Day 80

It is weird to think that I’ve kept this up for 80 days, I don’t remember ever keeping a journal of any kind up for this long. 

It’s also weird how early I woke up this morning. It was only 5.30AM when I started rousing from my slumber,  and around 5.50AM when I woke up properly having a text chat with Sam about the terrible attacks which took place in London last night.

I make breakfast, an omelette, and a hot water bottle, then sit down to finish watching the TV series I’ve been watching (Brooklyn 99) because my Netflix finally expires after today, and I’m determined not to renew it.

So I finished that, then wasted far too much time online doing nothing. It is 8.42AM by the time I get going.

There’s a part of me that is ashamed by this, but I have to remember that it is Sunday morning and most people are probably taking it easy right now.

I make another cup of tea and a daily TDL, and get started.


I write in my gratitude journal about having the opportunity to rest yesterday. It’s been a busy time and I’ve a feeling the next few days are going to be stressful, so I’m grateful to have the chance to rest up, recover from the week that was, and recharge ready for the week that will be.


Today will be mostly dedicated to work, but I don’t expect that I’m going to get loads done in the next hour. This is mainly so that I can get started on things and get my head in the right place.

Also, great news.

I randomly tried my headset and it appears to be working again completly by chance, so that’s awesome.

That means that I can listen to this awesome mix on Youtube whilst I get set up for work for the day.

I get my head on with what I need to write today and make a start, but stop before I get too far into it because there are other things I need to do first.


I focus purely on back and leg stretches for 20 minutes, doing knee-rolls and dedicating six minutes do doing one of the exercises that the guy gave us at Core Stability Class on Friday.

That one hurt like hell after a while but I’m confident that it is going to be helpful.

After that, I washed, brushed teeth, and got ready to head out.


I promised I’d take something down, so I might as well get that over with now then I can dedicate the rest of the day to getting these articles done.

I head down there, once again they need me to housesit because they have a work guy coming during the week. It’s supposed to be Friday, but I’m not missing my exercise class on Friday afternoon, so we’ll see what happens there.


I’m really tired after waking up so early and have the foggy head, but I soldier on, distracted as I am, for over an hour, and have completed the first one and a half articles by 11.44AM.

That gives me two and a half articles to go.

12.03PM – NAP

I’m really tired and struggling, but I know I’m making good progress, so I decide that I’m going to take a nap, clear the fog, and get right back to it.

I slept long and hard, but assume that this must be just what my body needed, because when I wake up, I feel back at full strength. The fog has gone, and I’m ready to go.


I get up, make tea, and then spend the first twenty minutes of this work time rebooting my computer, downloading Google Drive to my iPhone and finding a charger for that iPhone that works because the one I’m using wasn’t working.

In the end, I have to admit that I’m just procrastinating because I don’t want to get these construction articles done, but come on, I’ve only got three more to go. This can and will be done.

Stop being such a wimp and get on with it.

3.41PM – LUNCH

I’m starting to get hungry, so it’s time to break and cook up some chicken and vegetables before cracking on.

I make green beans, peas, and kale with a few spinach leaves and also get my first glass of water for the day, then I get right back to work, eating as I go along.


As part of this majorly slow process, I get the majority of the penultimate article drafted with pen and paper, but I’m still tired and also hot, sweaty and groggy, so I break for a shower before having one final push at it.


Somehow that took me a whole forty minutes, but I think subconciously I was procrastinating so that I didn’t have to go back to working on those terrible articles today.

I only have one and a half left to do, but the mind-numbing tedium of it is killing me, and I need to reserve my energy because I somehow need to write these articles as if I am hugely passionate about the subject, so short, sharp bursts are definitely the way forward.

Anyway, I have a nice, long, hot shower, wash my hair, shave fully and moisturize, then get dressed and pack my bag.

I also get my second pint glass of water during this time.

My plan is to set off for the 12 step meeting early and clock a few miles on my bike.

My weekly cycling target is only 14 miles, which is not very much at all. I can take the bulk out of that target today, so I might as well do that.

I update this journal, finish getting ready, then head out.


Because of some problem getting Map My Ride to work on my phone, it’s more like 17 minutes past by the time I actually hit the road. I cycle up to Leigh canal bridge and then get on the canal and cycle down through Pennington Flash towards Lowton Boating Club and onwards towards the meeting.

I enjoy the meeting, quiet as it was today, although I do sadly come away feeling resentful towards certain people for the way they treat others.

Afterwards, I help tidy up and then cycle straight home, making for a total of 8.66 miles today. Apparently I only have 5.34 miles left to reach my target this week, and that’s done within one trip to town and back.

After I get back, I change into comfier clothes, sit down to update this journal and my daily goal tracker, and listen to this album that I found on Youtube.


I’m giving myself until 10PM to get as much done on my next blog as possible. It doesn’t have to be finished, I just have to commit to working on it.

Here goes.

I get three hundred words done of a new post, but because I’m looking up Youtube videos to include the post I get terribly distracted, first by watching an awful performance by System of a Down performing at Rock Am Ring, and then I discover a much better set by Prophets of Rage at the same festival.

I’m mesmerised by that, mainly because I love Rage Against the Machine, and there’s a part where Serj from SOAD joins them in paying tribute to Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell with a wonderful rendition of Like A Stone.

By 10.30PM, I’m starting to get hungry again, and know that it’s time to start thinking about winding down so that I can get up early in the morning and get those two construction articles finished.


Yes, I’m skipping right to the porridge tonight because I was starving at the meeting earlier so ran out to the store across the way and bought a single-sized quiche which quickly devoured and felt better for.


There was good and bad about today.

On the down side, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get more accomplished. On the positive side, I made progress. I worked even though I didn’t feel like it, I stuck at it with those articles and will get them finished tomorrow. I did over half of my weekly cycling target, and I even got my headset working again, which is wonderful.

I’ve not got 5 days to complete 10 weekly goals. This weekend gave me a headstart on that.

Here’s to kicking some ass this week.

Here’s to tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.


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