Day 39

After getting to bed around 2am, I optimistically woke up at 6am, but then I drifted back asleep and at some point found myself dreaming that I’d actually gotten out of bed and started my day. 

So you can imagine that I was a bit surprised and dismayed when I woke up again at 9.39AM realising that it was all a dream and I had to actually get up and get started.

I went through what is becoming the usual routine; wake up, make tea and immediately start breakfast. Get a hot water bottle on the go to alleviate my back pain, and write a To-Do list for the day.

My computer is having some trouble today, so before I can come here and get today’s journal started, I reboot my computer, and whilst that is rebooting, I take the time to write in today’s grattitude journal.

It’s a full hour later before I actually start my day.


I’ve been coughing a lot these last few days, so I’m going to skip burning incense just in case that’s the problem.

I do this meditation today:

I love that. I feel perfectly calm and serene after that meditation, and am ready to glide into my day, taking whatever comes and dealing with it.

I am ready to accept life on life’s terms and move forward.


Now that I have taken care of mind, spirit, and soul, it is time to take care of health and hygiene.

That was nice and straight forward and I feel much better for stretching and getting some Tai Chi practice in. I shower, brush my teeth, shave, and take my medication. Then it’s time to sit down and get my day started.

11.35AM – WORK

Today, my plan is to do one article for the client I was working for yesterday, and three for a client who has a deadline for five articles due in tomorrow.

I’m going to see how that goes. Let’s get started.

Today’s soundtrack, for now at least, is Pearl Jam’s Yield album. I’ve been listening to this in the kitchen a lot, but today, it’s my album for this.

Before I do my articles, one of my clients has asked for some proof reading for a social media post, so I get that done and then get on with work proper.


With a few minutes wasted for making tea and getting distracted, the first article took me 59 minutes to write.

Before I switch gears and start writing about an entirely different subject, I give my head a few moments to unburden itself of any thoughts of the last subject by taking a short walk in the sunshine to go and pick up the load of laundry I took to be washed yesterday.


I get back, reflecting on how, whenever I start a new project -even if it’s similar to those I’ve done a thousand times before- I go through a similar process of talking to myself in a negative voice.

I stay things like:

“This is going to be difficult.”

This is going to be boring and unrewarding.”

I am not good enough and don’t have the skills to do a good job.”

I think that perhaps I would enjoy my work a lot more if, before each new project, I started talking to myself positively by saying things like:

“This is going to be easy. I’ve got it within me to do a good job of this, and because I am doing something I am good at, I am going to enjoy this work and find it both rewarding and satisfying.”

Let’s see if that works.

So far, it’s been plenty easy. I get three articles finished in record time, very much aided and abetted by the research and planning that I did a few days ago. I’m tempted to work on another article, but I feel that early afternoon fog start to descend, so I decide to take a break and then decide what to do after that.


One of my daily TDL tasks is to get my kitchen tidy, though it wasn’t that messy to begin with. As such, I’ve just been doing little things around the room whenever I’ve been in there to make tea or something.

All that’s left to do now is to clean the dishes and sweep the floor, so I make that part of my break today.

3.43PM – NAP

With that done, I decide that I will take a nap, even if it’s just a short one to clear the fog for the day.


I wake up from my nap around 90 minutes later feeling calm, refreshed, but a little groggy in the head, so I go to make tea and put the laundry away whilst it’s brewing.


Sam calls because she’s having a bad day, so we spend the next hour and a half talking whilst I try to fix the mobile printer my aunt gave me.

For some reason it only prints in magenta, with black ink not printing at all.

2017-04-24 19.13.26

I try as best I can to follow instructions for cleaning it, but in the end wonder if it doesn’t just simply need new ink.

I’ve put it in the kitchen cupboard with a note to buy more ink for it, though I wonder if I’m not better off just forgetting about it and putting it on eBay. I was doing pretty good without this printer, and all it’s done is occupy my time ever since, so it might be time to just let go.


I realise that my diet today has left a lot to be desired because I skipped a healthy lunch and now I’m using up food that it is in the freezer by having two beef burgers with cheese and onion rings and a dollop of ketchup (no buns) for dinner.

Some days I’m right on this stuff, some days I falter. Today is one of the days that I falter, but I must remember that every day is simply a stepping stone to something better.

In other respects I have done OK, I just know that if I am ever going to shift this excess weight, I am going to need to continue making changes.


With dinner fully made, I sit down to start work on a new post for my hobby blog. That’s not actually what I had planned to write this week, but I can’t seem to get my head into the post I really want to do, so I put it on the back burner and work on something easier for the time being.


Sam calls me on her way back from the store so I spend twenty minutes chatting with her and singing “IF You’re Happy and You Know It” to her beautiful little daughter.


Sam is busy making dinner for her family, so I’m going to have a quick shower to freshen up, then see if I can finish another article for work before she gets back.

Let’s see how that goes.


Fresh out of the shower, I make tea and get a fresh hot water bottle for my back, then get back to my computer and begin work on another article.

Whilst I do so, I listen to this awesome playlist of pop, ambient and electronic music I made just for work a few years ago.

I take a while to get that fourth article done because I’m talking on and off with Sam at the same time, but I think allowing myself the full evening to just do one article means I really relax into it, allow my words to flow and enjoy the process of writing.

I’m glad I got that done, because now my weekly articles list looks like this:

2017-04-24 22.28.33


I’ve got an early start tomorrow for physio, so I figure it’s easier to get everything ready now to save me some time.

So I make sure my phone and my iPod are charged. That my clothes are laid out, and that my bag is ready with my cycle lock in it.

I also get my daily TDL done for tomorrow so that basically I can get up and get straight into things tomorrow.


With the long day drawing to a close its the perfect time to finally get together with Sam, cuddle up and see out the day together.

At 1.10PM, we call it a night, I wrap up and head to bed.


My diet was not perfect, but I understand that it could have been a lot worse. There is always tomorrow to get back on course. Work wise,  I am happy with the progress I have made, and I am particularly happy that I have felt peaceful and contented from start to finish.


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