Day 75

I think I fell asleep sometime after midnight last night, woke up at 6am and then drifted back off for two hours until 8.14AM.

The first thing I did was text Ruth wishing her luck with her operation today, then I went into the kitchen to make tea, omelette and hot water bottle.

From there, I wasted a good hour of my life just looking at the Internet. This is why I should start reading books in the morning again.


I can’t do meditation at the minute because there is a problem with the headset that I use, but if I don’t get that fixed, I will find another solution when I have a bit more time.

Instead, I write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am just to have a little bit of discipline today, how I am aware that there is a little demon in me trying to lure me away from what is good for me and towards what is harmful, but that I am grateful because, just for today, I don’t have to listen to that voice.

Before I get up to do the next thing,  I take my anti-depressant. Not feeling the dizziness today, which is good.


I’m aware that I haven’t done my back stretches or taken a shower yet, but I will do those before work. The guy from British Gas is supposed to be coming to install a smart meter this afternoon and I do not feel as though my flat is tidy enough, so I am going to go and brush my teeth (no need to be disgusting), and then dedicate two hours, and two hours only, to getting everywhere straight and tidy.

During this time, I will also attempt once again to do a system restore on my laptop in an effort to get my headset working.

Here goes. Timer started at 9.49AM.

The good news, is that in those two hours I got my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and hallway looking flawless, and even drank my first pint glass of water of the day. The bad news, is that I’ve now wasted half a day that I could be working, because I had to rearrange the appointment.

My electricity meter is downstairs in the hairdressers, and they are not open today, soI had to call and cancel, and now they aren’t coming until early August. But hey, on the bright side, at least now my flat is looking good and all I have to do is tidy my living room, once I reach the end of the week with my flat still tidy I will cross off all the weekly TDL tasks that tidying up allows me to do,

12.03AM – WORK

My plan today is to write one 1,200 word article for a client and then do some research on a conversation I had with that client about payment arrangements. This will involve cleaning out my inbox and I’m actually excited to do it because that inbox is overly cluttered and I will enjoy opening an empty inbox instead of the wealth of old chaos that normally awaits me.


I stop the clock at 5.04PM because I’m just getting too distracted by wanting to go out, and also too hot and sweaty.

I’ve clocked two hours and 28 minutes of work today, which is terrible. It’s mostly been researching and writing my article on paper, just getting as much down as I can so that tomorrow morning I can type up, tweak and perfect it. Then I’ll have completed another weekly goal.


Today my plan is to cycle 5.4 miles to the AA meeting I first went to after I relapsed in my first year of sobriety, the one meeting where I “got sober.”

It is sadly closing down, so I want to go and attend the meeting, and see everybody, one last time. It seems important to me to do so, to go and bid farewell to a 12 step meeting and the people who go there who have always held a special place in my heart.

2017-05-30 19.55.20


Cycling to the meeting is a pain. It’s mostly uphill and unpleasant, especially with the wind, but I just keep telling myself that it will be worth it. At least when I complete my 1,000 mile challenge at the end of the year I will know that I have earned it.

The meeting itself is wonderful and it’s good to see so many people, especially old friends.

There’s a celebration because it’s the last meeting, and lots of cake. I wasn’t going to have any, but my friend Lindsey convinced me to try some of the cake she made, so I had two pieces, and then also ate a handful of party snacks.

Clearly today is not the day when I am going to lose the most weight, despite being out on the bike for what ends up to be 12.75 miles, basically putting me right up there with completing my cycling goal for the week.


I’m not really hungry when I get back, but I want to stop myself from being hungry later, so I make my usual sweet potato and veggie curry, then sit down to eat it whilst getting ready to do the online DJ set that I do once a week.


I enjoyed doing this week’s DJ set, even if it was a little bit thrown together at the last minute. In doing so, I make a new friend in Grainne, and actually find myself looking forward to talking to her again.

When that’s all done, I clock off at 12.05PM but find that already I’m hungry again, so I make two chicken breasts and a tiny stack of fries. Yes, today was a bad day for my diet.

I probably fall asleep some time after 1.30AM.


Diet and sleep wise, that was bad, but I’m glad I got done what I managed to get done. This article that I’m working is going to be great by the time I’m finished with it, and adding 12 miles to my weekly miles total is never a bad thing.

There’s plenty more to do, so let’s get to it.

Tomorrow is another day.


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