Day 60

The fact that I am on Day 60 today means I am  two months removed from the end of my early 2017 depression, and that means there can be no more excuses. I am a different person to the one I was back then, and I can, and will, do this. 

After turning in at 11.28PM last night, I woke up at 7.09AM and spent a few minutes just lying there, coming to terms with being awake.

Today feels weird because there is nothing pressing, no urgent tasks that need to be taken care of, and not even any client work to be getting on with until my existing clients make their minds up on article topics.

I get into the kitchen for my normal routine of making tea (yeah, I’m apparently still not done with this, but I will be), a three-egg-and-spinach omelette, and a hot water bottle to help with my back pain.

Then I sit down to eat that whilst going over a few websites and browsing Twitter, that apparently takes me a full hour.


I may not have anything urgent to do, but that’s all the more reason to get a daily TDL together and plan my day out properly, so I do that next.


I try to start the day off the right way by writing in my gratitude journal about how nice it is to not have any urgent tasks to do today and nothing to stress me out, and how excited I am for the week ahead.

Then I do one of my favourite meditations, this one:


After that, I head into the bedroom and do my normal physio routine, planking exercises, and spend just a couple of minutes practicing Part The Wild Horses Mane

I then brush teeth, shave, shower, and get dressed.


After being so excited this morning about not having any urgent tasks to do, I get an email which says “Urgent.”

It turns out that one of the blog articles I was going to write for work later in the week needs doing today.

I’m angrier about this than I should have been, mainly because we’ve been working on this website project since last summer, and today -go live day- they realise that they need an introductory blog –and– extra pages?

Come on.

I was planning to write an introductory blog for my own new website today, and that’s something I’ve only been planning for a few months.

Still, I have to reason to myself that I was going to write this blog post at some point anyway. It might as well be today. It gives me a head start on what is one of my weekly goals.

But I also need to go and put my dressing gown in the wash, so despite it pissing down with rain outside, I’m going to go and do that next.


I get that done, and on the way back, get an email from a different client – the one I thought I was finished with last week- asking for another “quick job.”

I suppose my day off just went right out the window, didn’t it?


I get home, make tea, turn on some music (I’ve weirdly had CUBErt by System of a Down in my head for the last few hours) and get going.


After that, I start listening to some tripped out desert rock courtesy of Stone From the Sky

The article itself wasn’t too difficult to do, but I wasn’t sure if my client wanted it to be first or third person, so I ended up doing both.

Then I move on to the other job that came in this morning, if only because I think that doing so might speed up payment.

That only takes me twenty minutes, and even that was with a bit of distraction.


It’s still raining, but I need my dressing gown, so I head down there to get that sorted out.

I head down there and put my dressing gown onto dry and bring my other laundry home.

Whilst I’m there, two birthday cards have come in the post from my grandparents and my uncle. The one from Grandma and Grandad says “To a special Great-Grandson.”

I don’t think they understand that a Great-Grandson is not the same as a great grandson, bless ’em.

Anyway, there’s £25 in the cards, so that’s nice.


I get back and there’s another email from the client I thought I was done with asking me to do another article for him.

Seriously, what is going on today?

I’m not questioning it.

I will get the other piece of work done that I need to do for the first client, then write the article, then I am definitely done for the day.

But first, I am hungry, so I go to make some chicken and green beans and also get my first pint glass of water of the day.

2017-05-15 12.42.55

Whilst food is cooking, I also put the dishes on to soak.


With that done, I have to get back to this second “write a couple of paragraphs” job that I still don’t fully understand but will attempt anyway.

My soundtrack now is Kyuss – …And The Circus Leaves Town


I think I’ve got the hang of this writing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t doubting myself. I do the best job I think I’m able to do and send them over the client, believing that I’ve captured the essence of what I’m doing.

Then I come to write this final article for the other client. I realise that I can either do this willingly or begrudgingly. Either way, I’ve got to do it, so I might as well get excited about it and do it willingly.

Here goes.

The article immediately takes longer than I thought it would, because just as I was getting settled and got my ideas together, Sam called.

I don’t mind, I enjoyed speaking to her, but it did mean that instead of typing, I ended up behind, writing only a few rough notes down.

Once Sam hangs up, I get back to it.

After Sam gets off the phone, I actually find that pretty easy. I get it done, I send it off, and I finally get to start my day off in the middle of the afternoon.


Admittedly, I let the dish water go cold earlier, so I have to start again, not that this is a big problem.

I get that done quickly, and then get dressed again for my last journey out for the day.


It’s still damp, so I head down just to pick up my dressing gown and the few other bits of laundry that I had in there too.

With that, I head home and get into my comfy clothes.


My next plan was to reply to a client who had asked me to propose some article titles last week. I hadn’t heard since, so I was planning to chase today, but when I got home, it turned out that they had emailed me with suggested changes and a request to confirm the cost.

I do that, and then she replies almost instantly, so I give myself a little pat on the back for having secured another job.


After a few minutes of idle procrastination, I get onto the next thing, which for me is finishing the Home Computer Lessons website, which just needs a picture of me, and a blog post.

I get that done, and the blog post is 423 words, which I’ counting towards my total word count because it is a blog and I have published it.

Then I get the social media pages put together, tweak a few things on the website and then, finally, after starting this project way back on day 32 (and buying the domain a lot earlier), the website is finished. Hoorah!

That gives me one weekly task done, and another monthly goal done.


Towards the end of last year (or it may have been the start of this year), I learned a how to make kidney bean curry from this recipe:

I found that if I followed the recipie, I would have enough healthy food to eat for dinner for most of the week, and did this several times. Doing so helped me in my battle to get back to a healthy weight.

So I got the ingredients yesterday, and today I head into the kitchen to cook it.

I’m a little worried because the red kidney beans I ended up buying from the store near the meeting yesterday turn out to be in chili tomato sauce rather than water, but I’m sure they will work just as good.

I get that on the go, then slice up a single sweet potato which I add a touch of pepper and a dash of paprika too. They go in the oven, then whilst all that is cooking, I get the kitchen tidied up a little.

Whilst I’m doing that, I also drink my second and third pint glasses of water of the day and get the TV going.


I sit down to slowly eat and yes, enjoy my cooking very much. After dinner, as I’m just relaxing and watching TV, I notice how weird it feels to have been so full of energy today.

I haven’t had to take a nap, and I haven’t even had to stop much. It’s been constant, it’s been good, and it’s been enjoyable.

Whatever I did today, I must do the same tomorrow, and there is every chance I will retain this amount of energy.


Because I’ve still got so much energy, I decide to actually get up and do something, even if it’s only for a short while.

That includes updating the social media profiles for my hobby blog, and inviting friends to my new Facebook page for Home Computer Lessons.

I also got the new HCL Twitter page set up and liked a whole bunch of pages to get started.

I don’t get very far with that because Sam calls, so I talk to her for a while, at which point I do have to admit that I am tired, so I call time at 10.26PM and head to bed, but didn’t end up being ready for sleep until 12.06AM.


After a grumpy, horrible start to the day, I have to admit that things turned out OK. My diet was good, I had a whole tonne of energy, and I feel positive.

Hopefully there will be no nasty surprises, and I can get up, enjoy the day, and make the most of it.

I am making good progress this week. Long may it continue.

Tomorrow is another day.


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