Day 57

I slept in late this morning, only getting out of bed at 7.52AM. My back hurts like hell and I have trouble getting up. I think that is down to the gardening work as much as anything else. 

After getting up, I head into the kitchen and take two painkillers, then make tea, omelette, and a hot water bottle to help relieve the pain in my back.

I sit down, browse through a couple of websites and make my daily TDL whilst eating breakfast.


I am feeling tired and distracted today, so hopefully doing this normal routine stuff will help me to get settled and concentrate on what is probably going to be a busy day.

In my journal, I express my gratitude both for the week that was and all the chances I had to make progress on my goals, and also for being aware enough to realise when I am distracted and not at peace, and for the tools and opportunities to reclaim my peace and stay focused for today.

After that, I go back to the same meditation I did on Day 54.

I was a little distracted whilst doing that, but I do feel much calmer and at peace, and will allow this feeling to stay with me, knowing that I can always bring it back should it wander.


I get my basic back stretches done today, and then practice the Beijing 10 Step and a few steps from the 24 form, then I have a shower, brush my teeth, and shave before getting dressed, and heading into the kitchen for a second cup of tea, and to take my medication.

9.18AM – WORK

I’ve got a busy today. All I can do is take this one step at a time.

First, Jen didn’t receive the emails I sent her last week, so I have to send them again.

I decide that it’s easier to upload them to a private album and send her the link. Hopefully that’s as easy for her to use as it is for me to do it.

Next, I have social media posts to proof read.

I do that, and then send some more articles to one of my clients as apparently the articles that I originally sent over were not on the right lines.

With that done, I get to make another drink, and then get on with the bulk of my writing work for the day.

I get two articles done and feel pretty positive about them, but I’m also really tired today.

I’ve got four more articles that I want to try and write by the end of the day, but first I decide that I’m going to try and take a little nap to stave off the fog.

12.27PM – NAP

I have a good doze in bed that could have lasted a lot longer if I’d let it, but instead I know that I need to be up and awake and getting on with things, so  I pull myself up and do just that.


I get two more articles written, another one looking at the past history between Arsenal and Chelsea FC as the two head towards the FA Cup Final, and a piece about the Royal Ascot horse racing event coming up next month.

I’ve got two more articles to write in this batch of work for my client, but I want to get a few things taken care of first, so I get that done next.

3.58PM – TIDY UP

My plan is that I just need to quickly go around the kitchen and living room and make sure everything is straight.

In the kitchen, I put the dishes on to soak whilst I wipe the kitchen counters, clean up the stove, and sweep the floors.

Then I wash the dishes, take the rubbish and the recycling out, and move to the living room.

There, I straighten up the sofas, polish the coffee table, sweep the floors and tidy the desk a little, making sure to finally put the piece of paper I wrote Tuesday‘s gratitude entry into my gratitude journal.


I’m hungry now, so I go to the kitchen to make some chicken and vegetables, and whilst those are cooking, have a quick clean up in the bedroom, basically putting clothes away and straightening up.


Nothing fancy here, I eat my bowl of chicken and vegetables whilst updating my weekly chart where I track the hours that I’ve worked, miles cycled and other key stats.

Then I quickly browse through a few websites before getting onto the next thing.


I’ve got a second set of knee rolls to do, so I go into the bedroom and do them for a little bit longer than I had planned, just to stretch my back out. Then I take a shower, shave, and brush my teeth.

Sam calls, so I spend time talking to her whilst she is with her family and I’m getting ready to go out to the meeting.


I leave the house bang on 7PM and call in on my parents for two minutes or so before heading up the quick and easy way (via the path that turns off at Pennington Flash), getting there around 20 past, 25 past.

The meeting itself is good, an old friend is there who I used to have a bit of a thing for, she mentions that I have put on weight and that saddens me, it is an imperative though to start focusing properly on my weight loss from tomorrow.

No cheat day until I’ve actually started.


I can and will do this.

On the way home, I stop to buy peppers, chicken breasts, and something unhealthy for my “last supper” tonight. Tomorrow I think I am going to have another go at making vegetarian chili or vegetarian curry again.


I am soaking wet through when I get home because it is raining hard, but I am surprised to see that I have cycled at least 5 miles today, which is more than I thought I had done.

I get changed out of my wet clothes, put the chicken and pepper away, and grab a glass of water as I sit down to update this journal.

I have a couple of things I want to do this evening, but I’ve also got a hunger on, so I figure that I will make dinner, eat that whilst relaxing, then force myself to get up and do a few more things before I call it a day.


The only thing left that I need now for my new website is a profile photo of me, so I set my camera up on a tripod, dress so that I look smart, and do my best to try and create a good picture.

Truthfully however, I hate them all, so I leave it where it is as it occurs to me that I might have a better shot of this in natural daylight.


Eventually I give up and head to the sofa to watch TV, it’s here where I eventually fall asleep.


I’ve probably said this before, but today felt like a breaking point as far my terrible diet and being overweight goes. I’m utterly fed up with this now, and all the things that I’ve been building up towards should now start to come together to help me get healthy.

Other than that, it was a reasonable day in which I feel I worked hard.

Tomorrow is another day.


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