Day 53

I fell asleep around 12.30 – 1AM last night and had an uncomfortable night’s sleep, but I woke up at 7.24AM feeling good and ready to get my day going. 

As always, I immediately went into the kitchen to make my spinach omelette, cup of tea, and a fresh hot water bottle for my back.

Then, I sat down, browsed through Twitter, and got my daily TDL ready whilst eating breakfast.

I’m looking forward to having a good, productive, and healthy day today.


I write in my gratitude journal about how grateful I am that the universe keeps showing me proof that what I focus on, I get more of. That includes manifesting a job that came through my email yesterday afternoon and someone I’ve been thinking about sitting next to me at yesterday’s meeting.

Then I do the abundance meditation from Day 46, but I find that I’m so excited about the realisation that what I focus on, I get more of, that I find I’m not really present in that meditation.

Just for today, that OK. There is always tomorrow, and I still feel ready and set to get my day started.


Even though that new job came into my inbox yesterday, I didn’t reply to it, so whilst I still have a full cup of tea to drink, I reply to that, and then get set up and ready to work on it.

I get an understanding of the task at hand and start getting my ideas together for the first piece of writing. I put a title down, then take a break from here so that I can go stretch my back out and get some exercise.


I get all my stretches done and find that I’m getting better at them, but still having trouble with planks. I will need to work on them some more.

I practice the Beijing 10 step twice, with practice of the 24 step in between. I find I am gaining in confidence, and that I am able to relax a lot more when going into these moves, which is great for me.

I’ve got a long way to go, but I am happy with where I am at in learning Tai Chi, and that puts me in a good mood for the day.

After that, I brush my teeth, shower, shave, and get dressed. Then I take my anti-depressant, a vitamin tablet, and some painkillers because my back is really sore today.

By this point I am onto my second pint glass of water of the day.

9.43AM – WORK

I’ve got two quick and easy articles to write this morning. I like this work because it is easy and it is about sports and sports betting , which are subjects that I don’t normally cover and therefore are a break from the norm.

I tell myself that I can be finished with these articles by 12 noon, take a deep breath, and get on with it.

My soundtrack for this work is an old favourite:

I get done just before 12, and I’m tempted to do a bit more just to fill up the time, but I decide that I can use a few minutes to take a break before getting started on the next task, which is this.



Yes, I’m back to this again.

I set myself the task today of writing content for two pages of this website. If I can do that today, then tomorrow all I have to worry about is editing, layout, and adding images. Then I’m almost done.

By now the video I posted up above has gone onto pure binaural and isochronic beats, which I don’t like much, so I laid this video over the top of it:

I make some good progress this afternoon and finally think I’m getting this together with how I want the site to look.

Keeping it simple, as always, is the secret.

As I go along, Sam calls me on Skype, so we chat for a while.

I also start getting hungry, so I head into the kitchen.


Whilst still talking to Sam, I head into the kitchen to make a small plate of chicken, green beans and peas, with a few slices of chopped carrots thrown in too.


With Sami still in my ear, I get back to work and create what I think is another good page. I’m starting to enjoy this, but also starting to feel tired.

So I finish the page off, and then decide to check my emails just before lying down.

3.35PM – WORK

I have a request from my client to proofread some social media posts, so I decide to tackle that next so that the job is over and done with and then I can lie down without having to worry about doing anything when I get up again.

By this point I am onto my third pint glass of water.

3.47PM – NAP

With that done, I can now take a guilt-free nap.

I slept hard but woke up ready to get going again and looking forward to being active for the rest of the day.


Once up, I make a cup of tea and a fresh hot water bottle, then sit down to finally begin the proper draft of a new post for my hobby blog.

By this point I have my fourth pint glass of water of the day.

I make some good progress with this and feel it come along together, but after a while I start to get hungry.


I pause my work to make a delicious bowl of porridge and my fifth glass of water for the day.

Whilst I’m doing this, Dad calls and asks me to be at the house tomorrow for 8am so that I can look after the dog and keep him out of the way whilst a painter comes to paint their conservatory.

I’m a little miffed that it has to be so early in the morning, but I can make do I suppose.


I get a bit more done, and remain happy with my progress, but I’m also aware that I haven’t done anything towards my “practicality” goals today, so I eventually take a break to do that.


Before I do that though, I go into the bedroom to do my second set of physio exercises for the day.

My bad knee has been bothering me lately, so I do some strength excercises on that too. I thought being on the bike alone was enough for this, but apparently not, I’m going to have to work this into my routine more regularly.


This starts not with the living room itself, but with running CCleaner on my computer, something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks.

I then sweep the floors, wipe down and tidy my desk, rearrange the sofa cushions so they’re nice and neat again, polish the coffee table and sweep the rug.

I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll so I keep going.

I head into the bedroom and put away the load of laundry that has been sitting in a bag for several days, then I make the bed properly and pick a few scraps of paper up off the floor.

Then I take the recycling out, head across the road to the newsagents for a pint of milk, then come back, wipe the kitchen counters down and do the dishes.

By this point, my flat is spotless and I am on my sixth pint glass of water.


I’m half expecting Sam to call any minute, but until she does, I decide I’m going to try and get a bit more done on my hobby blog post.

I get more of less the whole of the content finished, meaning that tomorrow I just need to top and tail it with an intro and ending, then add some SEO and go live.


Same gets online, so we spend some time together just chatting, but I start getting sleepy, and I know that I’ve got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so I call it an early one and head to bed at 12.27AM.


Today was a mostly positive day with a lot of progress being made and a lot of good things happening. I feel like I am exactly back on track now, and even though I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, I can fully appreciate that the depression of only a few months ago has been lifted.

Life is better today than it ever has been, and it will only continue to get better. I am very excited about my life right now.

Tomorrow is another day.


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