Day 22

I wake up on the sofa around 8.30AM, double check that Sam is sleeping, then get up to start my day. 

I feel pretty good, like I actually got a proper night’s rest. There’s something about that sofa which, when I use it right, is far more conducive to a good night’s sleep than my bed has ever been.

I’m out of eggs, tea, and sugar this morning, so I make a cup of chamomile tea instead, figuring that I might as well start my day on a calm note.

I take a deep breath, and dive into putting together my last daily TDL of the week.


I make a second cup of tea, take my meds, then settle down to start the day the right way.

Whilst I’m doing my gratitude list, I get a call to say that the gas man is here to test my boiler. I’d totally forgotten about this appointment, and it takes me by surprise, but it’s only a few minutes’ disruption from my daily life, so I don’t let it worry me too much.

I still can’t settle during meditation. Tomorrow, I will a different one, just to shake things up and renew my focus.


Several years ago, during the worst of my alcoholic drinking, I got myself into some pretty serious debt racking up into thousands of pounds.

Since I got sober, I have slowly but surely worked at breaking down those debts and getting them paid off, so much so that, I have only around £1,000 left.

Last year, on April 8th, I sitll owed £1971.58. A year later, when I have done my budget and got up-to-date statements, I owe:


But it might be even less than that, because when I try to log onto one debt company’s website, I get told that the account is no longer active. Best case scenario – it’s been cancelled. Worst – it’s been passed to another company for me to deal with.

So, I need to phone them to find out.

It turns out it’s been passed back. So yeah, I knew I wouldn’t be that lucky. It’s basically now time for me to wait it out and see what happens.


I’m running out of time before I once again have to go and see the lady from church and fix her laptop for the 10,000th time. I don’t really want to have to do this, but I will.

First I need to ensure that back stretches are done, so I’ll get to that next.

Whilst I’m doing my back exercises I also attempt to do the 24 form Tai Chi but find I can’t remember it.

I’ll need to get a YouTube video and remind myself so that I can at least be familiar with it again at Wednesday’s class.


By 10, I’m dressed and ready to go, so I make the few minutes walk to the lady’s house and discover that it’s just the case that her printer drivers need installing.

This is a straight foreword job, but given how slow her laptop is, I suspect this is going to take a while.

It actually turns out to run smoothly, so I get that done, she pays me £30 for all the work I’ve done recently, which I’m loathe to accept but do anyway, and then I’m on my way.

I stop by the shop on my way home to pick up milk and sugar, though weirdly they don’t have eggs.

11.23AM – WORK

I also picked up some unhealthy junk from the shop, so when I get home, I make tea and eat that whilst I get set up for work for the day.

2.25PM – NAP

I set an alarm again for an hour and it does the trick. I wake up rested, but I didn’t waste the day with a two hour nap like I was used to.


The last time I met Jen for a coffee, I agreed to take a look and try to fix her laptop. She gave it to me last Thursday and I promptly did nothing about it until just now. I’m meeting her again tomorrow, so I need figure out if I can get it fixed before I meet her

I do the same thing as I always do with these things;. First I plug the computer in, then I look at what the problem is, and Google for a solution.

It looks like this is one problem that I can’t fix, but I’m going to give it my best shot anyway, and at the same time also set up my old desktop computer that has Photoshop on it, because I need to use that for something else.

Here goes.


Every couple of months I like to change the graphics on the homepage of my blog and freshen up the advertising just so that everything looks new and fresh and current.

I haven’t done that for a while, so with Photoshop loaded, I cut some new graphics on my desktop, save them to my laptop, and get to work.

I upload the images to my Imgur account, link them up on my blog and add links to posts.


We spend what time we can together today, and make the best of it. I love this girl and would do anything I can to have more time with her, but for now I’ll take every moment I can get.


It occurs to me that somehow I haven’t had a shower for two days, that’s terrible. I quickly run to take one and make sure that I am thoroughly cleaned up before cycling to the meeting.


I cycle there, sit through another long meeting that I don’t really want to be at, and then cycle home again, clocking up a total of 4.45 miles in the process.


Sam is busy tonight which sucks, so I make a quick dinner of beans and hot dog sausages and crumpets, then settle in for the night to work on my hobby blog.

Sam gets to me some time around midnight and we spend an hour or so together before I drift off to sleep.


Even though I didn’t meet any of my targets this week, I feel like I had a productive week and did the best job that I could. I got all the work that I had planned to do done and delivered, and I did my best with regards to writing and to cycling.

But that’s bigger picture stuff. I think Friday was an OK today. I wrapped up a few loose ends and made it so that I could go out and have a productive week next week. I’m looking forward to that.


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