Day 83

After going to bed before 1AM last night, I slept long and hard and yet woke up with worse back pain than when I sleep on the sofa. I woke up at 8.18AM and headed for the kitchen.

There,  I made tea, omelette, and a fresh hot water bottle, then sat down to look over some websites, browse Twitter, and make a daily TDL whilst eating my breakfast.

I got lost in thought and that took longer than I would have liked, but it’s not the end of the world.


I write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am for the abundance in my life and how resourceful I am. Everything I could ever want or need is taken care of this week.

I affirm this with the five minute abundance meditation:

I enjoy that meditation today, and feel positive and uplifted for it.

9.26AM – WORK

I’ve got other things I want to do today, but whilst I’m drinking my second cup of tea of the morning, it feels good to make a start here.

I’ve got two emails to reply to, one to try and push for payment from one client, and one acknowledging an incoming job from another.

Then I want to start planning for the self-promotional tweets for HCL that I talked about yesterday.

I put this music on to help me relax whilst doing this:

The emails take two seconds, then it’s on to the work.

I get 25 weeks worth of self-promotional tweets all typed up and ready to go. Later this afternoon, I’ll work on graphics for them, and add them to the schedule, then that is done. After that, I can build up with some basic Facebook advertising using the same content.


I’m heading out on my bike later and also have tai chi class, so exercises today will be basic.

I do knee rolls, bridges, and leg lifts, then a few reps with the kettle bell. Then I get myself showered and shaved, brush my teeth, and get ready for my cycle ride into town.

I have to pick up a few things from the supermarket, deposit some money in the post office, and then cycle back. This might take me until early afternoon, but the good thing is that I can probably get very close to completing my weekly cycling goal in this one ride.

Here goes.


That was simple and straight forward, I rode up the long way, even going the wrong way for a little while just to clock some miles, then headed into town. Apart from an annoying problem with my bike where the handlebars have come loose, everything else went easy.

2017-06-07 12.07.44

There was no queue at the post office, I got paid by my client whilst I was in there, and it was even short queue at the supermarket.

I got what I wanted and rode home the long way also, clocking a total of 10.88 miles.


i got home, changed out of the sweaty clothes I was wearing, drank my first pint glass of water of the day, then sat down to update my daily goal tracker with miles and money.

Getting that paid means I’ve crossed another weekly goal off my list.


I can feel myself heading for a nap, but I’m going to push just a little bit further, at least until I’ve finished this tea, and whilst doing that, I’ll start preparing graphics on for my social media posts.

I get all the Father’s Day stuff prepped on Twitter. I can finish that later, but for now I’m going to take a nap.


Here goes.

2.15PM – NAP

I again slept long and hard, that nap was well needed and I feel better for it.


I’m torn between working on these and starting the new article I want to write, but I figure that if I give myself time to work on this stuff now and then draw a line under it when I go to Tai Chi, that means I can focus on just one last block of time spent working on these posts.

After that, I can start the article when I get home and hopefully finish it tomorrow.

I choose this Stoner Rock playlist as my background music for the day:

I get most of that done with just seven tweets to go. I can finish those later, but for now I need to get up and take a break.


Somehow I skipped lunch today, but now I’m hungry. I’m also hot and grotty, so I decide that I’m doing a shower and some chicken and veg (no curry before Tai Chi, I farted in class last week, it was terrible), then I’ll work more on tweets before wrapping up and doing something else.

I have a good long shower, then make chicken with green beans, cauliflower, bits of broccoli, and some diced carrots, and grab my second pint glass of water for the day.

I also get dressed ready for Tai Chi.


I sit down to eat food and put a few more posts together before I go to Tai Chi. I get a few more posts done, but still don’t get it quite finished. I have to stop at 6.48PM so that I can head to my Tai Chi class.


I enjoyed Tai Chi immensely today. We did some of the 24 form but focussed more on a new qigong routine our teacher had recently learned, so that was fun. It was innovating without being too strenuous.

As always, I feel good after Tai Chi, and I am glad that I went.

8.14PM – WORK

When I get home, I get a call from my Dad telling me that it’s Grandad’s birthday, so we’re going down to see him on Sunday morning. He also wants me to be there on Friday morning at the house to be in when the guy comes to fit their blinds.

After that, I get back to my computer to get some work done.

Earlier this morning, a client sent me an order for three articles to write and one to edit. I’ve decided that I’m going to do the editing one now so that it is out of my way.

It turned out that didn’t take very long at all, so I’m done and good to go.


I already had a few notes jotted down on my phone, so I load them into Medium and work on the article. It’s about how much weight I gained when I quit smoking.

I get quite a bit done, and basically just need a few “everything turned out OK and here’s what I learned” paragraphs at the end.

I can finish those tomorrow.

I’m getting hungry, but I’m also determined to finish off scheduling these tweets before I make food and settle in for the evening.

I drink my third pint glass of water for the evening whilst doing this.


I drink my fourth pint glass of water for the evening whilst getting the very last of the social media posts done, adding my own self-promotional stuff along with more links from third party sites.

I finally, after two days, get all that done. Twitter posts scheduled from now until early February.

I will of course, be adding to this in the future when there’s important tech news, and when I build specific campaigns and start writing blog content for HCL, but for now I’m done with Twitter, and feel much better for it.


I am hungry now, so it’s the perfect time to make dinner and crash out for the evening.

I get my usual veggie curry and sweet potato, followed by a small bowl of porridge, then I crash in front of the sofa until 12.30AM, when I begin to fall asleep.


I felt that today went well. I don’t think I imagined that just scheduling Twitter posts for HCL would take me two days, but it’s over and done with now, and so I can move onto other things, all of which ultimately work towards achieving my long-term goals.

I feel like I made good progress today, and I have got two days left to make even more, so let’s get to it.

Tomorrow is another day.



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