Day 82

Clearly this is going to be a tired day. After going to sleep at 1.37AM, I have an uncomfortable night’s rest and end up awake at 5.55AM. 

I get up, get my tea, omelette, and hot water bottle from the kitchen, then sit down to make a daily TDL list and update my gratitude journal whilst eating breakfast.

I quickly browse over a couple of websites, and then get down to getting stuff done.


I’m going with the abundance meditation again, because I felt calmer after doing it yesterday, and things did seem to go better yesterday than I expected they might.

I feel good after that today. Positive and uplifted and yet calm and at peace.


I’m putting finishing my 10 monthly portfolio blogs as my top priority today. I only have two more to do. My plan is to drink my second cup of tea to wake up whilst getting one planned, then do my back exercises and get ready, and then finish them off.

Here goes.

I actually complete one blog and get set up for a second one, so I’m half way towards completing that goal today, but I’m also mindful that my back is hurting, so now is a good time to go and get some exercise done.


I’ve run out of my 20mg anti-depressants so I’ve moved onto the 10mg ones that I have left over until I can order a new prescription. I take that, then focus on knee-rolls, leg stretches and lifts and bridges.

I also do one of the core stability exercises that I learned last Friday, that proves challenging and is something I’m really going to have to work on. I wind down with some Tai Chi exercises, and then brush teeth, shave, shower, and get dressed.


One more to go, and then I’ve completed a weekly, monthly, and quarterly goal.

That second post takes me an hour, and the two posts combined give me 1,236 words to add to my total. Plus that’s a goal done. I’m pleased with that.

I add the words to my daily tracker and cross the goals off my list.


It’s been raining almost constantly for two straight days, so I’m taking advantage of this brief moment where it is dry (though still unpleasant) to head down to my parents and use their washing machine.

I take them down and put them on a two hour wash, setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to go and pick my washing on to dry later.

Whilst I’m there, I also weigh myself.

I clock in at 13.12 1/4 stone, which is more positive than I’ve previously been, but still work needs to be done. I want to drop 5lbs by the end of June, so I’m going to have to focus hard.


On getting back, I check my email to see that my client who I thought I was done with for the month has sent more work to do, just fact checking. It’s like they know when I’m planning to take a day off and purposefully get in the way.

I’ll do that later, but for now, I am going to grab my first pint glass of water for the day and wash the dishes.

I get that done, but also sweep the floor (seriously, how is it always a mess?) and wipe the kitchen counters down so that my kitchen is once again spotless.

Then, it’s time to get this work task out of the way.

11.16AM – WORK

Soundtrack for this task is this stoner rock playlist I found on Youtube:

That was a relatively easy, 30 minute job that actually helped me to improve my work, even though I’m hungry and tired. The next plan then is an early lunch.


I get my second pint glass of water for the day and make chicken with green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and a few diced carrots.

Whilst I’m doing that, I also put the dishes away.


I eat lunch whilst getting set up for the next task that I want to achieve today, which is building a social media campaign for Home Computer Lessons. That will take place this afternoon but first I need a nap because I can feel the fog in my head and my legs are tired.

12.22PM – NAP

I sleep long and hard for two and a half hours, but wake up feeling a lot more fully refreshed for it. That was just what I needed.

3.01PM – WORK

Just when I think I’m done with work (again), the same client comes up with another small task to keep me away from what I wanted to be doing. This time it’s changing the headings on something even though they’re perfect.

I make tea and decide that I’ll get this out of the way before going to pick my washing up.

As I log in to do that, a colleague of that client sends me something they want proofreading too.


I get that out of the way and now hopefully I’m free to do as I like, which for now means heading out to pick my laundry up.


Straight forward, I go down there, pick up the washing, bring it home and put most of it out to dry on the radiators.


One of my goals for this month is to plan a full social media marketing campaign on both Twitter and Facebook for my new Home Computer Lessons business.


I’ve decided that Facebook will be targeting beginner users and Twitter more advanced. I am going to start with building up around Twitter because that is typically easier to do.

My soundtrack for this work will be the same stoner rock playlist I was listening to earlier.

I actually get quite a bit done here. I schedule lots of tweets, linking to third party news pieces to showcase that I keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the tech world, and also to provide value to those I engage with.

Some of these cross over into Facebook too, which I schedule. Tomorrow, I will finish building up these tweets, and also incorporate the occasional self-promotional tweet. Hopefully I can get all the Twitter stuff done by the end of tomorrow.


As usual, it’s veggie curry and sweet potato, with my third glass of water of the evening.

I sit down to eat, and to relax by watching TV for a while, then heading to the shop across the street to buy a pint of milk.


I’ve got about an hour before I need to log in and get set for a DJ thing, so I’m going to use that time to work on building up my Twitter campaigns by buffering promotion tweets with more third party stuff.

That went quite well, and I got most of what I needed to get finished, finished. Tomorrow I’ll be able to focus on adding quality promotional tweets in a way that continues to add value for my clients, but for now, I’m happy with the progress made.

9.09PM – DJ SET

Things were quiet tonight, but enjoyable all the same, and I’m glad I just got to hang out and play some tunes for a while.

I log off at 12.45AM and crash out to sleep.


Despite the few grumbles of having clients interrupt my day, I enjoyed what came my way today and am proud of the work I put in. There remains a lot of work to be done, but this was good progress, and I’m happy with where I’m at today.

I can build on this tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.



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