Day 35

After falling asleep sometime around 2.30AM last night and having a largely restless night, I wake up to the sound of my alarm at 7am but decide that it’s too early, so set another one for 7.30AM and then force myself awake. 

For the next thirty minutes, I make tea, go over the road to the shop to buy milk, get ready to go out, and have a quick scrawl through Twitter whilst making my tea.


The ride goes smoothly this morning.

It’s s dull, dreary day, but roads and paths are clear and I sail to the hospital without too much pain or discomfort.


This one hurts. The guy really gives me a good going over, but he also seems really optimistic about my recovery from a back pain that has literally lasted for years.


I get out of physio and cycle into town.

My priority is going to the frozen food store in town and picking up two bags of frozen veg for £1.

I ‘m not sure if fresh veg is better than frozen, but I do know that living on my own and trying to feed one, I find it goes off too quickly and ends up costing me too much money.

So I get those and head for a coffee.


Sitting down for a coffee gives me a chance to get my brain in gear, get this journal updated and start drafting a new article that I need to write.



Feeling full after my coffee, I get back on my bike and cycle over to the supermarket to buy spinach and chamomile tea.

They don’t have any of the things I need, so I simply do an about turn, get on the canal, and cycle home.

Over all, that trip out this morning gave me over 8 miles on my bike.


My back really really hurts by the time I get home, so I take some painkillers and then make my breakfast, three egg-and-spinach omelette with a bit of kale, chia seeds, paprika, pepper and a tiny dash of salt.

Whilst that’s cooking I make a hot water bottle for my back.

I eat breakfast whilst hissing this journal and getting a TDL done for the day.

I also catch up on Twitter, make a few posts for work and for my hobby blog, and add yesterday’s good deed of helping Dad in the garden to my list of good deeds that I’ve done for the year (I’m trying to do at least 24 this year alone)


I’m tempted to let this go today, but I know I’ll feel better for doing it, so I light some incense, settle down, and relax with my meditation.

I don’t think I got a single moment of clarity in that, but physically I do feel more relaxed.

I also feel very tired this morning, but I’m hoping that a shower might just liven me up enough to get cracking on what I need to get done today.

And yes, I do plan on taking a nap today. I like being kind to myself, and I wouldn’t make anybody else survive on only five hours sleep, so why should I do so to myself?

Shower first though.

11.33AM – SHOWER

I shower, brush my teeth, shave, moisterize and get dressed into some comfy clothes, then I brew a chamomile tea, put that awesome Tibetan music on from yesterday and sweep the kitchen floor.


After a few days of getting very little done, I’ve now got 14 articles I need to write over the next couple of days.

So I start by going back to what worked well for me the other week and write totals on the whiteboard above my desk to keep track and start working on building this list down.

2017-04-20 12.23.10

Next, I make more tea, and then make my usual list of articles that I need to write for the one client that two of those brands are for.

Today, my plan is to focus on research, prep and planning the articles out so that I can spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just doing as much writing as possible.


I sleep long and hard for the best part of two hours. I could have easily slept longer, but I know that stuff has to be done today, so I get up, make tea, and get back to it.


This is basically getting back to what I was doing before – researching articles and getting them started.

I actually do more than that today, and actually write off first draft article introductions and some of the basic content written, so that will make life easier for me tomorrow.

I’m drowsy though, like really drowsy, and realise that I haven’t eaten, so I stop to make some chicken and vegetables.


I’m deliberating whether or not to go out tonight. Going out will be good for me, but I’m also so tired that staying home and recovering is a good option too. First, I’ll make some food and then see how I feel.

I make something to eat and catch up with Sam for a bit, and decide that yes, I am going to go to the AA meeting even if though I don’t particularity want to.


Sam goes off to do her shopping and some other stuff, so I take the time to get ready.

I take a quick shower to freshen up, change into my tracksuit for cycling, do a bit of tidying up and get myself togehter.


Because I’ve now got a working printer and a bunch of scrap pieces of paper that I need to do something with (I hate wasting paper, think of all the trees that died just so that I can create!), so I decide to print off my yearly goals so that I can stick them somewhere prominent in my home where I will often see them.

Seeing them will remind me of what I’m working towards. Seeing what I’m working towards will help keep me focused, and keeping focused will help me get done what I need to get done.


This is probably the only reason I really go today, just to get out on my bike and get a couple of more miles done.

No doubt this will tire me out, but it’s worth doing.


I actually enjoyed this and I’m genuinely glad I went. Even though I’m exhausted, I start to slowly but surely enjoy being there again.

Afterwards, I get out of there and cycle home.


Something goes wrong and I go into self-destruct mode. I eat a bowl of baked beans and hot dog sausages then basically sit around doing nothing for an hour and a half. I’m just drained, and have nothing left to give today, so it’s perfectly OK to just here and relax and take it easy for a while.

There is no point burning out. I did not come into this world to burn out and be unhappy.


My mood improves by the time I get to spend some time with my girl. Even if it’s just hanging out and talking and sharing a laugh together, that brightens my day.

We stay together until I go to bed just before 2am.


I wish I hadn’t imploded at the end and binged on some unhealthy food, but I don’t think that will be forever.

Otherwise, I feel like today was a decent day and I achieved what I set out to achieve, even if that in itself wasn’t very much.


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