Day 40

After going to bed at 1.10AM this morning and falling asleep a short time later, I’m up at six am, go to pee, and then come and snooze for another 30 minutes. 

From there, I’m up and awake. I go into the kitchen to make tea and a three-egg-and-spinach omelette with chia seeds, pepper, and a dash of paprika.

I prepare a hot water bottle for my back pain, and then sit down at 6.53AM to start my day.

I eat breakfast slowly whilst looking over a few websites, then sit down to start thinking about gratitude.


I originally tried a different meditation today, but I still think this is my favourite so far.

I feel a bit more distracted this morning, but that is because I’m not giving myself permission to relax. The fact that I have to be somewhere by a certain time this morning plays on my mind, keeps telling me “You have to hurry this up in case you’re late!”

Which is dumb, because I know I’ve given myself plenty of time and I have to keep telling myself that.

I think meditation loses something if I have to argue with myself, so no, that wasn’t the greatest, but I still got some benefit from it, and I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.


My work goals today include proof reading five articles, writing two more, and sending all that content on to ensure that two of my projects for this week are completed, so I get started by doing some light proofreading and editing whilst drinking my second cup of tea of the day and gradually waking up.

My soundtrack for this work is this:


The most disappointing thing is that I realise I left my cycling sunglasses at the meeting on Sunday, and it’s because I’m running around trying to find them that, despite getting everything ready last night, I end up 8 minutes late for my appointment.


This goes well. I get a solid massage that really leaves me store but which I’m convinced will be good for me in the long run.

I’ve also been told to start practicing planking exercises, and up the reps on some of my exercises.

This will be a challenge, but I’m committed to doing it, because come hell or high water, I will be free from back pain this morning.


As I come out of the hospital, curiosity gets the better of me. I look at an attractive path that turns off the opposite way to the one I turn to cycle home, and I wonder: “What’s down there.” 

It turns out it’s Lilford Park, and it’s so beautiful that I can’t believe it’s been on my doorstep this whole time without me ever once visiting.

I cycle round, and tell myself that I will come back here with my camera and some point and spend some proper time here.


Slowly making my way home, I stop off into town to buy honey and tin foil, then get on my bike and cycle down the canal, stopping every now and again to take pictures because it’s such a beautiful morning.

In total, I clocked 9.13 miles this morning, which is good.


I get home, put my cycling things away, make something to drink, and then sit down for a few minutes just to recover and to update this journal.

It’s only when I stand up again that I realise how stiff and sore I am.

11.19AM – WORK

I have two articles to write and one left to proof then get these sent over, and I’ll consider this a successful work day.

After five-and-a-bit hours sleep, a nine mile bike ride, physio, and the other stuff I’ve done today, I’m naturally fairly tired, but I slog my way through the articles that I have to write without too many distractions.

My brain was foggy but focused, and I got through what I had to get through then sent the work onto the client.

I clocked a total of two hours and 18 minutes work, which allows me to complete the first two of my weekly goals.

So, if nothing else today, I’ve cycled nine miles and completed two weekly goals, that for me is good going.

1.45PM – NAP

With my work done, I could safely lie down and nap away the fog. For some reason it took me a while to get settled, and I had something of an uncomfortable, restless nap, so even though it was a long one, I’m not sure how much actual benefit it did me.


I give myself some time to wake up, make tea, and gather myself together. My back is really, really sore today, so I take painkillers and prepare another hot water bottle.


A little while ago, I started working on an article about how quitting smoking was far more difficult for me than giving up alcohol.

Tonight, with some time on my hands and a goal to write two articles on per month, I decide to get that article finished.

I put on a writing playlist that I created a few years ago which contains trance, rock and power metal, and I get to work.

Originally, I’m not sure how motivated I am going to be to do this article today, so I set a timer for one hour and decide that I am going to commit to working for that hour.

By the time that hour passes, I find that I am really into what I’m doing, so I work diligently to finish the article, proof it, and add images and links.

The finished article is here:

Quitting Smoking Was Harder Than Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

Writing that article adds just over 1,700 words to my total word count for the week.

Finishing that article was also one of my weekly goals, so that’s three weekly goals ticked off my list this week.


The only thing left to do on my daily TDL for today is to clean my shower, so with everything else finished, I head to the bathroom to take care of that.

Whilst I’m in the bathroom, I’m reminded that its been 35 days since I last gave the bathroom a proper good clean. OK, so I’ve generally kept it more or less tidy since then by clearing up and wiping down after myself, but it still looks like it could do with a good going over.

So, whilst I’m in there, I scrub the toilet, basin, and floors.


My diet has been terrible this week mostly because I’m in one of those states where I feel like I’m playing catch up with my own life rather than taking control of it.

I’m still using up food, so tonight I’m having the last of my burgers with baked beans and onion rings. I’ll also melt the last of my cheese over that burger and possibly fry some onions.

Whilst that stuff is cooking, I sort out the recyling and put the bins out ready for morning.

I have a few extra minutes whilst this stuff is cooking, so I sweep the floors too, just to keep on top of things.


I eat dinner whilst catching up with Sam on the phone as she makes her way home, then watch a little TV until she gets back.


Once Sam’s home, that’s my night dedicated to her.

We hang out, laugh, joke and have fun together until I start getting terribly sleepy.

At 1.28AM, I call it a night and head to bed.


Although my diet sucked, I can rectify that tomorrow and give myself a pat on the back for the things I did get right today – completing goals and making progress.

I feel like goal wise this week is turning out far better than the last one. Long may it continue.


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