Day 76

After falling asleep some time after 1.30AM, I woke up at 8.54AM this morning and just lay there for a few minutes. At first, it was a beautiful feeling, just waking up with nothing in my head but calmness. 

Then as I got up and set about making my omelette, tea, and hot water bottle, it started to hit me; the panic of realising how much there is still left to do without the filter that makes me realise that I don’t have to do it all right now this morning.

I’m also in a lot of pain with my back. I think that has something to do with the bike ride last night, but I could be wrong. I take three painkillers and sit down to eat breakfast whilst updating my daily tracker spreadsheet with info from the past two days.

I also spend time updating last night onto this journal because it was all in note form and I needed to write it up.

It ends up being 10am by the time I get on to getting my day started properly.


My headset is still broken, but I’m going to deal with that next week, and for now just get on with updating my gratitude journal.

I write about how blessed I am to have 12 step meetings and how sad I am that the meeting I first got sober at closed down yesterday.


I just take a few minutes to quickly grab a shower and brush teeth. I know I’m skipping back exercises this week, but this is temporary whilst I get myself back on track.

10.22PM – WORK

I have to go see Karen later, which I regret saying I would do, but which will at least be an experience. So I have limited time, and I’m being realistic. If I can get this lengthy article done, typed up, and sent over today, I will be happy. If I can also get my inbox cleared out and find the missing details for the Pro Install job, I will be even happier.

Here goes.

Clock started at 10.26AM.

After distracting myself quite a bit, I finish the pen and paper draft at 11.39AM. It is 11 1/2 sides of A4. Ouch.

Next task is to type it up.

I stop the clock at 12.58PM having done 2 hours and 28 minutes work this morning on an article which turned out to be 1,758 words long. That’s 500 words more than what I was asked for, but I’m sure the client won’t mind.

I will proof and send later, but for now I need to make a move and get in the shower before cycling up to see Karen.


I take a quick shower, shave, and brush my teeth again, then get dressed and get my stuff together.


I take the short and easy way because that’s all I need today, cycling a few miles before stopping at Asda because I am starving and buying an egg and cress sandwich which I devour on the spot. Then I cycle to Karen’s and arrive at bang on 2pm.

Everything goes smoothly and I get her set up on Facebook and get things moving for her with promoting her business online. I actually feel like I was helpful today and did good work.

The picture here is of karen’s dogs, which is appropriate because it’s her dog grooming business that I’m there to see her about.

2017-05-31 14.22.35

And it was work. Even though Karen is a friend, and at one time a little bit more, it was still a business relationship we had today, so I’m counting it as work time.

After that, I cycled to the supermarket and bought:

  • 1 bag of porridge
  • 2 x tins of tomatoes
  • 2 x tins of kidney beans.

I still have some left over fresh coriander, garlic, and ginger, so I want to get those used up and make another kidney bean curry.

After that, I cycle home and land at 5.20PM.

Seeing Karen today clocked another weekly goal off my list, plus the bike ride added 6.66 miles to my total. I know, right?


Once I arrive home, I need 20 minutes just to put the shopping away, grab my first pint glass of water of the day, and get settled before finishing off some work.


I get that done quite quickly, making for a total of 4 hours and 50 minutes work today. It is 5.58PM when I’m done. One hour until Tai Chi. That gives me just enough time to start prepping my vegetable curry before I head off to class.


I get all the ingredients chopped up (including some extra spinach, kale, and a red pepper), and cooked, but I don’t have time to eat, which is disappointing because I’m getting even hungrier.

So I quickly make a bowl of porridge which will keep me going til later.

Whilst I’m cooking, I drink my second glass of water of the day.


Class starts n 15 minutes, so I quickly go to change and smarten up.


I head out for class, which today is good fun. Our teacher is away training so one of the students who has been taking the class for years leads us. It’s more lighthearted and fun, but I still learn, and I still come away feeling positive about things.


I get home, get my computers fired up, and get my headphones on, then commit to writing until at least 9.30PM.

I get into what I’m doing and actually go over, writing all the way through til 10pm, getting one blog finished (929 words) and another one half way done. I’m making progress, but I’m starting to get tired and I don’t want to stay up too late tonight, so I wrap up this journal, and then decide that I’m going to make dinner and call it a night.


Fortunately, because I did most of the work earlier this evening, including slicing a sweet potato, I just need to steam that, box up most of the curry for later in the week, and cook the rest of it to eat tonight.

I grab my third pint glass of water of the day whilst I’m cooking.


This is all she wrote. I sit down, watch three episodes of a TV show whilst eating dinner, then eventually fall asleep.


I’m glad I was able to help Karen today. There will be more work to do, but I’m glad I got to do this and to turn in another job at the same time. I’m still in a panic about getting everything done, even though it doesn’t really matter if I do or not, everything will come right, and what does matter is that I am taking care of priorities.

For now, my goal is to get work finished and get paid so that I can pay my rent next week.

I can work hard on this tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.


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