Day 74

It was around 1am when I finally fell asleep, and then I was up at 6am this morning, but didn’t really clamber out of bed until 6.30AM, when I immediately went to the kitchen to make tea, hot water bottle, and spinach omelette for breakfast. 

After that, I spend about 20 minutes trying, and failing, to get my USB headset to work.

I also woke up in a panic this morning thinking that British Gas were coming to install smart meters on my home, but then I realised I’ve had dates wrong for weeks, and that they’re actually coming tomorrow, which makes more sense given that this is a bank holiday.

Feeling a lot more rational, I sit down to start my day properly.


I write in my gratitude journal again about how grateful I am to have the freedom of being single again. Yes it sucks, but my time is now mine, and I have a renewed sense of vigor to make the best of it.

I skip meditation this morning because I am trying to do a system restore on my computer to get my headset working, this ultimately proves fruitless.

7.35AM – TIDY UP

I still have a hot drink of tea so I decide that I will do back exercises after they and for just give myself til 8AM to get straight around here.


I get a basic routine done today, but I get distracted by trying to fix my computer, and admittedly don’t give the task of exercising the full attention it deserves. I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be one of those days when I fixate on some small problem with my computer and how to fix it.

After that, I take a shower, shave, brush teeth, and get dressed.


My first task of the day is to take my parents printer cables back. It is something that I need to do today, so I might as well get it done and out of the way early.


I’ve got a few texts I need to send this morning. One to Karen arranging a date to get together, one to my friend Alison who text me earlier, and one to my friend from Church (where I haven’t been forever) Dot.

I do that, get even more distracted for a while, and then finally get on with work.

9.29AM – WORK

My plan is that before I go to bed tonight, I want to write at least four articles, so here goes.

I get one and a half articles done, then I think everybody else is waking up from their Bank Holiday Monday lie in. Jen asks if I have time to meet up today. I don’t, but I say yes because at least it will get it out of the way for this week. So I’m meeting her at 3pm today.

Then Karen calls and I agree to meet her at 2pm on Wednesday. I have to stop saying yes to things, but I’m sure I will in some way benefit from all of this in the long run.

12.21PM – LUNCH

I make my usual chicken strips with green beans, and also add in a bit of kale, spinach, a few small, diced carrots, and some bits of broccoli and cauliflower.

I also get my first pint glass of water of the day.


I eat that whilst getting round to watching a Youtube video I’ve been meaning to watch for days:

I only watch it for a few minutes because I don’t like it. The woman keeps interrupting the guy, and it doesn’t make for good listening.

Instead, I read a quick article about resistance, but I don’t feel as though it’s getting to the nub of what I’ve been experiencing.


I’ve got two more articles to write. Hopefully I can get at least one done before Jen gets here, and another when I get back (after a nap, probably).

I get the third one done in an hour, and could have done that even quicker if I didn’t get completely distracted looking up totally irrelevant things on Google.

I found myself listening to an album from Melissa Auf Der Maur released in 2004.

That made me look her up on the net, and then reading about how Hole got started and other things which have nothing to do with home automation technology (the topic I’m working on today).

Anyway, I’m just glad I got the article done. Before I do the next one, I decide I should take a quick break and get ready for when Jen turns up at 3pm.


I get dressed, have a shave, get my shoes and my jacket on, then sit back down with my second pint glass of water to carry on working.


If I can plan out this article properly before Jen arrives, I’ll be happy. Here goes.

I get the plan done and most of the introduction, so that when I get back, all I have to do is write a few lines about each of the products I’m featuring in my last article, then I’m done with work.


Jen is sometimes earlier than expected, so I pause my job just in case she gets here and I don’t hear her because of having headphones on.

Whilst I’m waiting for her, I turn the computer off and go to put laundry away.


After not really wanting to go, I’m glad I went.

2017-05-29 16.48.46

We walked through Pennington Flash and then stopped for about half an hour to do a meditation called “The Mountain” something like this one: 

She also gives me a cheque for the work I’ve been doing, which I feel bad about because we haven’t done much this month, but I’m grateful for it, and I do know that I will at least do the work.


I’m hungry when I get back home, so I make sweet potato and vegetable curry, then sit down to eat whilst watching TV for an hour.

After that, I’m ready to get back to work, but end up getting a text from my friend Ruth who is going into surgery tomorrow.

That reminds me of a picture I meant to send her, so I end up getting my camera out, finding the pic, transferring it to my phone and then sending it to her.

Then I get the computer up and running again to work, but it craps out on me (seriously, this laptop is on its last legs) so it ends up being a whole tow hours before I finallys it down again to finish that one last article that I’ve got to write.

I drank my third pint glass of water whilst doing all this.


I was so distracted that a simple article took me almost 90 minutes, and I only stop the timer at 8.57PM. Then I’ve got a quick social media post that I also need to proof.

By the time I’m done though, my article title list is starting to look good, and I only have 8 left to write. That’s precisely half of what I started with.

Doing that means I’ve clocked 4 hours and 47 minutes work today, which is too much for how little I got done, but at least I got done most of what I wanted to do today. Now I have to just do the dishes, go to the shop for more tea, and then write a blog, tidy up, and call it a day. Not going to get all that done, am i?


I quickly get the dishes washed, take the recycling out, then head to the shop to buy team. Simple, straight forward stuff.

I also take my medication that I’ve missed for a couple of days. I’ve been suffering that weird dizziness you get when you don’t take citalopram for a while. It’s odd, and I hope this tablet will make it go away,


I have to get something done, even if it’s only a start.

A start is indeed all I get done. I start writing a music post, but I start getting both tired and hungry, and I know when it’s time to call it a night.

I close the computer down and go to spend half an hour tidying up. I will finish the rest of today’s journal on my phone and post it here in the morning (basically what I always do after I’m done on the computer for the day).

10.17PM – TIDY UP

I grab my fourth pint glass of water and set a timer for 30 minutes which dictates how long I can spend tidying up. Then I use that time to finish clearing my bedroom out, before making a bowl of porridge and settling down for the evening.


That’s all she wrote for me. I’m out for the count and fall asleep watching TV, but I think tomorrow night I’m actually going to try sleeping in bed again. My back never thanks fme for it, but I might actually get a better night’s rest.


Over all, positive experiences. I’m getting done what needs to get done, even if it’s taking me longer than I would like. I’m making progress, and things are happening for me. This has been a good day, and all I have to do is build on this, stop allowing myself to get distracted, and move forward.

Tomorrow is another day.


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