Day 70

 After falling asleep around 1AM and having an uncomfortable night’s sleep at first, I eventually slept decently, and woke up at 8.24AM.

My first task, as always, is heading into the kitchen.

There, i make tea, an omelette, and a hot water bottle, then sit down to immediately write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am to keep moving forward after a disappointing day yesterday.

I also grab my first pint glass of water to slowly sip throughout the morning.

I will not let yesterday define me. Today is a brand new day, and I can be successful.

I catch up on tweets and the news whilst eating breakfast, then get on with my morning meditation.


Today, I choose this meditation video:

I’ve had some wonderful experiences with this meditation, but today wasn’t one of them. Instead I just sit there wholly distracted by my own thinking, dredging up things that apparently I haven’t yet let go of.

Still, I feel better for just taking a few minutes where I don’t have to do anything, and then next I head on to get some physical exercise.


I get the basics done today, which is always better than nothing, then shower and get changed into some comfy clothes.

It is warm in here today, so I have to open the windows, which means I’m thankful for these headphones I wear as they will block out the sound of the traffic.

10.07AM – WORK

As I sit down to work, a client sends me seven new articles to write, which is useful, but not something I am going to think about right now.

My plan right for the off today is to get three articles delivered to the construction client, then plan out four articles for a hotel in London that I write for.

Then if I have time later, I will work on the National Freelancers Day article I’ve been asked to promote on my blog.

Today, I carry on using this New Metal Tracks playlist that I was listening to last night, but if it gets too distracting, I will switch to something else.

Here goes.

I get one article done relatively easily, then send the terrible text I’ve been dreading sending to Ruth, just asking for an update on the money we agreed on for her website. I hate hate hate asking that, but I could do with the money.

Doing that least crosses another goal off my weekly goals list. 5 down, 5 to go.

With that, I get back to the pad and paper and writing the third article that I have to write today.

It apparently took me 2 hours and 49 minutes just to get those two articles done, and that was after planning one out yesterday.

Next week, when I complete them, the project will be a little easier because I’ll be in that flow and fully occupied with speaking as that brand.


Now seems like a good time to take a break and make lunch before working on planning out articles for the other brand.

I boil some kale, carrots, peas, and green beans for just a few minutes and mix them with some chicken, then I grab my second pint glass of water and then sit down to eat.

1.26PM – LUNCH

I take a proper break and eat lunch whilst browsing a few websites, then I move onto the next thing.


Dishes are all washed, so that’s one less thing for me to do later.


Plan now is to draft and plan the four remaining articles for the London hotel I write for every month. These are usually easily, bust still require some work.

I grab my third pint glass of water and get on with a productive afternoon.

After clocking up a total of 5 hours, 53 minutes work today, I stop the timer for the last time today at 5.22PM and feel pretty good about myself.

I got the majority of two articles written (they just need short introductions adding), and two more planned out enough that they shouldn’t take me long to write up properly tomorrow.

2017-05-25 17.44.39

As I start getting hungry, and a little sleepy, I clock off and go make dinner.


I add a little kale to my curry and also grab my fourth pint glass of water to sip whilst eating dinner. Whilst everything is cooking, I get my gear ready for a short cycle ride after dinner but before the meeting.

2017-05-25 17.46.02


I sit down to watch an episode of I Am Alan Partridge whilst eating my dinner, then get ready for the meeting.


It’s sweltering hot today, so I take a quick shower to cool down and freshen up, then get myself together to grab a few extra miles on my bike.


It’s a beautiful, sunny and warm evening, so I get around Pennington Flasha nd hten up and down the canal for a while before heading to the meeting.

Sometimes I think it’s a bit too high concept – I need to keep my sobriety simple:

Don’t drink.

Don’t be a dick.

But regadless, I enjoy the meeting.

Afterwards, I cycle home via the canal and am tempted to do more miles, but I decide to get back and take it easy for a while.

Doing that gives me an extra 9.89 miles on to my target.


I get home sweaty and thirsty, so I get another quick shower, finish the pint glass of water from before and then settle down to watch more tv with a bowl of porridge.


I give myself the task of at least doing one more productive thing before bed, and that’s scheduling social media posts for my hobby blog. I’ve got a lot of these to do, but with some focussed time, it won’t actually take that long.

After that, I clock out at 48 minutes past midnight, drink some camomile tea, and go to bed.


I actually feel like today went well, that everything got done that I wanted to get done, and I stayed reasonably healthy. I’m making good progress. I’m optimistic about things, and I can’t wait to keep on keeping on and seeing what the next exiting thing is.

Tomorrow is another day.


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