Day 20

Wow. 20 days into this already. I wake up around 7.30am and spend the first half hour making tea and scrolling through Twitter. 

I feel tired today, but I think this is the one day when I start to kick some ass and move towards the end of the week with a lot of stuff done and ticked off my list.


I call the doctors and I’m amazed that I get through the first time. Normally it takes about 20 phone calls just to get to speak to an actual person.

Today I get through first time and book an appointment for 1pm today.



It takes me a few minutes to get today’s journal set up, so I do that, then restart my laptop because it’s doing that shitty thing where the delete / backspace function gets fucked up and randomly starts deleting everything.

A quick restart should fix that. Whilst I’m restarting, I get my gratitude journal done for the day.

Once that’s over, I do my normal five minute meditation. I actually try something different and move to another part of the room, hoping that will help, but it still feels like I’m just sitting here with a racing head.

Tomorrow or at some point soon, I think I’m going to have to try a different meditation and see if that helps.


Three-egg-and-spinach omelette (did you know I’ve never once spelt omelette right the first time?) and I also get my meds whilst I’m there.

No problems, no disasters. Not like yesterday when I left the grill on whilst making lunch and woke up from a nap two hours later with it still on!


I’ve got my breakfast and my tea, so whilst I’m devouring those, I get set up for work for the day.


I have to keep on top of the new exercises the physio guy gave me, so I get onto that next, hoping that by the time I come to take a shower, I’ve got enough about me to start work.

10.04AM – WORK

That shower seemed to have done the trick. I’ve the ideas in my head now and a start to my next article. This should make things a little easier.

I get two decent sized articles (1,000+ and 700+ words) done this morning, and feel pretty good about it, even though my head is majorly foggy. It’s a good start, and I just have one more article to get done today to get on top of my daily TDL, but a little after 2 hours after I get started I have to stop so that I can get ready to go to the doctors.


If I’m going to cycle there and be on time, I need to be leaving no later than 12.40pm, but I’ll probably go a little earlier as I also need to nip to the supermarket across from the doctors, get shower gel, and take some money out to pay my Tai Chi instructor later.

So, after finishing the second article, I turn the headphones off, message Sam, put the laptop on standby, and go get dressed.

Despite thinking that I wee going to leave early, I end up wandering around the flat looking for my beanie hat. I normally take this with me when I’m cycling somewhere as it covers up how messy my hair is when I take my helmet off.

I see the beanie hat on my bed, go into another room and then it seems to vanish from thin air.

I know that can’t be exactly what happens, but that’s what it feels like.

Eventually I give up, grab another hat, shove it in my bag and leave at around 12.35pm:


It doesn’t take me long to get to where I need to be, so I spend a few minutes in the supermarket getting shower gel.

It seems that half the people from church are in there at the same time so I try and w lie them beside I’m not into talking to them today.

I get a packet of biscuits for later, get £30 out of the cash  machine for Tai Chi (hopefully my polo shirt that I ordered will be ready) and then head to the doctors.

Not surprisingly, the doctor is running late as they always are, so I take the time to update this journal and draft a few other things.


The doctor doesn’t want to send me for blood tests because I’ve already had them done, and he wants to get me out of this vicious cycle where I just keep going round and round and never get anything done.

There’s a part of that is unhappy but that’s basically because the doctor’s persona leaves a lot to be desired; he comes across as arrogant and generally a bit smug, but I do agree with him, I want off that cycle too.

So I settle for taking away a prescription for Naproxyn and Co-Codamol, pick them up from the chemist, then head home.

1.42PM – WORK

I’ve only got one more article to write today, and it does require some research, so I get that started, but eventually the fog becomes unbearable and it’s time to lie down.

2.15PM – NAP

I swear I could have slept for hours, but there was too much to get done, so I force myself awake, make tea, and get back to it.


I find that once I get started with these articles they do become easier. I get three done today, which leaves my weekly tally at just six articles to go.


I set myself a task this week to work on five portfolio blogs, but yesterday I only managed two, so whilst I have an hour to kill before I have to get ready, I knock out a quick one of around 400 words or so.


I’m half talking to Sam whilst she’s running erands, but I also manage to finish shaving, get my sweatpants and t-shirt on, and get ready for one of my favourite parts of the week – Tai Chi class.


I arrive, and my new shirt is ready, which I’m excited about, so I pay for that, and for the month’s worth of classes in April, total cost: £30.

With that done, it’s on with the lesson, and today we finish the Beijing 10 Step form. This honestly feels like an achievement, like I’ve learned something that will add value to my life, like I’ve accomplished something.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the 24 step which we were learning when I first started the class. I can’t wait to see how much I remember


Dinner tonight is chicken with vegetable chilli and pita bread, which sounds relatively healthy, but then I spoil it by stuffing up on biscuits and cakes just because I’m upset that me and Sam had a small argument.

I’ve really got to stop this process of comforting eating every time I don’t feel good. It legitimately doesn’t help.


As always, I end my night with my girl. We’ve put the argument behind us, and we actually have an enjoyable night, laughing and joking with each other. It’s the perfect way to spend the day.

When I’m done, I head to bed a little after 1AM.


That doctors appointment in the middle of the day was an unnecessary pain in the bum, but I’m glad I got it done and out of the way and can focus on having a good and productive day tomorrow.

Health wise, eating all that junk food was a terrible mistake. Hopefully that will be the last of it for now. I just want to move on and keep my life going forward.




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