Day 32

Today is Bank Holiday Monday, but to me, it’s Monday. It’s a day for getting up, kicking butt, and making the most of my life. 

I’m up at 8.28AM and spend the first half an hour making my daily to-do list and catching up on Twitter. Then I’m into the kitchen to make breakfast.


I’m going to make a concious effort to slowly but surely replace my diet with Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb diet.

This may take a while to get right, because I am naturally a very undisciplined and unhealthy person who always choses what is bad for them and has a habit of self-destructing.


My weight is making me miserable at the minute, so this is something that has to be done.

I make three-egg-spinach-and-onion omelette with chia seeds, paprika and pepper, then sit down to catch up on this journal whilst I’m eating.

I must remember to eat slowly and enjoy mouthfuls. That is something I learned a long time ago from Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin.

9.30AM – WORK

I’ve still got half of my omelette left, so I decide that, whilst I’m eating, I am going to get rid of a proof reading job that is still in my inbox from Saturday.

This starts to take longer than it should because I get distracted by awesome new music I’m finding, and fall in love with this great band I’ve just found called Ghost.

I get these done, but by the time I’m finished I run into another problem. I get an email from my client to say that not only have they dropped one brand, but they won’t be needing content for a second one, which severely makes making money difficult for me next month.

Time to get smart and move onto other things. Here goes.


Now that I’ve eaten and got the most important task out of the way today, I can concentrate on getting my day started normally, and that means gratitude list and five minutes of mindfulness meditation.

Before I do, I light incense, even though I’m still not sure where the incense that I lost has gone.


I felt good about all that, and I felt like I am growing in confidence in terms of doing the Beijing 10 step. I’ve still got an awful long way to go before I think I will have mastered that form, but for now I’m happy with knowing at least the basics so that I can build on that.


I’m worried about money now that my main client have dropped some work off. I know that I’ll find it again, but it’s also important for me to keep on top of current bills so that I don’t build up debts.

So my first priority after getting out of the shower is to make a cup of instant coffee sit down, and pay my bills.


I want to go and borrow their plug for their printer, to test whether or not I can get my own printer working again. It’s been sat in the corner for Lord knows how long, so it’s about time I got it taken care of.

I get some clothes on (I’ve been sat here in my dressing gown and nothing else all morning) and head down there to see what’s happening and hopefully borrow that cable.

I got what I wanted, and mum offloaded some of her old crockery on me, which I suppose was nice.


A long while ago, somebody gave me the idea that it might be a good idea for me to give computer lessons, going into people’s houses and teaching them how to use their laptops etc.

I sat on the idea for a while, and then got a burst of inspiration to go ahead and do it one morning when I was doing a meditation exercise.

I registered the domain name but I never actually did anything with it.

Today is the day that I actually start to build that website.

So I buy some cheap web hosting from 1&1 (non-affiliate link because I’m the only person who reads this) and transfer the domain to it.

That might take a while, so I get on with making the logo.

After that, I install WP, add the theme, and the logo. I spend time – a LOT  of time- looking for the right picture for my header and still don’t find one, so I give up and just settle for th ebest one, add some pages and a menu, and then leave it to go clean my kitchen and make a late lunch.

I’ve got a lot of work to be done on this, but at least it’s a start.


I’m starting to get a little weary, but hopefully eating some lunch with protein will help me out. We’ll see. I decide to clean my kitchen and then I’ll make some lunch whilst that is happening.

Here goes.

I get most of the kitchen cleaning done, but still need to clean and sweep the floor, so that can be done at some other point. Whilst I’m doing that, I also make what I think is going to be a healthy lunch.


2017-04-17 14.53.53

The very VERY last of the vegetable chilli I made months ago, with some spinach, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots. This iss again part of me trying to be as healthy as I can be this week and start implementing better eating habits so that I can finally lose some weight and get fit.

Sam is up by this time, so eat lunch whilst talking to her.


Sam gets busy, so I take to the latest post on my hobby blog and work on that for 25 minutes before taking a little snooze.


I don’t feel drained, but more like I could potentially feel drained if I don’t take a short break, so I just lie down under the blanket on the sofa and doze for a while.

4.27PM – WAKE UP

For about ten minutes, I don’t really do anything except drink instant coffee and sit around messaging Sam, but she’s busy doing something, so I get my shit together, get up and get back to cleaning the kitchen so that at least that job is done.


I get back to the kitchen, clean and sweep the floor, but also get on something of a mission and end up cleaning the exterior of the fridge, the cooker, and the cupboards.

I was the dishes I used for lunch, and also pack another bag full of dirty laundry whilst putting half of the clean stuff away. I’ve still got laundry to put away, but at least I know that it won’t take long to do.

I can probably do that later when I’m talking with Sam.


Speaking of Sam, she’s busy on the phone, so I take the time to work on my hobby blog whilst I’m waiting for her.


I get a little bit of my hobby blog done, but then Sam is done so I happily drop everything to be with her.

Sam and I literally spend the next seven hours together.

I make dinner with her, which is fries with cheese and onion bakes and a dollop of ketchup.

Yeah, I know, not healthy, but I’m easing my way into this diet, and I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far.

I love this woman, and I just continue to love her more and more each day, it’s like nothing else I’ve ever known.

Eventually, it’s approaching 2am and I just have to get some sleep.


My nap today was short and not as intense as the epic two hour naps I’ve been taking. I don’t know whether it was letting myself rest throughout the weekend or the diet I had today (no going to the shop for chocolate or unhealthy food – AWESOME) but I’ve felt like I’ve had plenty of energy today and barely felt drowsy at all.

Having stayed up until 2am, that might not be the same tomorrow, but let’s find out together, shall we?


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