Day 67

Fitting that yesterday was Day 66, one 6 away from The Number of The Beast. Last night I had a terrible nightmare that caused internal screams, fright. It was the kind of nightmare I hadn’t had for a very long time.

In the nightmare, I was with someone who I think was from a television crew, and they were trying to interview The Ultimate Warrior from wrestling (who has been dead for several years, by the way) and clear him for a murder that we knew he didn’t commit but was being accused of, but I was getting suspicious that it couldn’t be The Ultimate Warrior because his face paint was different, more like that of a clown’s.

Then it turned out that Warrior Evil Clown really had done the murders, was demented, and now wanted to kill me with a chainsaw.

It was messed up and frightening and woke me up with a start around 3AM after not getting much sleep anyway before that.

Over all, I blame a combination of my mind being in bits after breaking up with Sam, listening to that freaky video of Revolution #9 played backwards yesterday and having something unpleasant on the TV when I fell asleep.

I’m not going to let it bother me, but it did keep me up half the night and make for what was over all just an unpleasant night’s sleep.

After that, I ended up awake and not-so-ready to go at 8.32AM this morning.

I immediately headed into the kitchen and drank my first pint glass of water of the day whilst making my omelette, green tea, and a hot water bottle.

Then I sat down to eat breakfast whilst typing all of the above up and printing off more meetings lists.

After that, I make my daily TDL and get started with my day.


I write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am for the relationship that I had with Sam, how she was like a guardian angel sent to rescue me from a dark spot. She did what she had to do, but now has to move on.

I wish her nothing but the best and every happiness.

With that, I first get distracted for a few minutes, then take a few deep breaths and do this meditation again:


I do that, and feel beautifully calm and at peace, and ready to move on.


I do the full routine today, all the exercises my physio gave me, planks, knee rolls, leg lifts for my bad knee, and a few minutes of Tai Chi.

Then I take a shower, get dressed and take my anti-depressant for the day.

Whilst doing all that, I drink my second pint glass of water for the day.


I’ve got a bag of laundry that I need to do, so I take that down to my parents to use their washing machine, also with the intention to weigh myself on their scales because I’m convinced that I’ve actually gained weight this month, rather than lost it.

Here’s to finding out.

I don’t get to weigh myself because my brother’s girlfriend is home, so I instead just put the washing on, walk back, and make tea.

I set an alarm to remind me in two hours’ time to go pick the washing up.

When I get back, I make my second cup of tea for the day and check email. There’s an email from my client asking for an update on a project, which always gives me anxiety.

The best I can do is promise that it will be delivered ASAP, then I get to work.

10.28AM – WORK

My plan for this morning is to finish planning and drafting articles, then after I get back from town later and take a nap, I can work at filling in the blanks and actually get on with the task at hand.

Here’s to it.

My soundtrack for today is this 7+ hour Epic Gaming playlist on Spotify which I love.


I finish plans for one brand at 11.34AM, and then move immediately onto the next one.

The next hour sees me planning out just two more articles for the next brand, one of which required a lot of research.

At 12.51PM, I stop what I’m doing to go and collect my laundry, then I’ll make a decision about what to do next after that.


I head down there, gather my laundry and hang it out to dry, then take advantage of the house being empty to run upstairs and use the scales.

I’m 14.4 1/2 stone, which yes, is way too heavy.

I walk back to find that my heating is on and my house is sweltering. I do not feel good.

1.22PM – LUNCH

I make a bowl of chicken and vegetables (kale, carrots, green beans, peas) and drink my third pint glass of water as I’m doing so.

2017-05-22 13.37.56

I also get dressed ready to cycle into town. I must admit, I’m not really in the mood for doing so, but I need to visit the post office and make a cash deposit, so I get ready for that whilst food is cooking.


I eat whilst getting a bit more work done. Then I get myself together and head out.


I probably spend more time queuing at the post office than I do actually cycling there, but I get the money deposited, and cycle back, clocking up 5 miles. If I didn’t have so many other things to do today, I would have gone on and done more riding, but that wasn’t on my agenda today, so I consider this a bonus five miles that I would not have otherwise had.


I arrive home sweaty and sticky, so I grab my fourth pint glass of water for the day and update this journal before heading to take a quick shower.

I feel better after the shower, but also that comfortably warm tired. So I make a cup of chamomile tea, thinking that I’ll have a nap soon, which given what a terrible night’ sleep I had last night, seems well deserved.


I get a few more paragraphs done, then decide that now is a good time for a nap before working on through the early evening.

3.55PM – NAP

I took a nice, two hour snooze and woke up at 5.54PM feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work for at least another two hours.


I get two articles wrapped off and sent, two more planned out and ready to write tomorrow morning, then I grab my fifth pint glass of water of the day, and finish writing up a third article, which I then send over.

I stop my timer at 8.07PM. I would work more gladly but my brain is getting foggy and I’m not thinking at my best. Plus my back is hurting, so I need to take a break.

Before I do, I go to the article chart that I made on Saturday and readjust it. Now that I’ve done three articles, I’m down from 25 and only have 22 to go.

2017-05-22 20.10.35-1

I also need to mention here that Sam text me with a couple of pictures of her daughter’s pre-shool graduation. We back and forth as if nothing had happened and we were going to just carry on as normal. I can’t keep doing that.


I’ve still got the warm, comfortable, I-need-sleep thing going on, but that’s for later. For now, I’m going to chop up a sweet potato, bake it in the oven, and eat it with some vegetable curry.

Just for a change, I also mix in some extra kale into the curry, just because I have too much of it and I’m trying to use it up.

Whilst food is cooking, I light some calming incense, wash the dishes, and grab my sixth pint glass of water of the day.


I sit down with my dinner and get some work done on my writing project.

I have a good time working on the blog, and know that I’m slowly nearing the end of this multi-thousand word post.

As I’m writing, I feel myself getting more and more sleepy, and my head hurting more and more, so I decide that I’m going to switch the computer off and call it a night.

10.19PM – TV AND BED

I make some camomile tea, get on the sofa under the blanket, and call it a day.


I feel like I stuck at it today. I was disciplined, I was motivated, and I worked hard despite not getting any sleep last night.

My diet was good, the work that I produced was good, and I did the very best that I could today.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

For now, I’m hopefully going to go and get some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.


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