Day 47

I woke up at 7.24AM and felt ready to go. I’ve been looking forward to today, even though it’s going to be a challenge for me. 

The sun is out and it looks to be a nice day. I am planning a bike ride that is going to be at least 12 miles in total but maybe more, drop into town, cash the cheque that Jen gave me on Sunday and take my camera with me, taking lots of photos of the beautiful surroundings en route.

After waking up, I make my breakfast and remember to put chia seeds in my omelette because I haven’t been doing lately. I make tea and a hot water bottle and get settled to catch up with a few things I wanted to read and a quick browse through Twitter.

I’m a little distracted this morning, but I come back to the task at hand, make sure there’s nothing urgent waiting for me in my email, and get my head together with a plan of what I need to do today.

All the while, I’m getting my energy pumped by listening to the awesome One With The Universe by Samsara Blues Experiment.


No matter what else happens today, I should put myself in a calm, easy state of mind so that I may be open for all the good things that are flowing towards me.

I start with free form writing in my journal, and finish with the same abundance meditation that I did yesterday.


Even though I’m planning a long bike ride today, I can’t ignore the physio exercises that are going to help me be healthy and pain free and eliminate the pain in my back. So I do those next, take my anti-depressant, have a shower, and get dressed.


Still my go to people, I walk down there to see if they have any carpet cleaner for the dirty mat / rugg thing in my kitchen but they don’t, so I walk back and immediately start getting ready for my big bike ride.


This basically means getting into my clothes, putting some deep heat on my back, strapping on a helmet and sunglasses, and making sure that I have everything I could possibly need:

  • Camera
  • Wallet
  • Bike lock
  • Phone
  • Portable phone charger.


I’m all set, so I head off, slowly making my way around Pennington Flash and stopping a few times to get my camera out and take photos. 

I also put a couple on Instagram. 

I then head onto the canal and slowly make my way into town, riding at a gentle pace, taking my time, savoring the moment and enjoying it. 

It really is a beautiful day and  I am very blessed and very grateful to have what I have today. 

2017-05-02 11.36.23

12.09PM – BANK 

It’s only when I get here that I realise that I could have just deposited my cheque at the post office which is a lot closer to home, but I’m not worried. 

If I hadn’t fact decided this is what I was going to do today, I wouldn’t have had this experience, and I am very much enjoying myself. 

Just getting that cheque in the bank is another weekly goal complete.

12.18PM – LUNCH

I head to the public loo and then to Wilkinsons where I get a cheese and onion sandwich, a bottle of water and a snack bar thing 

I then find a bench and sit down to eat and update this journal. 

The sound of a jazz musician busking, his saxophone screaming full of passion plays in the background, there’s a gentle breeze, and the sound of

Pigeons humming fills ever breath of silence, as if that’s just the way the world always sounds.

12.54PM – HEAD HOME 

I give myself the target of landing home now later than 4pm, but find that the journey really wasn’t as long as I thought and I find myself flying back up the canal towards Pennington Flash again, loving every moment of it and just glad to be alive.


I’m guessing about the time here because I didn’t adequately clock the time, but I was passing my parents on the way home I noticed that nobody was home so I stopped in and helped myself to a bath.

By this point, my back was starting to really ache, so I just wanted to soak and get some heat on it.

I check my weight whilst I’m there and realise that I’m not 14.3, which is down 7lbs from the 14.10 I was the other week. I’m not going to get too excited about that, but it is definitely a step in the right direction and just what I need to keep me motivated.

After that, I pumped up my front tire to get some air into it, and head home.

2.49PM – HOME

Once I get here, I take a while to relax and talk to Sam on the phone. A client is dragging his heels iwth paying an invoice, so I deal with that via email whilst enjoying a cup of tea and letting my legs relax.

3.43PM – NAP

I feel myself getting foggy, so when Sam hangs up the call to go do her thing, I quickly catch up on a few emails then go to lie down and take a nap.


I get up to another email from the client who is being shitty about the invoice. They are continuing to be shitty. That ties my knot in a stomach and puts a lump in a chest and sends my head into distraction mode, but I won’t allow it.

I won’t obsess over it either.

I send an email asking for clarification, then I email another client hoping that I can get their job done and invoiced this week, then I let it go.

Everything is going to be OK.

Everything is going to be OK.


I make myself a second cup of tea, get a new hot water bottle going, and challenge myself to stay with this for an hour. It will prove a distraction, and that is what I need right now.

As I’m working on it, I get another email from client to sort out the misunderstanding. Yes, I will be paid. Yes, everything is going to be OK.

It’s funny how I can tell myself that and yet still get myself worked up as if it’s not.

Anyway, I make good progress on my blog post and don’t have much more to do, so I go to make dinner and then decide that I’ll do a bit more.


I make a plate of delicious chicken and vegetables, and whilst I’m doing that generally have a sweep around and a tidy up.


I sit and enjoy working on the rest of this post whilst slowly eating my food and enjoying it.

By the time I’m done, all that post needs now is an introduction, some links and some photo alt tags. I can do that tomorrow and be done with it.


I promised myself that I would do my knee-rolls at least twice a day, so I go to do that next, work through them, and then head to quickly refresh and take a shower.


Before I settle down to spend some time with Sam, I quickly go through the house, take the bins out ready for tomorrow, put the clothes away that are scattered on my bed, and sweep the bedroom floor.


This is essentially where my night ends, with me and my girl sitting down, listening to music, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s always the perfect way to end the day.

After another nice evening with Sam, I settle down to bed at 1.30am.


Today was a memory day, one I’ll remember for a long time. It was the simple things: Getting on my bike and cycling down the canal in the beautiful, spring time weather, having a short but relaxing bath, the ease and comfort of knowing that everything is truly going to be OK.

Tomorrow is another day, and I am looking forward to it.


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