Day 78

After falling asleep around midnight, I first woke up around 6AM after a horrible dream that the knee I had surgery on a few years ago “broke” again whilst I was trying to lift weights. 

I wonder if there’s some sort of symbolism there about maybe me taking on too much, or an expression of worry about my stability, which makes sense this week.

I fell back asleep and woke up at 7AM, then after a few minutes of lying around and catching up on Twitter, I went into the kitchen to make omelette, tea, and a hot water bottle. I also took my anti-depressant and some painkillers.

I sot down to make a TDL for the day, which I haven’t done for the last several days simply because I lost the book that I normally use.

Then I waste the rest of the hour looking on the Internet and just trying to wake up.


I write in my gratitude journal about how I am simply blessed to have so much wealth and abundance in my life today, that everything is going to be fine because everything always is fine.

I can feel my body tense up as though trying to resist such an idea, but it is entirely true: Everything genuinely is going to be OK.


I’m purposefully leaving out back exercises and Tai Chi this week because I want to concentrate on getting as much done as I can, but I will definitely start picking them up after the “core stability class” that I have to do this afternoon at the physiotherapy department.

For now, I simply get cleaned up, showered, shaved, teeth brushed, and dressed ready to start my day,

8.36AM – WORK

At around 1PM, I will have to get ready and head out for this class at the physio department, but until then, my goal is to simply get as much done as I can on these construction articles that I’m having a hard time getting my head around.

After sorting out a quick computer problem, I finally get going. My plan is just to work solidly on finishing up introductions and article plans so that if nothing else the rest of the work should be pretty straight forward.

Here goes.

I end up spending the morning not doing introductions but writing two solid articles, which is probably better,  but I’m hungry this morning so I break early for lunch.


I make my usual chicken and vegetables, but end up over-steaming the veggies because my friend Steve calls and I end up on the phone to him for 15 – 20 minutes.

Before Steve calls, I also get most of the dishes done and grab my first pint glass of water of the day.


I start eating lunch whilst browsing over Twitter and looking at a few websites, but really, I’m most interested in just getting back to work, even if it will only be for 30 minutes.


I spend the next thirty minutes planning out two more articles, whcih means that for this construction project, all ten articles are now either:

  • Completed and delivered (3)
  • Completed not  delivered (2)
  • Planned and need completing (5).

Even with five articles left to write, I’m confident that I can finish this project over the weekend. For now though, I need to get ready to go to this ‘core stability’ class.

2017-06-04 08.34.08


I have another shower, get my bag packed up with my cycle lock, wallet, and deoderant, then grab my keys and phone and get out the door.


I was going to cycle the long way round to the hospital, but then it occurred to me that I might be able to deposit Jen’s check at the Post Office, so I take the short route and go there instead.

It turns out that I can put the cheque in there, so I do that, and then get to the hospital for 2.27PM.


The guy doing the class is about five minutes or so late, which is fine. There’s three of us in the class today, a guy and a woman.

The class is far more strenuous than I imagined it would be. The moves are relatively straight forward, but the length of time we do them really put a strain on my muscles.

I’m not complaining though. I actually really enjoyed that, and I am actually looking really forward to getting back to doing my own back exercises and incorporating some of the stuff I learned today into my routine.

After that, I cycle back in the rain and land home at 4PM.

Getting that done completes another weekly goal for me.


I get changed out of my wet clothes, grab my second pint glass of water for the day, then sit down to update this blog.

I’m actually getting really hungry, but I decide that I will give myself til 5pm to eat so that hopefully I can sustain myself til later on.


I get a new post planned out and halfway completed, so I decided to leave it there and get some much needed food. I can finish this later.


I fill up on sweet potato and veggie curry and then sat down to eat it whilst watching TV. I’m feeling so sleepy that I could just crash here and sleep, but instead I make sure I actually get up and get out there, getting changed quickly just before 7pm.


That was a chore getting myself out the door and to the meeting, but I got there and did it.

What impressed me the most though was that I nailed the few miles to the meeting in 13 minutes and just a few seconds.

The meeting itself was OK, but I wasn’t greatly interested in being there, but it was nice to catch up with a few friends before speeding home as quickly as possible.

I also drink a pint glass of water whilst I’m there, so that’s technically my third of the day.

As a final note, the total mileage there and back was 4.37 miles, which when added to the 6.34 miles I did earlier today, makes: 10.71 miles total.


I get home, grab my fourth pint glass of water for the day and waste time trying to log back into Spotify after it logs me out.

With that taken care of, I’m forcing myself to finish that blog I started this afternoon and also wrap up a bit of tidying up before I settle for the evening.


This was the shortest one of the week, but it got the job done at 484 words, and allows me to tick another goal off my weekly goal list.


This gets me my practicality goal done for the day (so that I’ve done health, wealth, passion, and practicality today), and also ensures I don’t have to waste much of my weekend tidying up.

By the time the 30 minute timer expires, I have wiped the kitchen counters, sweeped the floor, done the dishes, straightened up in the bedroom and bathroom and made a start on sweeping the living  room floor.


To me, that’s tidy, so I can relax, knowing I worked on all four of my goal areas today.

I make a bowl of porridge, crash in front of the TV, and call it a day.


The most pressing thing is why I’m starting to get hungry a lot more than I did last week, even though I’ve stuck to the same diet for two weeks now. I may have to go back and look at some of my journal entries from last week to check what I was doing differently.

I admit, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t achieve all ten of my weekly goals this week, I really, genuinely thought I’d do it. Next week, next week is the time when I nail it. I am determined. First though, I rest.

Tomorrow is another day.


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