Day 73

I feel terrible. I slept solidly right through the night, and didn’t wake up until 10.48AM, and that was only because Steve text me and it surprised me. I’ve got to stop this.

I’ve got to get back on an early schedule and get things done if I am to have any chance of success. But, here’s the thing, what’s done is done now and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I run over the road to buy something to drink, then sit down, and decide there’s just nothing else for it, I’m going to have to dive straight in and get started.

11.11AM – WORK

First things first, I was sent some social media posts to revise that I was going to do last night after dinner, but obviously that never happened, so I need to get my act together and get this stuff done.

Here goes.

I’m a Deftones mood this weekend, so White Pony is my soundtrack.

That took me about an hour, then it’s time to move directly onto the next thing, writing seven articles about sports betting. Fun. Not. But typically not that challenging.

Before I do that however, I get a new article chart together, which gives me 16 articles to write as soon as possible.

2017-05-28 12.59.20



I eat lunch whilst reading this insightful piece by Sonya Derian on Tiny Buddha, about letting go of resistance, which is something I need to focus on this month.


I get right back to it with the last two articles one of which is about whether or not CM Punk will ever fight in the UFC again, which I actually really enjoyed writing.

At 4.28PM, I hit the stop button on my timer to see that I’ve done a total of 4 hours, 14 minutes today, completing four quick blog articles and some social media work in that time.

The fact that I’ve had to give up all my Sunday is my own fault for not waking up earlier and being prepared, but hey, I got my first weekly goal completed.


Now that I feel in much less of a panic about things, I can go and take a shower and get myself feeling human again.

I do a full shower, shave, teeth routine and feel infinitely better for it. I feel like somehow this day was perfectly salvaged.


I write just one blog post for my regular portfolio blog, which clocks in at 859 words. It’s a basic recap of the work I did over the last month. I’m glad I wrote this one, it starts getting me back on track with things.

After that, it’s time to get ready and go.


I want to try and do a few miles before I go to the meeting. I’m already dressed, I just need to finish getting ready and go. So I get my stuff together and head out the door.


I’m a bit frustrated that I left it so late, but that’s my own fault. I still manage to get about 4 miles done before I get to the meeting, which is fun and enjoyable and everything I could hope it would be.

It’s good to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for a while. I feel in an upbeat, positive mood after that.


I get home to Sam saying we need to talk. That’s the end of that. I thought we were broken up when she was being weird last week, so I guess this past week has just been delaying the inevitable.

I am sad that our relationship ended, but I do love Sam, and wish her nothing but the best. Because I love her, I want her to be happy, and if I am getting in the way of that happiness, then I have to get out of the way and move.


I drink my second pint glass of water whilst making another vegetable curry, this one with some kale, spinach and green pepper.

Whilst that’s cooking, I also steam some sweet potato and do the dishes.

I make enough veggie curry to last me four days, so I put that into containers then sit down to eat dinner.


I watch a bit of TV whilst eating dinner and drinking my third glass of water for the day.

11.23PM – TIDY UP

I’m not quite tired enough to want to settle just yet, so I spend some time just tidying up and sorting things up before lying down to watch TV and fall asleep bang on the stroke of midnight.

It’s during this period that I also make a new daily tracker spreadsheet for June, where i track hours worked, words written, money made, and miles cycled.


Naturally I’m upset about breaking up with Sam, and getting up way later than I planned was an obvious disaster, but I also have to focus equally on what went well today, and there was much to be happy about:

  • Getting Albert’s work all done
  • Getting a blog post done
  • Clocking a few miles and cycling.

I can build on these things that I’m happy about and have a better tomorrow. Tomorrow is, of course, another day.


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