swap a few texts back and forth with my friend, Jen.

11.04AM – WORK

I’ve got a few things I need to take care of this morning.

Revising some social media posts for a client, emailing that client’s colleague to confirm I received payment yesterday, and then write an article for an MMA website about the upcoming Connor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather match.

Honestly, this is something I’m only aware of without being familiar with, so it should be interesting.

Anyway, here goes.

The social media posts and email took all of 20 minutes, and now it’s on to the article.

I should also note here that the client I’m writing for this morning sent me another two article to write, so that’s a total of five to get done in the next few days.

That was easy and straightforward. I’m not exactly sure that it was a great article, but it was certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m glad I got done what I got done.


I start drinking my first pint glass of water of the day whilst getting the dishes done.

When that’s done, I make my veg and chicken, and whilst that’s cooking, also scrub the kitchen floor (yes, again).


I didn’t realise how hungry I was until I just devoured lunch whilst reading BBC News, including being highly amused by this cameraman and photographer getting into a fight outside a polling station.


I can feel myself due for a short nap just to refresh myself, but I’m going to press on and hopefully get a few more social media adverts posted on Facebook for HCL before I lie down.

Here goes.

Samsara Blues Experiment is now my soundtrack for today:

I get a good few posts done and feel positive about my progress. Time to lie down, shake the impending head fog, and get back to it.

2.16PM – NAP

I didn’t so much sleep as doze off for about an hour, then wake up just at the point that  I could have really just laid back and slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Instead, I got up and got back to it.


Some friends of mine are planing a convention for the 12 Step fellowship we’re part of here in town. My task is to design the tickets, so I’m going to spend half an hour mocking up a design.

OK, so I took an hour, including sending them on for feedback, but these are my favourites.







The good news, is that I know I can get this done in the next hour before dinner. Here goes.

I get my second pint glass of water whilst doing this.

I’m almost done, just have a few more to go.


By this point I’m starving, so I go to make dinner.

I do my usual veggie curry and sweet potato then sit down to watch TV for half an hour before starting to get ready for the 12 Step meeting in town. I’m not cycling tonight, partly because it’s been lashing down with rain and might do again, but mostly because I’ve run out of time to get my handlebar fixed.

I’m going to take my bike down to my parents, leave it there, and fix it in the morning.


I drop my bike off at my parents then bus it up to catch the meeting, which was fun and enjoyable, even if busy and a little uncomfortable.

My friends like my designs, so I’m happy with that.

Afterwards, I head to the supermarket to buy honey, and then get a lift home with a friend.

It’s 9.48PM when I get back and get settled, and I spend the next ten minutes reading up about the general elections.


I guess if I only even get a little bit of this done today, it will be worth it. Here goes.

Soundtrack is Electric Octopus – This is Our Culture

That took longer than I anticipated, but I’m pleased with the finished article, which tallied in at 1,328 words.

I must admit, I was distracted for a lot of that time by the election stuff, but i finally get it done, to complete another weekly goal.


Every part of me wants to push on and do more, but I’m tired and hungry, and I have to be up early tomorrow so that I can make it to my parents for 8.30AM, so I decide that I’m going to call time now, go make some porridge and fall asleep watching the election results coming in.

I watch for more of the election results coming in than I intended, and don’t actually get to sleep until after 2.30AM.


Over all, another good, honest, and productive day. I feel like I got everything done that I needed to get done, stayed on course even when I was finding myself drifting, and pushed through with completing tasks even when I thought about doing just about anything else.

After staying up so late, Friday probably isn’t going to be as productive, but that’s up to me, and I can worry about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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