Day 81

I fell asleep around midnight last night and slept reasonably well all night before waking up at 8.03AM. 

I immediately made tea, omelette, and a hot water bottle, and took my anti-depressant, then sat down make a daily TDL and eat breakfast whilst scouring over a few websites.

Physically, I do not feel awake yet, but I feel mentally pumped and ready to start my day.


I don’t really write much of a gratitude entry today, more of a positive affirmation that the universe always provides for me, that what I focus on, I get more of, so today is about focussing on prosperity and success and happiness. I am successful, I have more than enough of everything today and I am very excited about my life right now.

I then burn some sandalwood incense and do this five minute abundance meditation.

I’m very distracted this morning, but I will say that I do feel calmer after doing that meditation this morning.


I do 20 minutes of exercise this morning which includes three reps with the kettle bell, knee-rolls, leg stretches and leg-lifts, back bridges, Tai Chi warm-up and one go of the Beijing 10 Step.

After that, I brush teeth, shower, shave, and get dressed.


I have to get these construction articles done and delivered today. I tell myself that it is going to be easy. I can do this. I’ve spent enough time on this project now that I know it inside out and know that it can’t be difficult.

My first task is to proof read most of the articles that I’ve already done and send those other with the promise that I’ll be sending the rest shortly.

I pick this playlist at random from Youtube to be my soundtrack for work today:

I get all five articles that I’ve written proofed and delivered, and finish drafting the penultimate article.

I make tea, and return to find a wonderful email in which my client gives me an even better deal on payment arrangement than I first thought. This is amazing. I’m going to play it cool for half an hour before replying.

Told you the universe always provides for me 🙂

I type that article up and by this time it is 11.06AM with one more article to go. I take a small break to deal with the invoice and get myself paid.

That takes me to 11.19AM with one article left to go.

Now it’s time to make tea and get this thing done.

I get towards the end of my final article, but now the client I was working on to get paid has had one of their managers question my invoice, so now I’ve got to deal with that. The knot in my stomach has returned.


It is 12.43PM and I am almost there. I will be done with this by 2pm.

It’s 1.10PM and I did it. All I need to do now is proof the final two documents and send them over with an invoice, but first, lunch.

1.10PM – LUNCH

Today I do chicken with green beans, peas, broccoli, and a few diced carrots. I get my first pint glass of water of the day, and I also get the dishe done and the kitchen floor swept.


I then sit down to eat whilst proofing the last two articles.

I get that done, create an invoice, and send the whole thing on.

I stop the clock at 1.44PM with all the work successfully completed in 3 hours and 44 minutes. That completes my first weekly goal for this week and gets me several weekly TDL items crossed off.

I didn’t realise originally, but I had also included that project as one of my monthly goals, so that’s done too. Hoorah, Hoorah.

My whiteboard chart now looks like this:

2017-06-05 13.47.46


I feel a little hot and grotty this afternoon, so I go to take another quick shower before tackling the last quick work task of the day.

I feel much better after that shower, refreshed and calm.


I get back to my desk to do one last quick job and get a message from the client I’ve been having trouble with re: payment that actually works in my benefit and gets me paid more and quicker. Happy days. Hopefully this works out.

I now just have one last task to do, which is changing the title on one article to something more suitable for a PR / journalism website.

I do that, and and also quickly change the introduction, which takes me all of five minutes.

The only one thing remaining on my daily TDL now is to write a blog, so I’m going to take a quick, head-fog-clearing nap before I get on with that.

2.38PM – NAP

I drop quickly into a deep, comfortable doze that helps me to shake the fog, and I stay there for over an hour. I could have easily slept for much longer, but I don’t want to waste any more of my day.


I get up, get tea, and catch up on Twitter whilst giving myself time to wake up again, then its onto the last task that I need to complete for today.


I get two posts written up for a total of 1,320 words. Which is decent going. I can finish the rest off tomorrow.

Whilst I’m doing that, Sam messages me to ask if I can cover an online DJ set at the place we met. I say sure, but first I need to eat, so there’s my evening planned.

I also start my second pint glass of water of the day during this time.

I’m also really hungry, so dinner is my next task.


I make my usual veggie curry and sweet potato then sit down to eat that whilst watching TV.

During a commercial break, I also get up and put another invoice together for the client I’ve been trying to get paid by.


All of that takes up the rest of my night, but I do manage to also plan the set I’m going to do tomorrow, so that takes some of the pressure off what I have to do on Tuesday.

I finish at midnight, hang out for an hour, and then head to bed. It is 1.37AM when I finally shut down and drift off.


Today turned out better than expected, with me not only getting the necessary work finished, but also managing to sort out some financial stuff and feel pretty positive in the process.

I’m not out of the woods yet but I have a great feeling about the way things are going.

I now have no scheduled work until next Monday, but I can use this time to complete projects, build on my marketing, and secure new contracts.

I can’t wait to get started. Here’s to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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