Day 38

I originally woke up at 7.35AM but then nodded off, and didn’t wake up again until around 9.45AM.

I headed straight to the kitchen to make tea, breakfast and a hot water bottle, all the while very aware that my back is absolutely killing me this morning. 

I guess sleeping on the sofa wasn’t the magical cure that I was expecting, but I know that i did sleep reasonably well and reasonably comfortably.

Getting to my desk, I make my daily TDL, and throw out this tweet about the London Marathon, reflecting on the time when I did it myself.

2017-04-23 10.21.56

I remember at the time thinking that because I had done the London Marathon, I could do anything and no goal is impossible. I must remember that.

I must remember that I have it within me to achieve anything I want, even things that seem otherwise out of reach.

This is all doable. Let’s do it.


So, all that tweeting and Instagramming and reflecting on my marathon run took me about an hour. Now it’s time to make tea, update my gratitude journal and practice that loving kindness meditation that Jen walked me through yesterday.

Whilst I’m making tea, I also sweep the kitchen floor, and take two anti-inflammatory for my back and and my anti-depressant medication.

I do this loving kindness meditation and just find it wonderful. I definitely think this is the way forward for morning meditations, though I may look for a few different videos to find one that is even closer to the one Jen walked me through yesterday.

How’s this for synchronicity?  As part of that meditation I’m guided to think of somebody I’ve had a conflict with and to send them love and kindness.

So I did, and guess who called me on the phone not five minutes after I’ve done the meditation?

I love when things like that happen, and it really helped me to make peace with a lot of stuff.


Even though I’ll be out on my bike later which will count towards my health goal, I still need to get my back stretched out, so I do that next, then shower, brush my teeth, and put some clothes on.


I go down to check in on my parents and ask Dad if he wants me to mow the grass this week, but he’s already about to start it.

My brother and his girlfriend want me to write the “save the date” cards for their wedding because apparently I have nice handwriting, so that’ll be something I can do as a good deed for someone.

I’m not there long, and after a while I head back to start an afternoon’s work.

12.43PM – WORK

Work music today is this:

I’m working on a small series of articles about content marketing for a client of mine. Despite being excited because this is a subject that I’m knowledgable and passionate about, I find it hard to get myself going this afternoon.

Normally, I write about horse racing and casino gaming for this client and blast out his content without much trouble, but because this is something I’m good at, I think there’s a part of me that wants to use these in my portfolio and is determined to do a good job.

I get two articles done in two hours, and then start to feel sleepy, so I figure eating might help me.

2.39PM – LUNCH

I make a small plate of chicken and boiled vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans) and eat it whilst updating this journal, then it’s back to it.


After lunch, I get a third article done, and then send the three of them over to the client, but my head is foggy and I feel like I just need to snooze, so I keep the meditation music that i’m listening to and just go lay down.

I’ve clocked a total of 2 hours, 46 minutes today, and my weekly article chart now looks like this: 2017-04-23 16.00.02


I was thinking of a nap but instead Sam is around so we hang out for a few hours. Things are fun and enjoyable until I go to make a cup of tea, put my hand on the hot stove and realise that I left it on at lunch time.

2017-04-23 16.38.55

It burns the shit out of me and I spend the next hour running it under cold water, pouring salt on it (Sam’s idea) and generally trying to make it stop hurting. That includes sitting around holding onto a freezing cold bag of frozen vegetables.


With my hand still stinging like hell, I get dressed and ready to cycle to the meeting.


The cycle ride was a little easier today, but I think that’s because I wasn’t rushing to get there on time, so therefore didn’t push as hard as I did last week when I found it a struggle.

I actually really enjoyed the meeting and found it enlightening and uplifting and am glad I went.

I stay behind to help tidy up, then cycle home.


Dinner today is hot dogs, beans, and potato waffles. Yes, I know. But tomorrow, tomorrow I’m making a concentrated effort that I’m only going to eat what is already in the house, nothing more and nothing less.

This will help me plan my meals better, organise my diet, and stop me from eating shit all the time.

9.22PM – WORK

Earlier in the day, the client I was working for today sent me a request to write some social media posts for him. So I turn that round whilst I’m waiting for Sam.

Whilst I’m doing this, I listen to Coal Chamber’s Dark Days album which I haven’t listened to probably for close to

It’s funny that, whilst I forgot how awesome this album is, I remember almost all the words to every single song. Genius.


Sam and I sneak away for a few hours for a late-night date that fills me with all the love and peace and contentment that I experienced when I first met this girl.

We stay together until around 2am when we’re both starting to get very tired, so it’s off to bed to bring another day to an end.


I didn’t achieve as much as I wanted to today, but that’s OK. I am grateful for what I did achieve, and for the experiences that I had. Today is a day that I will remeber, and a day that helped me to progress to a new level.

I must remember to experience things fully.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.


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