Day 46

After getting to bed at 2.40AM last night, I was awake at 6, dozed for another hour, awake again, and then slept solidly until 9.16AM.

I was woken by a text from Jen asking if I wanted to go up some time and do a meditation with her at Rivington Pike, which is a place we talked about yesterday where I have never been.

I agree yes, that would be wonderful, then I head into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and breakfast.

As I’m doing that, Dad calls and asks if he can have his handheld hoover back soon, so I must make using that my first priority this morning so that I can take it back.

I eat breakfast whilst quickly browsing over a few websites and making my daily TDL, then it’s time to get on with the task at hand.


I feel like a full blown idiot because I realise that I don’t have a battery pack for the hoover. I either didn’t bring one back, or I did and I lost it, in which case I’m in some kind of shit. I’m fairly sure it’s the first one though, I just didn’t bring one back when I thought I did.

I feel stupid and kick my own ass because something as simple as vacuuming my flat that I’ve wanted to do all weekend is no longer an option.

I’m going to have to go down on Wednesday morning once everyone is at work, sneak it out, use it, and get it back. I just hope I can get this down to my Dad’s without him questioning the battery.

I must also not beat myself up about this.

I think of the 5 x 5 rule that I first saw on Ralph Smart’s Instagram.

This doesn’t matter in the long run, it’s not a problem that can’t be solved. Today, I can relax,take what comes my way. My life is about removing problems and adding peace, not the other way round.

Take a deep breath, relax, and go take that fucking vacuum cleaner back!


No problems, I just put the vacuum cleaner back int he garage, had a quick chat with Mum and Dad and came straight back to finally get my day started properly.


Free form writing in my journal leads me to thinking about abundance and how much calmer I feel when I relax, and let abundance flow freely to me.

That makes me want to do a meditation on a similar theme, so I pick this one by Jason Stephenson, who is one of my favorite people to listen to on Youtube.


Mind and soul feel calm and content, now it’s time to give my body some TLC with the back stretches and exercises my physio gave me, plus a little Tai Chi.

I also brush my teeth, shower, and take my meds, then I make a relaxing chamomile tea and sit down to start some work.


On Day 32, I spoke about the work I was doing on a new website to launch a new side business. Today, it’s time to get back to work on that, mainly writing and adding content.


I get my main page done, but I’m not convinced that I’m as happy as I could be about the design. I can come back to that though.

My main priority today is to get some content up there and then I can neaten it up later.


I’m getting a little foggy, so I take a walk around just to breath in some fresh air and get outside, my mind spinning all the time about the possibilities of my new business.


I get back bang on three, make a cup of Winter Spice tea (I’m really looking at cutting out caffeine again, I normally feel better for it), and get back to work on finishing the content for the second page of my website.

I get this finished but there’s something I don’t like about it, and I find myself constantly scrolling, just obsessing. Something doesn’t look right and I’m not sure what to change.

My head starts getting foggy and eventually, I give up and go take a nap.

4.33PM – NAP

Taking a nap allows me to look at the web pages afresh and assess what it is that I don’t like about them.

I realise that it’s the images. I’ve got two options now:

1) Obssess over theses images for the rest of the night and get nothing else done
2) Come back another day having given this some thought so that now I can complete the rest of my daily tasks.

The second one is my preferred method, so that’s what I do next.


I’m aiming to get this post done soon but it does require some serious work, so I get after it as best that I can and get a big chunk finished. I’m happy with my progress, but also hungry, so I stop and pause to make food.


I quickly cook up a plate of freshly cooked veggies and some diced chicken. Whilst that’s happening, I also get the dishes washed, then I get sat back down to do the last bit of writing for today.


I do a little bit more on this blog whilst eating dinner, just enough to push me to where I can see a finish line in sight, but then I have to admit that I’ve done enough for today and that it’s time to get other things done.


I promised myself that I would start upping the amount of times I do the knee-rolls for my back. If I just start upping this to twice a day, it is a start, and I can make progress from there.

So, I go and do that, and then take a shower so that I am refreshed and ready to settle down for the evening.

8.33PM – TIDY UP

I’ve got some time spare whilst I’m waiting for Sam, so I get to work on tidying up.

Things are not that messy, which is obviously great, but I figure that just spending a bit of time each day keeping on top of it will ensure my home stays tidy, and it’s this tidiness that will ultimately help me keep my mind clear.

A clear mind leads to better focus, and better focus leads to a better life.


Finally, it’s the one time of day that I look forward to most, collapsing with Sam and hearing her laugh. It’s such a beautiful sound that it really is the highlight of my day.

I stay with Sam until 1.28AM then head directly to bed.


Today was very much a progress day. There are some days when I achieve goals and some days when I work stoically towards achieving them. Today was the latter. It was one of those days when even though I didn’t get to mark a lot of stuff as complete, I know that I worked hard on getting there, and that the work that I did today will matter in the long run.

Despite still being unhappy with the HCL website content, that is not a big thing and I will not allow myself to get upset about it.

Tomorrow is another day.



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