Day 49

After going to bed around 1am, I woke up at 6am this morning and then spent the best part of an hour dozing on and off before finally getting out of bed at 6.48AM. 

I’ve got physio this morning, so I need to be up and out the door by 8am at the latest.

Upon wakening, I head to the kitchen, start cooking my three-egg-and-spinach omelette with chia seeds, pepper, and a dash of paprika, and make a cup of tea.

Whilst all that is going on, I get a hot water bottle. My back is absolutely killing me this morning.

I slept in my bed last night instead of the sofa, and I’m just now remembering why I prefer the sofa in the first place:

My back doesn’t hurt anywhere near as bad when I sleep on there compared to the way it does when I sleep in bed.

Regardless, I sit down to eat breakfast and put together a daily TDL.


With my list done, I go and make a second cup of tea and drink it whilst getting ready to leave for phsyio.

I brush teeth, get dressed, and get my cycling gear together.


Though the ride to the hospital is only 3.10 miles from door-to-door, it is made all the more challenging this morning by a hard, cold wind that pushes and pulls, it’s blistering chill biting at my skin.

I push hard to get there, and am happy that the 3.10 miles only took 25 minutes.

I remember a time when

I was so unfit that seemed like a major challenge, now it’s something that I can tackle with confidence.


Physio this morning is really tough and I come out of there feeling sore and a little banged up, but I know this will be worth it in the long run, and I’m glad that I’ve kept up with this.

For the next two weeks, the onus is on me to keep up the exercises, because I don’t have an appointment now until May 18th.


Partly to treat myself because I had such a good experience there last week, but partly because I want to clock some miles, I take myself for a quick ride around Lilford Park again, this time venturing a little off the beaten track and seeing what’s around.

2017-05-04 09.13.08-1

The entire trip from to home to hospital and back gives me over 9 miles to add to my total. If I end up cycling to the meeting later, that will be more

9.57PM – HOME

I get home, make tea, and take some painkillers because now my back is aching. I update this journal, but for about 30 minutes get distracted by watching some music videos on Youtube, including this awesome mashup:

10.34AM – WORK

Today I’m straight back into it, working on finishing the website migration for my friend Ruth.

That was an easy and straight forward piece of work. I finished the content migration, made a few admin changes, cleaned up and tested that everything was working.

The website isn’t the most impressive site in the world, but I’m happy with it, and so is my friend and her partner.

When that’s done, I text her and send an email with an invoice. I can’t tell you how relieved I am about this, simply because I’ve been trying to get this website project finished literally for most of this year. and now we’re finally there and I couldn’t be happier.

That’s another weekly goal done, and also a big monthly one.

12.48PM  – NAP

I’ve been feeling a little foggy since around noon, so I go lie down and doze into a short but deep and wholly refreshing nap.

1.46PM – LUNCH

I call it lunch, but it’s basically a bowl of porridge. I’ve been having a craving for porridge for the last couple of days and this just hit the spot just right. It is immediately filling.

Whilst I’m eating, I read about the benefits of honey, and it starts to occur to me that cutting sugar out of my drinks might just be the way forward to help with energy levels.

I’ve so far only consumed one glass of water today, three more to go.


I remember that I forgot to send Jen the photos I promised her, so I send those over to her, and also make up a receipt and send that over too.


I’ve still got a way to go before I’m up-to-date with the blog posts I’m writing on my portfolio website, and I’ve set myself a target to write ten of them this month.

That starts today.

I open up the writing calendar I made at the start  of the year, open up my portfolio and a Word document, and get to work.

I got two posts finished and really enjoyed writing both of them, really getting lost in what I was doing and finding myself not wanting to stop, but ultimately needing to because reality beckons.


By this point I’m hungry so I go to put the rest of yesterday’s chicken in the oven and put the dishes on to soak.

Whilst I’m waiting for both of those, I go and take a quick shower and wash my hair.

I then make some vegetables


With dinner ready, I sit down and draft some more notes for my hobby blog, and also spend a bit of time exchanging messages with Sam.


I’m still naked apart from my bathrobe from getting out of the shower, so I need to get some clothes on and get it together before I cycle to the meeting.

I take my time getting ready so that I can charge my iPod and then gather the book I promised to lend Jenny, and get out to the meeting.


The wind is still strong, so getting to the meeting is a challenge, but I’m glad I get there.

When I do arrive, I get a phone call from Dad asking me if I can go down in the morning and sit in for an hour whilst somebody comes round to look at fixing their sink.

That’s no problem. Nor is it a problem to give Jen the book I promised her, or to talk and catch up with friends like Bryan.

I enjoy the meeting, and then rush home in case Sam is free.

The cycle ride there and back adds another 4.71 miles to my ride. That means that today, I cycled a total of 14.13 miles. Plus the 18+ miles I did on Tuesday, and I’ve already smashed my weekly cycling target, with the chance to add some more miles tomorrow.


Sam is still busy when I get back, so I make a second bowl of porridge because I’m still hungry, and eat it whilst updating this blog.


I won’t waste the time I have tonight, so I grab a drink and get right back on with updating some more blogs.

I write a big, 1,032 word post, which when added to the other two blogs I wrote earlier, means my word count for the day is 2,228.

That means I’ve written over 6,000 words this week, and am now close to my target.


Whilst I was editing a post on the Top Five Best Spotify Playlists for Focusing at Work, I discovered a Ted Talk about Flow States that I really wanted to watch, so I make a drink of tea (I’ve successfully had my water quote for the day), and sit back to enjoy it.

I enjoyed that very much. It certainly gave me a lot to think about and certainly inspired me.


Sam has had a busy day and is taking care of her own stuff, leaving me with not much to do. I decide to make the most of it and get an early night.

By the time I’ve made tea, said goodnight to Sam, get distracted by the news for a few minutes, and finished updating this journal, it is 12.23am.


Today has been mostly peaceful, mostly calm, and mostly healthy. I am proud of how many miles I’ve clocked up and how many words I got done, as well as finishing off Ruth’s website and making good progress with things.

I enjoyed today, I enjoyed the periods of flow and getting lost in my work, and I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine.

Tomorrow is another day.


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