Day 21

After a couple of late nights, I don’t get out of bed until just before 10am this morning. Probably a bad idea in the long run, but I really feel like I needed the rest. 

The good news, is that along with deactivating my Facebook account a few weeks ago, I’ve finally deleted Twitter from my phone, so now there’s less stuff to distract me. Still, I find things to look at before crawling out of bed, making tea, and finally getting the energy to get my day started at 10.29AM.


I’m so distracted today that it takes me the best part of an hour to do this, but, I have to remember that it is what it is. This is not a bad thing, this is just what my life was supposed to be today.

Whilst I’m working on this, the old lady from church whose terrible laptop always breaks texts to ask me if I can come round today and fix it up. I tell her that I’m busy, which I am. I feel terrible about it though, I’m supposed to be helpful, but I also have stuff I need to get done today.


I know it’s basically lunch time, but as the first meal of the day, I’ll call my three-egg-and-spinach omelette ‘breakfast.’

I also throw some chia seeds into the omelette, and wonder why I haven’t been doing this all along. They’re extremely good for you, so it’s stupid that I haven’t been using them.

I take my medication – one anti-depressant, two anti-inflammatory, two painkillers, two vitamins. It occurs to me how much I rely on drugs and pills. This is not a good way to live.

11.39AM – WORK

Whilst finishing my omelette and drinking my tea, I get set up to attempt to write three articles today on construction estimating.

I start today listening to some “aura clensing” music that I used to listen to regularly, but I think today, I need something a bit more energetic than this:

So I opt for Monster Magnet instead:


2.15PM – NAP

I’m already foggy. I need a lie down. I set an alarm for an hour. I’m not going to waste this day.


Setting that alarm really seemed to help. I woke up feeling better and feeling well refreshed but without wasting an extra hour of my day.

Sam phones, and I spend the best part of an hour  talking to her, which I’ve got to admit is the highlight of my day so far.


I’m not sure if I already mentioned this, but I miscalculated how many articles I had to write on the MBE project. I thought it was nine, but it turns out it was only eight. It’s only one different, but it means that because I’ve already done three yesterday and two today, I now only have three to do.

I work at getting a third article finished. I’m not sure it’ s my best piece of work, but I try and do a good job, then wrap up some time around 5.45PM and update this journal.

I should also mention here that every time I’ve taken a short break from writing, I’ve gone into the kitchen and done a little bit of cleaning to help me break up today’s practicality goal of cleaning the kitchen.


I’ve got plenty of posts to catch up on, so I simply do my best with this one, writing an 800+ word piece. I wanted to do another one, but Sam has other ideas, and I’m more than happy to spend time with her.


Hanging out, laughing, joking, it’s just perfect.


Once again destroying any sense of healthy eating, I decide it’s too late in the day to cook, and get a hankering for pepperoni pizza, so I run over the road to the shop, buy one, and stick it in the oven.

I set a timer for 16 minutes to ensure it’s cooked without being burned, and spend the time that it’s cooking cleaning my kitchen so that my practicality goal can be finished for today.


I eat my pizza, do a bit of writing, then wrap up so that I can talk with Sam.

10PM – More Sam Time

I love this woman, and I love spending time with her, but tonight I have the world’s worst headache, one that just won’t go away and which is seriously making me miserable, so I spent most of the time on the sofa.

Shortly after 12.30AM, Sam sends me to bed, and instead I just fall to sleep where I am on the sofa.


I missed the chance to do my back stretches today, which was terribly bad of me. No excuses and no pardons, I can’t afford to start slacking on these when I’m only one day into things.

I must try harder tomorrow.

Here goes.


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