Day 34

Today quickly spiraled out of control before it even got started. I overslept until 9.48AM and wasted the first hour online and listening to music on Youtube. 

I did manage to get my daily TDL done and make breakfast the minute I woke up, so that was a positive, but it’s 11.16AM before I even sit down to start this journal today.

I’m on my second cup of tea today, so I drink that whilst starting my gratitude journal for the day.


It’s not much, but I’m  starting to experience a few fleeting moments of just being in the moment, focused on what I’m doing.

It’ll take a while, but I’m going to stick at this one.

In my gratitude journal, I write about the one universal truth that has proven to be true time and time again in my life:

I always get everything I want, when the time is right.

Seriously, I have found that everything I have truly desired I have eventually manifested, when the universe thought the time was right for me to have it.


I have to go do some gardening for my dad today, so that’s my next priority. Get dressed though first.


1.20PM – LUNCH

I make chicken with kale, carrots, peas, cauliflower and a piece of broccoli. This is lunch. Whilst that’s cooking, I’m also able to keep on top of keeping my kitchen tidy and unpack the laundry that I picked up from my parents.

2017-04-19 13.41.55


I don’t get much actual writing done, but I do jot a few notes down that will make it easier for me to get writing done when I get back to this blog later in the day.

I also find that I’m highly distracted, which is unhelpful, especially when I’m supposed to be doing something that is enjoyable like working on my hobby blog.

I think part of it is that a thin layer of fog starts to drift over me, so I go lay down before this completely wipes me out.

2.17PM – NAP

For once, I actually go to bed instead of sleeping on the sofa, and find that it is generally comfortable.

I doze more than I actually get some sleep, but I find that for me, it’s enough. Just enough.

15.31 – INVOICES

I wake, make tea, and check in with Sam, just to let her know that I’m around, then I set some gentle music playing and get to work on putting together and distributing invoices for work completed.

I get my invoices out, and that’s sadly the first weekly goal I’ve completed this week, and it’s already mid-day on Wednesday.


I’m really enjoying that Youtube video I posted above, and will definitely return to it, but it’s on my list to finish this hobby post today, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I actually get the whole thing finished, adding 4+ thousand words to my total, add all the pictures, do the SEO, and share it on social media.


I get ready for Tai Chi and spend a bit of time catching up with Sam as best I can whilst I’m doing this. When I’m ready, I head to class.

6.50PM – TAI CHI

I enjoyed Tai Chi class again today, and though my back is hurting a bit for it, I feel better having been and gone back to basics with the 24 form. I’m a long way from learning this, but I’m confident that I’ll get it by the end of the year.


After class is over, I head to my parents to pick up my bike that I left there earlier, then I cycle home and get settled in for the evening.


Dinner tonight is a mince beef and onion pie which takes a long time to cook, plus kale, carrots, broccoli, peas and some other mixed veg with gravy.

I know this is breaking diet, but again, my plan is to at least get breakfast and lunch nailed before I worry about dinner. I will see the benefits of this long term.

Whilst dinner’s cooking I catch up with Sam and also put most of my laundry away.


I eat some dinner whilst taking it easy and getting some early prep done for my next hobby blog post.


Sam is busy tonight, so whilst we’re kind of in touch, she’s busy and away, which gives me time to work on finally fixing the big printer that has been sat in the corner of my living room doing nothing for the better part of a year.

It mostly just needs a good clean, so I get that done, and it seems to work much better. It’s not perfect, sure, but it is much better, and I can now use this printer and the 90% colour and black ink from the packets I bought last year when I first tried to fix this printer.

I may eventually sell this on, but for now I’m happy with it, so I decide to keep it. I will use up the pages that I printed test pages on, and then I will put this printer away -maybe in the cupboard in the kitchen until I actually need it.

11PM – SAM

By 11PM, Sam is finally done with what she was doing, so we get to hang out together, but I am hurting and sore and tired, so I’m probably not much fun for her.

Bed at 2pm

By 2pm, I’m just defeated, so I head to bed but it’s probably another hour before I fully nod off.


For the second time this week, I got right through to the end of my day without buying sweets, chocolate, cake, or other junk crap. I ate well, and I once again benefitted from it in terms of more energy and an overall better mood (I got down towards the end of the day but that was because it was the end of the day and I was tired).

If I keep this up, I will better get to where I need to be.



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