Day 45

Given that it’s Sunday, a Bank Holiday weekend, and that I’m planning to start getting up early in the coming week, I gave myself permission to sleep in late this morning and even set an alarm last night for 10.30am.

Instead, I ended up awake by 9.54AM, and found that Sam was up with a lot on her mind.

I made tea and a hot water bottle and sat down to talk with Sam, but by this time she was dozing off so we didn’t get very far.


Jen is coming to collect me in just over an hour and a half, so I need to have a few things ready.

Firstly, I need to have her pictures edited, and then her copy looking shiny.

Thankfully, that’s easier than I thought. It only takes a short while, then I’m good to get showered and dressed and get on with the rest of what I have to take care of.


I quickly shower and get dressed, making a mental note that I still have to do my back stretches. Once I’m dried and clothed, I set a reminder on my phone for 9pm to do them, because I imagine that might be the only chance I get.


I need teabags, so that’s the next plan. Mum and dad are back from their weekend break, so I drop in on them too.


I remember a time when I first met Jen and I really wanted to get to know her better. I know that today this is purely platonic, but it goes to prove the fundamental fact to me that I always get what I want when the universe knows I’m ready for it.

Before she arrives, I need to spend even just a few minutes jotting down in my gratitude journal how grateful I am to be having this time with her this afternoon.


Jen picks me up and we spend the next half an hour getting lost en route to her mum’s house.

I’m not quite sure why we’re doing this work there but whatever, it gets me out of the house and somewhere different, even if I am essentially going to be with her all day because we’ve agreed to go to the meeting together.

For the first half hour of being there we sit and have a cup of tea and talk with Jen’s mum, then we head into the dining room to get some work done.

First we go through the photos I sent to her and she picks out some that she likes. We eventually settle on one that she is happy with and get to work on uploading it to her online profiles.

Afterwards I need to email that picture to her when I get home.

Jen goes off to help her mum in the kitchen because apparently we’re having a full Sunday dinner here, and I use that time to jot down some notes on my phone for adding to this journal later.

It’s 2pm by this point. In 5 hours time I’ll be in the meeting, in 7 hours time I will be back in the comfort of my own home.


After a while, Jen starts to get tired and suggests we go take a walk to get some fresh air.

She brings the guided meditation with her for us to do when we get out, and we have a pleasant walk and a good chat, a laugh and an enjoyable two hours, complete with clambering up this big rock to sit and do a Loving Kindness meditation.

I loved that.

Slowly opening my eyes after the meditation just to see the water. Being still and calm whilst wind rushed around me. That was magical.


We are having dinner, so I come and sit in the front room and update this journal whilst Jen and her mum finish prepping dinner.

This is certainly one of the more unique days I’ve had, but it’s nice and it’s simple and I’m going with it.

We have chicken, cauliflower, green beans and new potatoes with gravy and Yorkshire puddings, followed by fruit salad and cream.

Delicious stuff, and I felt very full and satisfied.


We have one last task to do before we leave, which is basically letting Jen look over the content that I wrote for her about page. She mostly likes it, but suggested a few small tweaks which I expected and accepted.

Completing this work allows me to complete the first of my ten weekly goals. Nine more to go.


Feeling calm, content, and wholly satisfied, we drive to the meeting and make it just on time.


That was a good one, I enjoyed being there very much, and shared about how I’m grateful for all the negativity that happened in my life, because without it, there would be no positivity and no light.

After the meeting, Jen drives me home.


Tonight is going to be one of those long nights that could have the potential to put a dampener on an otherwise wonderful day, but tonight it isn’t going to.

I am going to be supportive of my partner and do what I can to help today.


The reminder on my phone that I set earlier this morning went off at 9pm, so I postponed it whilst i got this journal up-to-date and now it’s time to go forth and stretch so that I can get my health goal ticked off for today.


Sam and I get together, and this is me now until 1.33AM. I enjoyed tonight. Sam and I laugh and joke and tease each other mercilessly. It’s good fun. I love it, and I love her.

Eventually, we say goodnight, but as we do I start to realise that I haven’t eaten anything today apart from that Sunday dinner earlier, and now I’m starving.

So, I make some porridge and a bowl of chamomile tea, and I spend another hour working on scheduling social media updates for work before finally calling it a day around 2.40AM.


A good day over all. I got done what I was supposed to get done, had a couple of unforgettable experiences with my new friend Jen, had a good meeting, and capped it off with a fun evening with Sam.

As far as I know, this was a day when I didn’t harm myself or anybody else, I did good, and I feel blessed.


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